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Wednesday Briefs: July 30, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Buried treasure: Part 4 By Carol Pedroso

I woke with a start, my senses telling me I wasn’t alone in my room, or my bed for that matter. I slammed my shields up trying to remember what had happened the night before.

“You know it’s not nice to have the mental equivalent of the door slammed in your face this early in the morning!” Craig stated fairly calmly from the other side of the bed.

I started to remember parts of the previous day, I remembered the child dying and racing home. I remembered pushing passed Craig and falling into bed. I thought

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Sunrise by Victoria Adams

J’dol frowned as he looked at Kiry. Her ridiculous question of, What do you mean you were offered a wife?, seemed inappropriate in the conversation of death and plasma death bombs.

Sian tapped the patio table to draw everyone’s attention. “Before J’dol explains, does anybody want a drink? Coffee? Diet Coke? Lemonade? Beer?”

“I would like ale.” J’dol stood. “I will give you a hand.”

Relief swept through J’dol at being able to remove himself from this group of Sian’s family and friends and spend a quiet moment – alone – with Sian.

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Hope: Chapter 40 by Chris T. Kat

Shane brought his lips close to my ear and growled, “Stay here and do as I say.”

I swallowed, to force down the bile that rose up in my throat. What had happened to the Shane I knew? I whispered, “You know something? You frighten me.”

Shane withdrew before he audibly inhaled. “I’m sorry I frighten you, Gil. Just… just please listen to me. You don’t know the dangers that could await us.”

“There are more dangers than getting eaten by a large, black dragon?”

“The creatures that could be interested in us are all dangerous.”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 7 by Jon Keys

Trent grinned as he watched Benji crawl out of the latest ride the twins had talked him into. Danny and Sammy were both starting to get cranky, so Trent knew this was the last ride for the night. He looked at the other three and realized the kids weren’t the only ones that looked tired.

“Alright, everyone. It’s time to head for the hotel.” Danny started to whine about being forced to leave, and Trent smiled. “It’s definitely time to head out.”

He turned to thank Benji and was a little surprised at the look of disappointment. “I thought you’d be ready to get rid of four old guys and two rowdy kids.”

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Washed Out: Chapter One by Sarah Hayes

Samantha was wrist-deep in Riley’s Medusa-esque head of curls situated over the sink when the cell phone hanging off her hip began to play a mariachi cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, clashing with Les Belles Vagues Boutique’s aesthetic of overflowing potted plants and colorful tile art.

She didn’t pause in her current task of turning Riley’s hair into a bubbly mess of lather and oils. Riley felt her fingers continue to massage their way through his scalp. He could smell lemongrass and coconut and the occasional whiff of lavender wafting off the scented candles that Sonia insisted on lighting every business day.

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Love Across Time: Chapter 18 by Jim Dunaway

Duncan, however, was prepared for such an event. Pulling out his CompCom, he pulled up the Presidential Order forming the Timeline Preservation Commission. He scrolled down to the paragraph that have him absolute authority to inspect any travellator at any time, for any reason, including the prototype. “Now, do I have to get your boss down here, or are you going to let us into the control room?”

Reluctantly, the security guards separated, allowing them to pass through. One guard placed his hand on the scanner and unlocked the door to the control room, which was currently unoccupied.

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A Change of Scenery: Part 5 by Johayan

Pahana sat back allowed himself to relax for a few minutes.  The last

few weeks had been a blur of working all night and the teaching sessions

with this Spirit Teacher.  The only thing that had changed is that he

hadn’t returned to the Daily Drip since his encounter with Seamus.

He hadn’t been himself at work either.  As a go-go dancer in a shower

enclosure that misted him with warm water, the customers couldn’t touch

him. They could easily watch him put on a show with the stripper pole

and tip him for his antics. Throughout the last week, he’d just not been

feeling the music the same way and he found himself searching the crowd

for Seamus.

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My Rugged Rescuer by Avery Dawes

Jensen shoved the empty energy gel packet into his jersey pocket before shifting into an easier gear. This was the last climb before he hit the twisting descent that would take him back toward Ruidoso. He glanced at his handlebar-mounted GPS computer and grinned. At the pace he was pedaling, he would set a personal record for this forty-mile loop. Even though his legs burned with exertion, he stood on the pedals and pushed harder, tackling the first switchback.

He couldn’t imagine a better way to start the day. The mountains seemed fresh and alive after last night’s thunderstorm . . .

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To Touch the Sky: #3.2 by M.A. Church

“No point in beating round the bush.”

“I heard that. Why don’t we spend some more time here and see if we got anything going on?”

Simon nodded his head. “Sounds like a plan.”

Simon enjoyed the conversation, and even admitted Douglas was someone he could not only date, but also be friends with since they shared so many interests. He was smart, and the longer they talked, the more Simon relaxed. Hell, if this thing didn’t work out, maybe he’d introduce Chip to Douglas.

After they finished their drinks, Douglas invited Simon to play a game of pool. With a devious smile, Simon accepted.

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Rattletrap #7 by Tali Spencer

“Killing you is still an option.” Ussim spoke softly but without menace. Even so, Jedd flinched at the Ghis commander’s words. “That is not what I prefer. Consider this: I could have killed your crew, and you also, when you were incapacitated by the psi bomb. And before leaving human space, I could have loaded you all into a bay and opened the doors, ejecting you into the void.”

“Or you could have put us in the shuttles and left us safely in our own space.” The shuttles had communications and they could have called for help.

“Why would I do that?”

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Aesthetics of Invention: Part 3 by Ravon Silvius

Thorn paused outside the gates of the magi collegium, the air biting with the memory of winter frost. The light of the moon overhead, which had illuminated his way through the forest, seemed dim now in the face of the glowing orbs that marked the presence of magi.

He loved Kenneth. He would be an Enforcer, even if he wasn’t entirely clear on what that meant. But sometimes, like now, he still felt very out of place.

He kept his hat pulled low and his gloves on as he entered the building, finding his way through the now-familiar halls to Kenneth’s room.

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Don’t Look Back #7 by Julie Lynn Hayes

Marshall and Lee’s sexual relationship didn’t begin until Marshall turned eighteen. Lee’s choice, not Marshall’s. He wanted to be with Lee sooner, but Lee refused.

“Gotta crawl before you can walk,” he’d said in his laconic way. Marshall didn’t even understand what that meant, but his objections got him nowhere. He considered himself lucky Lee didn’t punish him for his smart mouth, not to mention some of the comments he’d let loose with. But he’d been allowed some leeway. At least on this one point. Marshall still had to toe the line in all other ways.

So Marshall had to content himself with studying the subject of male love on the Internet, while he waited—although somewhat impatiently—to come of age.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 32 by Cia Nordwell:

Yuri was limp as a doll, letting Benny manipulate his arms into a shirt. His anger was gone, and in its place was a man scared as hell and getting worse by the minute.

“He hurt me.”

“I know. We won’t let it happen again.”

“With needles. I don’t like needles.” He shivered. Benny pulled him into his arms and hugged him.

“No more needles.”

“No more time,” the Falcon hissed. “Can we get the hell out of here? My men are tired of circling overhead. The air isn’t great for flying tonight.”

“I won’t tell you again.” Benny glared

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Jordan’s Second Chance 4.1 by TC Collins

“Damn it! I’m getting real tired of these games!” Jordan swore. His fingers encased the cordless phone in a death grip.

“Daddy? What’s the matter? Are you mad?” Lucas asked, sitting up from his slouched position on the couch.

Jordan smiled and knelt down in front of Lucas, tousling his hair. “No son, I’m not mad. Daddy just has a really big problem that he needs to solve.”

Lucas bounced on his seat, grinning. “Daddy you always tell me the only way to beat a problem is to face it head on.”

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 More than Music: Part 2 by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

His friend shrugged in an attempt to hide the pain that flashed through his eyes.

“A speechless, Dylan. That’s new.” Mac shook his head. “Get some rest, Dyl. We’re back on the road tomorrow.”

“No. You’re not leaving.” Dylan grasped Mac’s hand and pulled. “I have feelings for you too,” he blurted.

A crease appeared between Mac’s eyes and he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Are you drunk?”

“Do I look fucking drunk?” He stepped back in anger, staring up at Mac while running his fingers through his hair in frustration. Mac looked down at him, confusion written all over his face.

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Sweet Giordan Please Remember – A Review by Julie Lynn Hayes

 Sweet Giordan, Please Remember   


Author: Raine O’Tierney
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
American release date: March 28, 2014
Format/Genre/Length: Novel/M/M Contemporary Romance/89 pages
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★
Giordan Stone remembers his name and nothing else. His life is a mystery to him. He woke in a hospital after five years in a coma, and then again seven years later, when they found him seriously ill, living under a bridge.
Chloe Devereaux is his caregiver, his Maman. She has taken him into her home and tends to all his needs as she works to rebuild his strength. Giordan wants to remember—he aches to remember. Even though he is afraid, too—afraid of what he might learn about himself and his life.
Somewhere in the confusion that is his mind, Giordan remembers his art. He fills sketchbooks with images, unsure if they are memories, or figments of his imagination. And in his mind, there is a young man… someone Giordan is sure
he loves.
Is the man real? And if so, where is he, and why doesn’t he come for Giordan?
This story grabbed me from the beginning. I became caught up in Giordan’s plight, feeling his pain as he strives to remember, to put together the pieces of his shattered
life. I fell for his sweetness, for his gentle nature, and I felt his frustration as he kept asking why.
Sweet Giordan is a beautiful love story, one filled with the spirit of love—Giordan’s for Shane, Shane’s for Giordan. Some things transcend mere memory, and love is one of them. The soul remembers, even if the mind does not.
I ached, I cried, I cheered, I hoped… Ms. O’Tierney wrung all of these emotions from me, and then wrung some more. At times, I was fearful, and sometimes I wanted to turn off my Kindle, afraid of what I might find.
If you believe that love conquers all—if you hope even when common sense tells you not to—if you believe that some things are meant to be—than this story is for you. This is one story I will never forget, and will hold in my heart forever.


New Release: Showstring by Jon Keys

Hi everyone, thanks for letting me visit! I’m excited about the release of Showstring as part of Rode Hard anthology from Torquere Press. I had decided to make 2014 my year to try out some short stories and Showstring was my second attempt. I love cowboys and rural settings, I grew up on a ranch in the southwest, so I was excited to find the call for Rode Hard. But I wanted something beyond cowboys on horseback riding the open range. So I hope everyone enjoys Showstring.

~ Jon ~

Showstring from the Rode Hard anthology

Showstring from the Rode Hard anthology


Jayden Laine has spent his life in the city, dreaming of cowboys and cattle ranches. He looks forward to each fall when his life is exchanged for his dreams when the state fair opens.

This year when he steps into the barns he’s greeted by the sights he’s come to see, and one additional sight of Ben Ramos fighting to move a two-thousand pound bull that’s decided he doesn’t want to move. What happens next starts a juggernaut of emotions in Jayden that turn his world upside down. Now all he has to do is reevaluate his entire life and decide who to believe. And he has only a few days to do it.

Excerpt from Showstring.

Stepping into the barns from the bright sunshine, I paused for a moment to let my eyes adjust. The earthy scent of cattle merged with the sweet odor of hay and the sharp bite of pine shavings to play across my senses while I waited. I lost myself in this world each fall during the state fair. It always took a little sneaking around so my father didn’t know how I was spending my time. If he figured out my desire for cowboys hadn’t changed, he’d send me off for treatment again, or worse. But this was my time to dream I was normal, to pretend I didn’t know I was damaged.

Locking my guilt away, I moved down the aisle, determined to allow myself a few moments of peace. The neat rows of cattle lying contentedly on immaculately groomed beds of wood chips revived the world I lost myself in each time I could. While forming an important part of my fantasy life, the cattle intimidated me. They were huge, but I still dreamed of working with them.

“Sorry, excuse me.”

Startled I glanced up to find myself in the way of a guy who looked only a few years older than me, leading a massive black animal. Scrambling out of the, the heat of my clumsy embarrassment burned across my face. “Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”

The tanned cowboy gave me a bright smile. “If it wasn’t for old fat ass Norman here, it wouldn’t be a problem. But he doesn’t like to be led. So taking him out is a chore.”

He planted his worn boots against the walkway and heaved at the lead rope. The animal took one slow step and stopped again. Exasperation filled the guy’s face. “Holy crap! I’d so make you into hamburger if you weren’t the best bull we’ve had in a while.”

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Wednesday Briefs: July 23, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Love Across Time: Chapter 17 by Jim Dunaway
“Hello, earth to Ethan. Ethan, come in please?” Chris waved his hand in front of Ethan’s face, eliciting no response. Okay, something’s got to snap him out of whatever fog he’s in, but what? Wait, I got it! Chris went over to the computer set up in the corner of Ethan’s workshop opened up the browser and searched for pictures of naked men. Eeewwww he thought as he looked over the selected presented to him. He finally selected one of a young naked guy on his stomach shown from the butt up and hit Print. 

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Heart of the Pines – A Review by Julie Lynn Hayes


Heart of the Pines
Author: Jon Keys
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
American release date: November 20, 2013
Format/Genre/Length: Novel/M/M Contemporary Romance/53pages
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★ (4.5)

Christmas is coming, and Wade is helping out his older friend, Chris, at his Christmas tree farm. Life isn’t easy for either one of them. Wade’s lover, Jeff, moved out, leaving Wade stuck with a retail cooking establishment that really isn’t his thing, when all he really wants to do is cook. Chris is facing his first Christmas alone since the death of his beloved wife, Mary.

Can two guys who think they’ve lost everything find something new in each other? Maybe with the help of a red-nosed reindeer?

This is the perfect feel-good story. Although a Christmas tale, it works at any time of the year. It’s about never giving up, and believing in the power of love. Chris discovers that finding a new love doesn’t negate the old. And Wade finds someone he can actually depend on.

Reading this story is like eating a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven—it’s hot and gooey, and filled with something wonderful. If you’re looking for drama, you won’t find it here. But if you want heart-warming and emotionally satisfying, then pull up a chair and set for a spell.

Love lives here.

Wednesday Briefs: July 16, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Love Across Time: Chapter 16 by Jim Dunaway
“Wait a minute. I’ve found something!” Adrienne exclaimed. “It took some digging, but it’s right here. That senile old hag that sits second chair on the tribunal, what’s here name…Agatha Jones. Her ex-husband manages a travellator station.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I’m not sure yet, but her son Ted had been making a killing on the stock market. He got rich really fast. I bet he was using the travellator at his father’s station to go back in time to buy stocks in various companies, then coming back and selling the stocks for a substantial profit.”

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M.A. Church – Nighttime Promises

Are we alone in the universe?

One of the most widely asked questions you’ll hear today is “are we alone in the universe?” News flash, folks—you’re in the minority if you believe no intelligent life exists in the universe.

Scary, huh?

In the US alone, at least half of all Americans believe we’re not alone in the universe. Many of us staunchly believe there’s some form of life on other planets. Even more say intelligent extraterrestrials have already come to Earth.

And they believe they’ve been doing so for a long time.

Okay, so why do these people feel this way? Well, there are multiple reasons why the extraterrestrial question continues to gain popularity. Here are just a few:

1. The Size of the Universe

Counting the stars in the universe is like trying to count the number of sand grains on a beach… it’s just not possible. Although estimates vary among different experts, the general consensus is that there are at least between 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies in our universe. Now, think about that for a moment. That’s a lot of uncharted territory.

2. Whistle Blowers

The past few years have seen a surge of whistle-blowers that’ve come out and said some remarkable things. The reality is hundreds of whistle-blowers who have come forward have verified credentials and backgrounds.

3. The Evidence of UFOs

Within the past few years, dozens of governments admitted to allocating resources and having programs to study the UFO phenomenon.

4. Mass Mainstream Media Attention

Media outlets of all kind are covering the topic, almost every movie that comes out these days has something to do with space or some kind of extraterrestrial intelligence. We’ve been bombarded with the topic for a while now, so it’s not hard to see how it’s on the minds of many.

These are just a few things to think about. So, what do you think? Are we alone in the universe? Bryan and Shawn would tell you—quite loudly, actually—that no, we are not, lol.

Nighttime Promises SMALL

Nighttime Promises is the end of the Nighttime series. The release date is July 11th.

Nighttime series:

Nighttime Wishes:

Nighttime Dreams:


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Be careful what you wish for…

The first time Daroshi spotted Bryan, the Maz’Rarian warrior knew he wanted the small town sheriff as his mate. Things have been going downhill since. Daroshi doesn’t have experience dealing with humans, especially a very unhappy human male who’s just had his well-planned life jerked out from under him. Little does Daroshi know the changes Bryan will insist be made to help him adjust. But he also never dreamed someone would actually try to kill his mate.

The shocks just keep coming for Sheriff Bryan Coltrane. Finding out aliens exist was bad enough. Finding himself mated to one was definitely not on his to-do list. Wait, what? Did someone say tentacles? And if that’s not enough, a killer tried to poison him. Added to his misery, now he’s on his way to another planet—a planet that he hates on sight. How’s he supposed to survive in such a cold, ugly industrialized world? Can you take the country out of the boy without killing his spirit?

As Bryan struggles to adapt, a killer plots to end his new life… before it even begins.



The stress of the past few weeks sure caught up with him—saying he was gaunt was putting it nicely. His sapphire blue eyes were sunken in his head and the laugh lines around his eyes slashed deeper into his face. The dark circles didn’t help matters, either. God, he looked like he had two black eyes. The skin was that nasty bruise color and puffy.

And were there more than a few strands of gray in his dark hair now? At age thirty-four this was ridiculous. That’s what stress would do, though, and this was about as stressful a situation as he’d ever been in. Bryan sighed. The poisoning deal scared him; he could have died. Should have died, actually. Someone was after his ass and they didn’t know whom. On top of that, they were hurtling through space toward a planet he’d soon be calling home. With an alien.

Yeah, stressful. “Shit,” he muttered. “Things have got to get—”


Bryan flinched at the roar from the other room. Damn, do these aliens know how to do anything other than yell?

“Where are you? Bryan? Bryan! By the stars, answer me!”

A loud crash echoed into the bathroom.

“Oh, for God’s sake.” Bryan shook his head. What the hell was Daroshi doing out there? Tearing Medical apart looking for him? Did Daroshi think he’d… what? Run away? Where was there to run? Besides, he had someone trying to kill him. He damn sure wasn’t going to go wandering the halls alone.


“I’m in here, Daroshi.”

Daroshi slammed into the bathroom area, chest heaving and tentacles writhing on his back. Jesus, he looked fierce. “What are you doing?”

“Playing checkers.” Bryan rolled his eyes. “What do you think I’m doing in here? It’s a bathroom. Come on, big guy, you figure it out. Jeez.”

Daroshi leaned against the doorframe, the rise and fall of his chest slowing. “I’m not even going to ask what this ‘checkers’ means. Bryan, the medibed stopped monitoring your stats. The low beeping noise ceased. I woke up thinking there was something wrong, and instead I find you’re… You weren’t there.”

“Aw, man, I didn’t think. I had to use the bathroom and… What are you doing?” Bryan grabbed hold of Daroshi’s shoulders as his feet left the ground.

Daroshi hoisted Bryan into his arms, growling loudly even as a tentacle snaked across one massive shoulder to pet Bryan. “I’m taking you back to the medibed. You know, it’s that thing that monitors your body’s systems. You were poisoned and shouldn’t be up. Do you understand how serious this is?”

Huh, sarcasm. “Since I was the one poisoned I’d have to say that yeah, I get it.” Bryan rested his head against Daroshi’s neck. Good thing he already went to the bathroom. “Wow, is that your best bedside manner? Because I have to tell you, it leaves a lot to be desired.”

“Waking up and finding you missing left a lot to be desired.” Daroshi gently lowered Bryan back down onto the medibed. “Do not do that again.”

The snappy retort was right there, burning to get out, but Bryan swallowed it as Shawn’s words about how this race was warrior-like and not exactly known for their compassion echoed in his head. Well, except for when they found their mate. Then they’d give their very lives to protect the one they claimed.

Shawn told him they refused to admit to an emotion called fear. Training bred it out of them at an early age. If any Maz’Rarian showed such an emotion, it would result in getting them killed, usually by another of their species. They were a brutal race.

And he scared Daroshi, really scared him. “I’m sorry, Daroshi. Next time I’ll let you know. It’s just… You were asleep and I didn’t want to wake you.”

“Wake me. We don’t need the same amount of rest as humans.”

Which proved his point. Daroshi was so tired he fell asleep at Bryan’s bedside. Bryan also knew better than to point that out.

“Will do.”


M.A. Church bio

M.A. Church lives in the southern United States and spent many years in the elementary education sector. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two children. Her hobbies are gardening, walking, attending flea markets, watching professional football, racing, and spending time with her family on the lake.

But her most beloved hobby is reading. From an early age, she can remember hunting for books at the library. Later nonhuman and science fiction genres captured her attention and drew her into the worlds the authors had created. But always at the back of her mind was the thought that one day, when the kids were older and she had more time, she would write a book.

By sheer chance, she stumbled across a gay male romance story on the web and was hooked. A new world opened up and she fell in love. Thus the journey started. When not writing or researching, she enjoys reading the latest erotic and mainstream romance novels.


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Alicia Nordwell – Cataclysmic Evolution

Barron’s dad makes him toe the line, and to keep his friends, they do too. The new guy could never fit in… but Revi doesn’t act like he even wants to, which drives Barron crazy. Life takes a drastic turn, and Revi Porter’s long hair, soft lips, and aggravating emo dress code are the last things on Barron’s mind. There’s no room for petty grudges in the struggle to survive. When saving a little girl leaves Barron lost in the dark, will he learn how to really see?

You can read this on GayAuthors or the MM Romance Group

Download the eBook: GayAuthors or All Romance eBooks


Chapter One

“Everyone have their slipcards? You’re going to need them.” Barron ignored the lecturing teacher. Everyone waited in the parking lot, at his request, while he went over all the rules. Like they didn’t all know them already.

Well, maybe not the new kid.

Who dressed like that? He was obviously trying to attract all sorts of the wrong attention. Guys around here did not wear their hair long and flowing, curling around their shoulders. Jeans were meant to fit relaxed and held up with a belt, not tight and barely reaching sharp hipbones just begging to be squeezed in a bruising grip.

Barron could see the new kid’s hip bones because his shirt was rucked up under his black jacket. Black on black, how original. Emo brat with the dark clothes, flaring nostrils, and narrowed eyes. The only thing he couldn’t ruin were his soft lips, somehow a much darker red than he would have expected from his honeyed skin. Those lips had been haunting Barron for more than a week. They didn’t have classes together, thankfully.


He strutted when he walked. Cocky bastard.

“Mr. Pernell!”

Barron jerked. He scowled. “What?”

“Excuse me? You want to rephrase that.” The now was unspoken but hung clearly in the air. His teacher could have his dad on face-to-face conference in seconds. It wouldn’t be the first time, either.

“Sorry.” Barron abandoned his slouch against the fence, snapping to attention fast enough to make the muscles in his back protest. “Yes, Mr. Hodge?” He’d better straighten up and fly right. The same words his father enjoyed snapping at him on a damn near daily basis echoed in his mind.

“Your permission?”

Barron dug the frayed slipcard out of his back pocket. They were supposed to last the entire school career from their very first day, but his saw a lot of mileage. Demotions, detentions, parent notes… they’d probably have cut down an entire forest just for him if they still sent letters home. “Got it.” He handed it over to his teacher who stuck it in his reader, eyeing the screen until it beeped.

“Oh good, not forged for once.”

“Who’d do that? It’s a field trip to a cave.” He frowned. Barron saved his forges for important things, like covering for when he had to skip. He didn’t want anyone knowing he took off school to head over to the used bookstore to attend seminars by Erink Brogherd. The guy was local, but he was going to be a big-name author one day. Barron followed his blog and always attended his talks.

“One never knows, Mr. Pernell.” Mr. Hodge handed back his slipcard. Barron shoved it into his pocket, already back to watching the new guy. He leaned against the fence, hanging on with his hands above his head; a chunky watch covered one wrist and the other was layered with leather, yarn, and cord bracelets.

How old-fashioned.

“Time to go!” Mr. Hodge shouted. “Two to a seat.”

Barron barreled on to the first bus to nab the last seat. He hated feeling knees in his back from idiots behind him. “Hey, Creed, sit with me.” His friend was skinny as a rail. Barron would get more of the seat if Creed sat with him.

Thavin and William sat in front of them. Barron reached up and yanked on Thavin’s hair.

“What the hell, man?”

“It’s getting too long.” Barron tugged on it again. “You need a cut.” He’d only get to keep his friends as friends if they toed the line his dad made him toe. So he put pressure on them when he had to. He needed his friends. Luckily, they’d been listening to him for years and didn’t really question it anymore.

“Whatever.” Thavin turned sideways in the seat. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“Man, can you believe they’re making us go on this trip again? How many times have we seen the Doestrin caves?”

“Every other year since we were old enough not to piss our pants in the dark.” Creed pulled a pack of gum out of his pocket.

“Nah.” Barron shook his head when Creed offered it to him.

“What kind?” William was a mooch, but he was picky about the kind of gum he’d chew.

“Café Mocha.”

“Kick ass. Gimme.” William had a thing for retro sayings. Had to match the name his parents had saddled him with. He snagged two pieces.

“Hey pig, just one,” Creed objected.

“I am.” He offered one square to Thavin.

“You know I don’t like that caffeinated crap.” Thavin shook his head.

“Guess I’ll just have to keep both squares.” William popped them both in his mouth and chewed quickly. “Hmm… good.”

“Dumbass.” Creed smacked him upside the head. “Those better last you all day.”

“Yeah, well, I’m gonna need them to stay awake. I’m sick of these cave trips too. Thank God we graduate next month.”

“Let me have your attention, please.” Mr. Hodge stood at the front of the bus. “We have an hour-long ride to the caves.” He rolled his eyes at the groan. “Followed by a four-hour tour of the caves.”

“What?” Thavin frowned. “Tours are two hours.”

“Hey, Mr. Hodge, what gives?” William shouted over everyone.

“I will explain if you guys can shut your traps for a few minutes, so stop talking.” Mr. Hodge was actually a pretty cool guy for an older teacher. He wore jeans and button-up shirts over a tee most days. None of the suits and loafers some teachers wore. He had a sense of humor, too.

Most of the time.

“This trip to the caves is for the senior class. I know you guys have been to the Doestrin cave system and really enjoy it”—he rolled his eyes at their boos—“but there are some very delicate crystalline structures down a tunnel at the back of the caves you’ve never seen. We hope that by now, as seniors about to graduate, you can be trusted into an area of the caves not generally open to the public. You have no idea how much the fines will be if we’re wrong. Fines that the school will not pay, by the way.”

Mr. Hodge sat in the seat behind the auto driver controls. As soon as their scheduled departure time hit, the bus started up and began the drive out of the city to Doestrin National Park.

Buses weren’t all that different from the ones his grandpa told him about. Kids were still crammed into uncomfortable seats, the buses were loud, and they bounced a lot more than anything with hover air tires should. Barron wished he could’ve driven his car. It’d taken him three summers to earn the money himself, but he was determined to have some freedom over the summer when he wasn’t working for his father’s firm.

Barron sat back and listened to his friends bullshit each other about the party last weekend. He hadn’t gone. His dad had grounded him for the less-than-perfect grade on his trig exam. Not that it mattered what he got. Barron was going to Parks University in the fall, tuition already paid for the first semester.

His friends were all going too. Barron idly scanned the bus. The preppy girls all sat together a few seats in front of them, their squeals audible over the hum of the anti-grav motor under the bus.

What were they squealing over? Abbe and Hazea had their heads together, leaning forward to talk to the people in front of them. He could tell it was the twins by their garish purple hair. One ducked down and Barron stiffened.

The new kid sat with his back to the window, talking to the girls seated around him. They were all fascinated by him, of course. Barron hadn’t seen him get on their bus. The guy flicked his hair back over his shoulder. Barron ground his teeth together.

“Hey, Bar, what’s up?” Creed followed the direction of his gaze. “Ahh, the new guy. Who moves right before graduation?”

“Someone who shouldn’t be happy. Of course he’s surrounded by all those girls, so of course he’s probably giddy as a pig in shit.”

Barron blinked. “What the hell did you just say?”

Creed grinned. His orange hair, pale skin, and gap-toothed grin always made him look like a jack-o’-lantern to Barron. The guy was stick thin, but he had a round face. He shrugged. “William, of course.”

“Hey, that’s a good one!” William snickered. “My gram taught me it. She grew up on a farm. Back when they actually had farms, that is.”

“Whatever.” Barron went back to staring at the new guy.

“His name’s Revi Pore-something or other.” Thavin frowned. “I don’t remember exactly. He moved from Alabama? I think.” He worked in the office and often got them information before everyone else got it. “I processed his ID file yesterday for his slipcard. Wherever he lived last was super slow sending the data.”

“He looks like a girl,” Barron muttered.

“Yeah, you and your obsession with hair. He’s gotta set your OCD on fire.” Thavin snapped his fingers. “Porter. That’s his last name.”

“Or maybe other parts of him are on fire.” William raised his eyebrows and leered at him. Barron reached up and smacked him upside the head.

“Knock it off. He’s not my type.” Barron sank down, wedging his knees against the seat in front of him. “Wake me up when we get there.” He closed his eyes, but he didn’t sleep. If he listened hard, and filtered out all the other sounds, he could hear him. The new guy.

His drawl stood out against the clipped tones of the guys and high-pitched gabbing girls. His looks might drive Barron crazy, but his voice was very… nice. Shit.

Not part of the program. Barron was going to find a nice jock boyfriend who liked sports and beer and could hold a conversation with his dad.

Barron’s irritation spiked as he ended up standing behind the kid as everyone shuffled off the bus. He should have made William and Thavin go first. Two of the girls had stepped into a seat by their friend so they could get off together. Of course he waved them ahead of him with a campy limp wrist wave, removing the buffer between Barron and the annoyance that was Revi Porter.

The guy didn’t even shuffle like the rest of them. He might as well have minced down the aisle. Barron clenched his hands into fists. They approached the steps, and he couldn’t take it anymore.

Victoria Adams – A Guy and A Girl


Spotlight on Victoria
Adams’ latest NA contemporary romance –
Guy and A Girl


Lies, deceits and secrets – not a good way to begin a
After an ugly past forced Hunter Connolly to escape to Europe, the talented hockey player is back in North America and determined to land a position with a professional team. But he can’t hide from his past forever, especially when his beautiful classmate, Chelsea, forces him to reexamine his life. Soon, hockey is not his first priority anymore.
Chelsea Henderson is a bright co-ed working towards her dream of being a professional dancer. She forms a unique friendship with one of her father’s newest recruits and would love nothing more than to take it to the next level. However, there’s just one small problem. He doesn’t know she’s his coach’s daughter.
Amid the deceptions, danger lurks closer than they could ever imagine. Will fate contrive to rip the young lovers apart? Or will Hunter and Chelsea have their shot at love?
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“Come on in.”

Hunter called from his spot sprawled on the floor in front of his sofa.
Chelsea walked into the living room. “Hey.”
He nodded, grabbed the remote and muted the television.
Chelsea spun a kitchen chair around and sat on it. “Okay, the silence’s killing me. I’ll start with some lame conversation and you just leap in. How was the bio midterm?”
“Passed it. Should write all my exams with a hangover.”
She tapped her fingernail on her thigh. “Guess that was the end of the conversation starters.”
Hunter levelled a glare at her. “What do you want, Chelsea?”
“I want you to sound less angry. I want to talk. I’d like to try and explain. First off, I’m so sorry the cops hauled you in.”
“No?” Her voice squeaked.
“Todd was stalking you. The cops had no idea if it was him or me. And from the questions asked, I’d say some pretty weird things’d been happening.”
She shuddered. “I kept thinking I was being paranoid or something. But that’s not why I’m here.”
Hunter slammed a fist on the carpet. “I damn near slept with the coach’s daughter! Why the hell didn’t you tell me?”
Chelsea watched the tiredness in his eyes shift to rage. “Because… because….”
“I wouldn’t date you if I knew who you were.”
“Yea and that’s not fair.” She sat up taller and matched her gaze with his. “It’s not my
fault your coach is my dad.”
Hunter closed his eyes and sighed. “I don’t know what to do, Chelsea. My head hurts too damn much to think.”
“Damn it, Hunter, I really like you. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. I don’t want to lose us.”
“I don’t know if there’s going to be an us anymore.” He rubbed his temples.
Chelsea sat behind him on the sofa, slipped her hands under his and began massaging his head.
Hunter pushed her hands away. Although it hurt him to say it, he said, “Go home, Chels. I need time to think.”
He refused to look at her. He couldn’t. He knew he’d give in, wrap his arms around her and beg her to stay.
A Bit about Victoria Adams
I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and pets. Daughter’s grown up and is now teaching. I like to garden, cook and study Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian belly dance). In the summer, cars slow down when they pass my front yard and the passengers gaze at my flower beds. Friends love to be invited over for supper as the meal is going to be good, good for you and nowhere near low-calorie! No dieting allowed at dinner parties. As to belly dancing, find a class and try it. It’s a blast! Age and weight don’t matter. There are many plus size ladies and one 74 yr old grandmother in one of my classes.
I’ve been writing since I was little. Being an only child, long car rides were filled with making up stories in my head about the people I saw out the car window. I wrote my first full manuscript in 10th grade. When my daughter was younger, I made up stories that she suggested. I’d say – Once upon a time there was a…. She’d shout an answer – chicken! And the story went from there. Great creativity exercise as it turns out. Now, my writing style has taken a split to contemporary romance for adults and contemporary romance for new adults.
Circles Trilogy is my first series.
Dancing in Circles
(Books 1 and 2 will
be out in paperback in the not too distant future.)
Latest release – A Guy and A Girl –
There are 3 or 4 more completed works are quietly nestled on my hard drive waiting for their moment to shine.
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Victoria Adams
semi-regularly here on Wednesday Briefs, when I post my flash fiction.
I’d love to hear from my fans. It helps to connect with what my readers what to read.

Wednesday Briefs: July 9, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Rattletrap #4 by Tali Spencer

Jedd wrenched his body away from Ussim’s fingers. Ussim could have pursued touching his prize but did not. Fear had its uses but anger presented problems. It was why he had not killed the captain. A purely Ghi commander less familiar with humans would have and might have pushed the captives too far.

“You’re doing it wrong, if you want us to help you,” Jedd said.

“You are helping me—and will continue to help, in return for your lives.” Jedd’s terse response escaped Ussim’s ability to translate, but he was confident the context would include his demise in some form.

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