Wednesday Briefs: February 11, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.


Don’t Look Back #33 (6.6) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Once Lee had finished applying sufficient lubrication, Marshall positioned himself between his legs. He carefully and slowly inserted one finger inside of Lee, trying to gauge his reaction.

“It’s fine,” Lee assured him, “keep going.”

Cautiously, Marshall slipped in a second finger. Lee’s muscles were deliciously tight. He could only imagine what it would feel like to be embedded in all that luscious heat. Lee shifted slightly, and Marshall froze in place. He could hear Lee’s breathing hitch just a little, and he started to remove his hand.

“No, you’re good, just hold on a sec.” Lee took a long breath and then released it. “Okay, go ahead.”

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Let Me In: Chapter 6 By Carol Pedroso

Louis stared up at Cade’s eyes, they were the most brilliant blue he had ever seen. As he watched though, they flashed amber and back to blue again.

“What was that?” he asked, intensely curious.


Cade felt his animal pushing to the surface, uncalled, and he panicked. He scrambled off of Louis and moved as far away from the small man as the clearing would allow.

“I’m sorry, that’s never happened before. I would never hurt you. Never!” he babbled, as he tried to look anywhere but at Louis.

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Cyan: Chapter 27 by Nephy Hart

Cyan was crouched, cowering against the wall of the gym. A semi–circle of onlookers, mainly younger kids goaded and cheered as Blake kicked him. Robin yelled and all eyes turned to him. All but Blake’s. Robin raced across the grass, and most of the onlookers scattered. They knew trouble when they saw it.

Blake seemed unaware. He was too intent on yelling abuse at Cyan, who slumped to the ground and curled tightly, trying to protect his head as Blake continued to kick him viciously.

Watch Youself by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

She read his message again. The rush of adrenaline she’d felt the first time ran through her veins again. Damn it. Her heart was going to jump from her chest. It was her day off and he wanted her to do that. She didn’t feel sexy. She didn’t even feel particularly horny. Damn it. Who was she kidding? His message had gotten the blood rushing to every erogenous zone in her body. She reread the text again. Her pussy started throbbing and her nipples scraped against her shirt demanding attention. She’d just have to follow his orders, wouldn’t she?

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At Full Speed #4 by Chris T. Kat

Bruce’s hands seemed like steel bands closing around his arms, making it impossible for Jake to free himself. Fear turned to panic, and Jake gasped, “No.”

 Bruce didn’t let go. Jake’s gaze flicked up to Bruce’s face. Bruce’s lips moved, so he was talking, but no matter how hard Jake tried, he couldn’t understand a single word. Blood pounded in his ears, and sweat beaded down his back when his panic surged to the surface in one tidal wave. He kicked out with his left foot, catching Bruce off-guard.


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In Enemy Hands: #4.6 by M.A. Church

 Varo jerked his gaze from the shelves. “W-what?”

 “We’re going to bathe. Strip.”

 Those strange yellow eyes of Adlar’s pierced him. Strip? In front of Adlar? He didn’t know if he could. But if he didn’t, Adlar would think he was resisting and activate that cursed collar. He knew that, he did, it was just… his body didn’t want to move.

 “I-I-I…” Varo gulped, waiting for the pain to slap him to the floor.

 Adlar narrowed his eyes. “Did you hear me?”

 “I-I…” Varo cringed at the slight growl in Adlar’s voice. He heard, he did. He just couldn’t move.

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