Wednesday Briefs: February 25, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Fortitude: Part Nineteen by Cia Nordwell 

“One of these days I’m going to knock my brother to the floor and give him a drubbing he won’t forget,” I snapped, once we’d left the house.

 “Just turn the other cheek, Will. You can’t change him.”

 Teddy acted like he didn’t care when my brother tried to hammer his supposed inferiority into him. But Teddy’s dad was far better at it than my brother would ever be. That didn’t mean I would allow either of them to make him believe he was anything less than the amazing man I knew him to be.

 “We’ll prove him wrong. We’ll

Let Me In: Chapter 7 By Carol Pedroso

Louis continued to stroke Cade’s fur, he liked how soft it felt.

He couldn’t believe that Cade could actually speak to him — as a wolf at least — he hadn’t heard anything since he was thirteen.

To the current day he hated remembering that day.


The day had started out great. He had met up with his best friend, Keith, and they had spent the day fishing in the lake.

The two of them had only realized their mutual feelings for each other the previous week and they were still enjoying the first flush of young love.

They’d abandoned their fishing poles and were making out on the grassy bank, when they heard an angry shout from above them.

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A Shaman’s Gift: Part 11 by Johayan

Dawn broke over Talija and found Maikyl and Kevyl sleeping at the top of
the tower, curled in their cloaks. The night was seasonably chilly,
enough to put down a heavy dew that caught the sunrise turning the
grasslands of Talija into fields of sparkling jewels.  Curled up in
their chilly wet cloaks, they realized it would be nigh impossible to
get back into the Lodge unnoticed.  Standing up and seeing the beauty
around them, both were left breathless and their worries about going
back in disappeared.

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Washed Right Out: Side Story in a Bar by Sarah Hayes

Eren was the one who took Riley out that Friday night, to a small bar only a few blocks from work where the hipsters sold their experimental brew and the music was live and incoherent.

“Let’s have a drink.”

Riley stared across the table.

“I’d rather not.”

“It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine—just take this.”

A long, tall bottle was pushed roughly toward him.

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In Enemy Hands: #4.8 by M.A. Church

 Adlar, still holding both their cocks, stroked his hand over them. Friction built, and Varo wished desperately they had lube, even though he leaked precome like mad. They both did. Adlar’s fingers on his throat, his hand on their dicks…. The need to come grew.

 Adlar was so near to him, and his scent teased Varo ruthlessly. Adlar’s breath fanned over his cheek as water still pounded at them. Panting, gasping, they both stared into each other’s eyes, neither willing to back down. Adlar jerked them off faster.

 Varo wondered if passion showed in his eyes as it did in Adlar’s.

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At Full Speed #6 by Chris T. Kat

“I don’t want anyone. I want you.”

“But why?” Jake barely prevented himself from crying out in frustration. What would someone like Bruce want from him? What would anyone want from him? Given that Bruce didn’t know all that much about Jake, maybe he was hanging onto a bizarre image of how Jake was. But—

“Jake, stop it. I don’t need to justify myself for falling in love with you. However, I really want to have a chat with whoever made you believe you’re not worth loving.” Bruce’s comment sounded so calm, so reasonable, and Jake couldn’t help but gape at him. “Come on, sunshine, let’s move to your sofa, okay?”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 29 by Jon Keys
The sound of a plastic tumbler hitting the kitchen tiles made Josh drum his fingers on the table. Why did his deadlines always happen when the kids tried his patience the worst. Today it had been Danny. For some reason he wanted to talk to Josh, constantly.
Now Josh could hear banging cabinets and low muttering as Danny tried to clean up the spill.
“Danny? What’s going on?”
“What was the noise?”
“Nothing. I about got it cleaned up.”
Josh couldn’t resist. “If it’s nothing, why are you cleaning it up?”

Don’t Look Back #35 (7.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“You Tube? What the hell are you talking about?” Marshall asked.

“Boy, what have you been smoking?” Slim demanded to know, and everyone laughed. Everyone except Denver, who pulled out his phone, indignation shining in his eyes.

“I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Hold your horses for just a minute, willya?”

Marshall leaned in to Lee, lowering his voice for his ears alone. “I bet he’s going to pop up with some kind of birthday video or something, and then yell surprise.”

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Here Be Dragons by Nephy Hart

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there for the exhibition. I tried my best to get away, but it’s my last day at work before our holiday and everyone wanted a piece of me. You’d swear I was abandoning them for good, not four weeks.”

“They’ll manage fine without you,” Ven said, pressing full length against Avon. Have I told you how sexy you look in your suit?”

“Frequently. And have I told you how sexy you look in your birthday suit?”

“Frequently, but you’re going to have to wait.”

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Rattletrap #33 by Tali Spencer

Too distracted to eat and unable to corral his thoughts toward anything useful, Jedd retreated to his cabin. His door greeted him with an unseemly squeal that just begged him to give it another kick. But if his hundred previous kicks hadn’t fixed it… he doubted even another hundred would. Instead he punched the button and leaned against the wall, eyes closed, waiting for the door to groan to a close.

 Was it really too much to ask the damn crew to maintain a door?

 He had just opened the front of his jumpsuit when he heard a light rap on the door.

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 The Midnight Swimmer by L.M. Brown

Robin tossed his mobile into his bag and stared at the house.  He could see Kev in the kitchen. He was opening a cupboard, just going about his business, apparently oblivious to the turmoil he and Ollie’s suggestion had caused him.

Kev looked out the window and gave him a smile.  He raised a mug and cocked his head in question.  Robin smiled back and nodded.  Maybe David was right.  If he just got to know these guys, perhaps it would make the decision easier.

The moment Robin entered the kitchen the butterflies in his stomach took flight.

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