MC Houle

MC Houle
MC HouleEven though becoming a writer hadn’t always been a dream of mine, creating characters and telling their stories has been the landscape of my early childhood. Characters who would live swirling in my mind, sometimes to be acted out with my two younger sisters or my friends and sometimes just to be there when I got bored.

After I discovered Harry Potter fan fiction at 13-14, I wrote my own for the enjoyment of a mostly French readership. Reading my first slash fan fiction awoke an interest for everything LGBT*QIAect… that subside to this day.

Some years later, I took a college almost-break to pursuit a ‘real life’ degree in biomedical and started a job in a hospital laboratory. And then in mid-2010, with the advent of nanowrimo and the discovery of HollyLisle’s “How to think Sideways” writing class, I went back to my forgotten passion of stories with the added goal of publication.

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