Wednesday Briefs: February 18, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace

When no one spoke, Levi continued. “That’s why I stopped the meds. I thought they were causing me to feel nothing but…” The empty lonely echoing within him had continued.

 “But it didn’t help.” Dr. Winston finished Levi’s thought. “Oh, Levi. This just keeps getting stranger. I know this is a lot to take in at once.”

 More than he could have ever imagine. Levi looked down at the bloody tissue. Blood covered his palm as well “Can I use the bathroom?” He could only imagine what his face looked like.

 Dr. Winston nodded. “The door behind Jeb.”

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Cyan: Chapter 18 by Nephy Hart

Robin’s heart twisted in his chest, then kicked him hard. Bleeding from the mouth wasn’t good. He was no doctor, but he knew that wasn’t good at all. All those blows! Was Cyan bleeding internally? Was he seriously hurt? He glanced up at caught the teacher’s eye, reading there that her thoughts were running along similar lines.

“Babe—” Robins voice cracked, and he swallowed hard. The last thing he wanted was to panic Cyan, but that wasn’t going to be easy, when panic was so close to the surface in him. Part of him wanted nothing more than to run and hide, but of course that part was never going to come out on top.

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Fortitude: Part Eighteen by Cia Nordwell

“Mother, Father.” We stopped beside the places Bettice must have set for us. I gripped the back of my chair. “Good morning.”

My father looked away from the sheaf of newsprint he was reading. My mother was directing Bettice as she laid out the platters. “About time you showed your face,” my father said. “People might start to think you have some quarrel with Michael. I will not have you embarrassing us.”

Busy whispering to his wife and making a pretense at ignoring our presence, I saw my brother smirk at the reprimand. My parents were not nobles, but they

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Don’t Look Back #34 (7.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

November 4th was not only Marshall’s birthday, but it was also the day he and Lee celebrated what they considered to be their anniversary. The date on which they became a couple in every sense of the word. Normally, they stayed at home and enjoyed their privacy. But this year also marked another occasion, one which could not be ignored.

This was the year Marshall turned twenty-one.

“Couldn’t we just stay home and continue what we’re doing?”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 28 by Jon Keys
Mitch squatted on his heels, watching the cow laying a few feet away. Every once and a while she would strain again, but the efforts were coming less often. Mitch turned to the youngster hovering beside him.
“Danny, I don’t think she’s going to be able to do it by herself.”
“She don’t look too good, Papa.”
The cow let out a long bawl. Her eyes bulged as she strained to have the calf. After a few seconds she dropped her head to the ground and lay panting. He looked at Danny and nodded.
“You’re right, Danny. She’s having trouble. Maybe she’ll let us help.”

Murder, Myles, & Me: Part II by Avery Dawes

       Kelsey and I situated ourselves on the dock opposite each other with our backs leaning against the old wooden posts. 

I crossed my legs, mirroring Kelsey’s position. “So, what’s your gut feeling on what happened to Ad?”

She sighed. “I hate to say this, Gavin, but I don’t think it’s good. He may be dead.”

I rubbed my heart. It ached, like a part of me was missing. I didn’t tell Kelsey that—didn’t want her thinking I’m crazy, but I knew deep down that Ad had left us. Permanently. “I think he’s dead.” It was so hard to speak…

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At Full Speed #5 by Chris T. Kat

“Nice and easy does it? Really?” Jake sputtered.

Bruce’s smile broadened and he still held out his hand, unwavering. Jake stared, realizing he needed to make a decision, one way or the other. If he didn’t, he’d spiral into another panic attack, which was a total no-go. He’d already embarrassed himself once—well, twice if he counted Bruce writing him a ticket for speeding earlier today—and that was more than enough.

“Jake,” Bruce said, stretching his fingertips.

Why couldn’t he just grab Jake’s hand and yank him closer? That would be so much easier. A shudder ran through Jake’s frame.

In Enemy Hands:  #4.7 by; M.A. Church

 Mindless, he handed it to Adlar over his shoulder. That light scent teased his nose as Adlar got a lather going. He held his breath, waiting, his heart thumping in his chest. When Adlar’s hands worked their way into his hair, he reached out toward the walls of the waterfall for support.

 Adlar scrubbed his scalp, just hard enough to feel good. Closing his eyes, he relaxed into the feeling. Gods, he had no idea such a thing could feel so decadent. He never dreamed Adlar would pamper him. He’d expected force; what he received was seduction.

 “Okay, now turn. Time to rinse.”

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A Shaman’s Gift:  Part 10 by Johayan

The feasting was over and the Great Hall had cleared out and now the
Lodge was in clean up mode. Maikaj was obviously battling exhaustion as
he listened to the last few petitioners who had queued up to speak with
him. Kevyl sat in his place on the dais waiting for the final
petitioners to be done so that he and Maikyl could retire back to their
chambers. It was another ten minutes but then they were being escorted
out of the Great Hall and back to their chambers.

As they walked back to their chambers, Maikyl turned to Kevyl and asked
him if he was ready for the handfasting.

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Aesthetics of Invention: Part 21 by Ravon Silvius

Kenneth frowned when Thorn looked down at his food, letting out a small sigh. “What’s wrong, Thorn?” Kenneth asked. The collection of greens and meat left on his plate didn’t look that disappointing.

 A small smile flashed across Thorn’s face, the same sort of smile Kenneth saw on the faces of his fellow students when they were hiding something from the professors. “Nothing.” His gaze flashed to the door again, but other than the stained wood, there was nothing interesting. “Nothing, truly. Just a thought about work. Nothing important.”

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Rózsa by MC Houle

I’ll always remember the first time I saw Okos.  I was fifteen years old, and I was watching one of those meaningless TV show about obnoxious jackass with Jiffy whining in the background.  I was doing a great job ignoring her, but my mother was having none of it.

“Jan, could you please let the dog out,” she asked me with a voice that made it clear I wasn’t to argue.

I sighed, but I grabbed the leash anyway.  Jiffy was just too happy to oblige, and I waited for her while complaining in my yet inexistent beard.

That’s when

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