Wednesday Briefs: July 9, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Rattletrap #4 by Tali Spencer

Jedd wrenched his body away from Ussim’s fingers. Ussim could have pursued touching his prize but did not. Fear had its uses but anger presented problems. It was why he had not killed the captain. A purely Ghi commander less familiar with humans would have and might have pushed the captives too far.

“You’re doing it wrong, if you want us to help you,” Jedd said.

“You are helping me—and will continue to help, in return for your lives.” Jedd’s terse response escaped Ussim’s ability to translate, but he was confident the context would include his demise in some form.

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Angel of the Air (conclusion) by Avery Dawes

When the intercom went silent, Gabriel pressed a kiss to David’s forehead. “See, nothing to worry about.” He began stroking David’s back in a soothing motion. “Remember, I’ve got you. We’ll make it through this.”

“Don’t lie to me, Gabriel. Did you hear his voice? He’s just as scared as me. What’s he not telling us?” David hated how easily fear and anxiety overtook him when it came to flying. If it wasn’t for Gabriel, he never would have gotten on a plane. One horrible experience as a child had him driving everywhere he possibly could. Gabriel was the first . . . 

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Noah’s New Plan: Chapter 33 by Rob Colton
Noah stepped out of the bathroom, still slightly damp from his shower, wearing only a pair of grey boxer briefs.
Eli’s eyes slid up and down his boyfriend’s body appreciatively, lingering at the soft hairs in the middle of his chest. Traveling downward, he followed the hair that led from his navel into his underwear. Eli was intimately familiar with what hid inside, though the bulge in the tight  little briefs left little to the imagination.
“What on earth are you wearing?”
Noah’s voice snapped Eli out of his trance.
“Huh? This?”

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Lost Inside:  Chapter 27 by Cia Nordwell

 “I don’t care where the fuck you were, or why you let them get us that far. Sheshtun hurt my mate. All the evidence you could possibly need is right here at my location.” Benny glared at the back of the doc’s head as he stood by the back of the truck, his head swiveling around constantly as he peered around. Discreet. Benny snarled into the phone.

“Benny, I’m sorry. We’re just outside town now. The teams are getting in place. I need your intel.”

“Too damn bad. Besides, I got you a prime intel source—ready and willing to

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Double Trouble: Chapter 4 by Jon Keys

Josh worked his way into the living room after he’d put the kids into bed. The television was the only source of light and highlighted Trent’s silhouette. He made his way to the couch and leaned down to kiss his husband on the nape of his neck. Trent tilted his head and pulled Josh in for a gentle kiss.
“How are the kids?”
Josh rolled over the back of the couch and landed with his head in Trent’s lap. He grinned up at Trent and made a snoring noise.
Trent chuckled and ran his hand over Josh’s T-shirt covered chest. “So you wore them out?”

Rain, Rain don’t go away by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

The sky was grey. No, not just grey. It was more than that. It had that ominous hue to it. The type of shade that announced impending rain. Not just any kind of rain, either. Heavy rain. The sort of rain that drowned any living thing it touched.

Anthony turned away from the window, sniffling. He leaned against the wall and delved deeper into the warm blanket. He honestly didn’t understand what appeal people found in this sort of weather. It was depressing and annoying. He fished a Kleenex from beneath a pillow and cleaned his nose. Damn weather.

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Love Across Time: Chapter 15 by Jim Dunaway

Duncan picked up his phone and dialed. “Liam, what’s going on with the timeline?”

“You’re not going to believe this,” Liam replied with a note of disbelief in his voice. “When Ryan died, the timeline skewed right off the charts. The computers have all crashed with fatal errors. I think we’re headed towards a major paradox,” he said with a shudder.

“Ok. Is travellator 4 ready?”

“Ready whenever you are.”

“Good. Has Adrienne returned.”

“A few minutes ago.”

“Ok. Thanks.” He hung up and hit the overhead page button. “Adrienne, please come to my office.” He turned to Connor.

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To Touch the Sky: #2.4 by M.A. Church

“Because here you’d be checking to see what the wait time was, how fast the service line was moving, how the bar was running… That’s not having fun, for God’s sake, that’s working.”

“I like work, and I like it here. I do enjoy my time here, you know. It’s not all work.” Hawk bit into a ketchup-laden fry.

Kaitlyn shook her head. “Hope there’s a shovel around somewhere, because it’s getting deep in here.”

Hawk waved his hand toward the bar. “Haven’t you got to go manage something out there?”

“Fine.” Kaitlyn rolled her eyes. “I can tell when I’m not getting anywhere.”

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A Change in Scenery: Part 3 by Johayan

Everything was going well except for his altar.  After his epiphany almost six weeks ago, he hadn’t not turned a trick or even had sex.  It was as if sex no longer interested him at all.  He stood up and looked at his altar, the stones were losing their lustre and the formerly glowing lines of energy he had shot across it had faded and were slowly become one with the dust settling over it.  He hadn’t thought about that day or even his altar since then.  But in the last few days, it had started creeping into his thoughts more and more.

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Buried Treasure:  Part 1 by Carol Pedroso

“Get a shovel, it’s getting deep in here,” I call out as I drop to my knees and try to use my hands to shift the dirt I uncovered when I moved the boulders. “I can sense someone down here and their running out of air!”

Thomas runs up with two shovels and hands one to me. “Here and here,” I point to where I want him to dig, “about four feet down you’ll get to a wooden board, the person is under that.”

We both set to digging and after a few minutes we hit

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Don’t Look Back: #4 by Julie Lynn Hayes

Marshall’s entire body was tense, not with apprehension, but anticipation.  He was hard put not to shake his ass, the urge to do so strong inside of him. At times like this, when he and Lee came together out in the open, in the freedom that only the great outdoors can provide, Marshall thought of himself as a wild animal. Untamed and untamable, except by Lee. He was the cub to Lee’s bear. A walking, talking piece of Lee’s heart, a part that could never be torn asunder.

Even if some had tried.


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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 9 by Kazy Reed
An annoying buzzing woke John Berenz just after midnight. He groped around and grabbed his phone. With a yawn, he said, “Dr. Berenz speaking.”

“Dr. Berenz, my name is Aristes Ambrogi. I sit on the board of Mass General.”

The doctor was truly perplexed as to why a board member would be calling in the middle of the night. “I’ve heard your name before, Mr. Ambrogi. What can I help you with?”

“Well, it’s about your son. I’m afraid there’s been an accident.”

John shot out of bed and began dressing. “What? Where? What happened? Oh my God!”

Cyan: Chapter 12  by Nephylim

Robin never knew what Cyan had been about to say, because before he could finish his sentence, the door burst open to admit Alex and Mr Bartholomew, the PE teacher.

“Is everything alright?” he asked. He was a cool guy, amazing at getting the best out of his pupils on the sport field, or in the gym. Apparently, he was no better in these kind of situations than Robin was.

“Does it look alright?” Robin snapped.

“Okay, Robin, let be calm shall we?”

Calm? Robin thought. Calm? How the hell can I be calm when Cyan just kissed me? I mean – he KISSED me.

Title: First Date by Ravon Silvius
Chris waited for Skye on the edge of the quad. His nerves danced with electricity, and the familiar sensation of fluttering in his stomach increased in intensity as he caught sight of his date against the purpling evening.

 Skye wore a black shirt trimmed with red that made his red hair stand out even more in the setting sun, and tight black pants that Chris swore must be leather. The ensemble was completed by a thick cloth choker, a band around his neck that somehow made him look more, not less, masculine.

 He was gorgeous. Chris shivered with a combination of nervousness and anticipation as Skye approached.

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 The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace

 Freeze frames of self-imposed methods of death flashed before Levi’s eyes—a gunshot, slitting his wrists, electrocution, jumping from something high, overdose.

“What would ever make you think I hate you?” Logan asked, his voice a bit shaky. “Just take some deep breaths and calm down. It’s not that bad.”

It was that bad, worse than an atomic bomb, a tsunami, a hurricane—any moment he would be swept away into oblivion or disintegrate into a pile of dust.

Levi released Logan and jumped up from the chair. The black bag his sole focus. Within it, salvation from a world of suffering. Sweet release.

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