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Wednesday Briefs: November 28, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

In Pieces #29 (8.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The reason for Ben’s words became apparent as they approached the overly large bridge that bisected Lake Pontchartrain. Ryan groaned.  Oh no, not again. Why hadn’t he bothered to find out where Thibodaux was? At least he would have been better prepared for this.

He swallowed hard, determined not to be the baby he’d been the last time. Bad enough Ben had witnessed his panic. He didn’t want to add insult to injury by embarrassing Ben in front of Aiden and Abby, although he wasn’t sure he could pull that off since he felt close to freaking out again at the sight of the bridge.

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Book Review: Blue Exorcist, Vol 8 Review

Blue Exorcist, Book 8    

Author: Kazue Kato

Publisher: Viz Media

American release date: November 6, 2012

Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/manga/paranormal/200 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer:  Julie Lynn Hayes


As the ex-wires are breaking Rin out of his solitary confinement, Yukio comes face to face with the architect of their troubles – Saburota Todo. Todo taunts Yukio about Rin in order to distract him. Meanwhile, having freed Rin, the ex-wires come across the injured Ossama. Not only that but they find that the Impure King is not only huge but beginning to resemble large buildings. Kamiki and Shiemi offer to take Suguro’s father to where he can received medical assistance, while the others take on the Impure King. From his lofty perch high above them, Mephisto observes but does nothing.

Todo tries to get Yukio to admit he hates Rin, in an effort to divide them. Will Yukio fall prey to a case of sibling rivalry? Kuro takes on his huge demonic form, and allows Rin and Suguro to ride him toward the Impure King. Suguro is to put up the barrier – if he can. After that, they aren’t sure what to do, since Rin isn’t able to draw his sword. Rin teases Suguro, calling him Princess, while Yukio thinks back on life with brother Rin. However, Yukio is not without tricks of his own.

Everyone has their job to do. Shima and Koneko fight their way through the forest, trying to get through before the sac bursts. But doubts assail one of them. They tried their best, and it seems futile to go on. No one will blame them for saving their own lives by running from danger. Isn’t that the sensible thing to do?

There is a lot going on in this volume of Blue Exorcist, and people are looking inside themselves for answers and solutions. Defeating Todo and his Impure King will be no easy task. Everyone must work together or they’ll all fall. Something I was wondering about in the last volume ends up being addressed in this – namely, does Yukio have any demon in him? While we are not given an answer, that is something to ponder.

The fight against the Impure King has become a very interesting arc, and I’m enjoying the character development. I’ve forgotten to mention that some of the volumes have bonus stories. I have to say some are better than others. I am really enjoying this series and look forward to seeing what comes next.


Book Review: Blue Exorcist, Vol 7 by Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist, Book 7     

Author: Kazue Kato

Publisher: Viz Media

American release date: April 3, 2012

Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/manga/paranormal/200 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer:  Julie Lynn Hayes


Saburota Todo and Mamushi Hojo have stolen the Left and Right Eyes of the Impure King and disappeared, while Rin finds himself incarcerated, in solitary confinement! Rin has received a letter from Tatsuma Suguro explaining how he met Father Fujimoto and how Fujimoto ended up with the Koma sword. The sword contains a fire demon, Karura, summoned by a monk named Fukaku who defeated the Impure King with it. Suguro takes the sword and gives it to Fujimoto, despite the priest telling him he is going to kill a child with it. But Suguro knows better.

Todo reveals to Mamushi the terrible secret of Myodha, that beneath Goma Hall lies the body of the Impure King. If they return his eyes to him, he shall live once more, a most terrible thought indeed! Ossama catches up with Todo and Mamushi, and tries to prevent them from reviving the Impure King, but he is too late, only to learn that Todo has a different agenda!

Meanwhile, back at the jail, Yukio doesn’t want to give Rin the sword to use, not knowing if his flame will even work against the Impure King, much less defeat him. Yukio is concerned that if he uses his flame, Rin will be put to death, but Shura reminds him they have much bigger problems – such as the Impure King. Yukio reluctantly agrees but there is an unexpected wrinkle in the plan.

When Ossama returns, with Mamushi, and tells the story of what has happened, the ex-wires are torn about what to do. They decide to break Rin out of his confinement so he can fight the Impure King, but thanks to the machinations of Mephisto, that is easier said than done.

Another fast-paced volume of Blue Exorcist. It’s getting easier to tell the villains from the heroes, although sometimes the heroes aren’t entirely sure themselves and are torn in their loyalties. Mephisto is something of an enigma. Although I am unsure what his agenda is, and while his methods tend to be unorthodox, deep inside, I believe everything he does is for a good reason. Amaimon, not so much. I like seeing Yukio’s affection toward his brother, which he sometimes hides. It’s still hard to believe they’re twins, but they are. I have to wonder if Yukio has powers that are unsuspected, maybe lying deep inside, that just haven’t evidenced yet. I feel sorry for Mamushi. She really thought she was doing the right thing, and was brutally used for her naïveté and for having faith in the wrong person.

I predict that Rin will make a great exorcist, although I’m not sure if he will get to face down his father in the way he hopes. I also predict that he and Shiemi will find out they are attracted to each other. Not sure where that will go.

The series is going strong, keep the volumes coming!

Book Review: Blue Exorcist, Vol 6 by Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist, Book 6     

Author: Kazue Kato

Publisher: Viz Media

American release date: February 7, 2012

Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/manga/paranormal/200 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes


The ex-wires are in Kyoto to help guard the Right Eye of the Impure King. Everyone is surprised to discover they are staying at the inn belonging to Suguro’s family. The next morning, some of the guys don’t remember the night before very well, and they blame it on whatever Shura gave them to drink. Konekomaru is confused as to why Renzo is acting so friendly toward Rin. Doesn’t he remember who and what he is? A meeting of the Myodha is being held, but Ossama is nowhere to be found. He sends word that he is busy and unable to attend. Renzo’s father, Yaozo, rises from his sick bed to inform the meeting that there is a traitor in their midst! It’s revealed that the right eye has been stolen, and six people are the major suspects, including Ossama, Juzo Shima and Mamushi Hojo.

Rin’s training isn’t going well. His first task, and he keeps blowing it! Literally. Shura set up three candles with instructions to light them, but he can’t control his power and keeps melting them. Suguro confronts his father, but to no avail. He disowns him just before his father disappears, only to be yelled at by Rin. They get into an altercation, to Shura’s great annoyance. Rin goes a little too far and finds himself revealed and incarcerated.

Yukio arrives on the scene only to learn the Right Eye has been stolen as well, and the chief suspect is High Priest Tatsumo Suguro! Yukio reveals that when the eyes come together, a poisonous gas is released! They must be found. A letter arrives for Rin from Suguro’s father, but neither Rin nor Shura can read it. Luckily Yukio can, and what a tale is revealed!

The action is getting hotter and hotter as the ex-wires are thrust into the fray. This is no exercise, this is reality! If those eyes aren’t found before they are connected, everyone will be in danger! We learn a lot in this volume, and glimpse more of Suguro and his father. Also, we watch Rin working hard to control his flame as he learns to work for the common good, a sure sign he is maturing. We see more of the softer side of Shiemi, as well, who is always ready to volunteer her help to others.

I find that the story of the Left and Right Eyes is making more sense to me now, and it’s an interesting story. I like the way the story is developing, and I find it interesting that more than a few people are suspicious of Mephisto Pheles. I’m sure he has quite a story himself.

Another great volume, looking forward to more of the same. I’m also watching the anime, although I’m only a few episodes into it, but I really like it.

Book Review: Alpha Unit One, New York by Chris T. Kat

Alpha Unit One, New York      

Author: Chris T. Kat

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

American release date: July 27, 2018

Format/Genre/Length: eBook/m/m/paranormal/181 pages

Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★★


In a world in which humans and shifters have learned to live together in comparative harmony, there are still some shifters who find themselves subjected to an assortment of restrictions. Namely,  small shifters and baby shifters. Small shifters are looked down upon as unequal to their larger counterparts.  Baby shifters are those who, unlike the majority of shifters, become the immature version of their animals, even though as humans they are adults. Baby shifters are forced to endure having their spouses as their legal guardians, and they are forbidden from doing anything too difficult or too dangerous. Such —as police work.

Nicholas Reed has just joined a combo human/shifter unit in New York City known as Alpha Unit One, which specializes in drug crimes. However Nick has a secret – he isn’t the human he pretends to be, he’s a shifter. Not just any shifter, but a baby shifter, becoming a snow leopard cub in his animal form. To keep his secret, he douses himself with cologne to cover the faint trace of shifter he bears. He doesn’t feel as though he is any less than any of his team members. As far as he is concerned, he’s doing what he has to do.

Sam Black is the head of Alpha Unit One, and a lion shifter. Burned by a previous relationship by a guy who pretended to love him but only wanted to use him, he is leery of new entanglements, and of humans posing as shifters. Complications arise when he finds himself attracted to the new hire, Nick. The attraction is mutual and strong. Nicky is fearful of his secret coming out, but he can’t withstand the pull of his mate. Can he trust Sam with his secret, and trust that Sam will allow him to continue to do the job that he loves? Or is he putting his future as a cop in jeopardy?

Alpha Unit One is hopefully the first in a new series by Chris T. Kat. I am a huge fan of Ms. Kat’s books, and love to read them. She especially excels in m/m romances, and one of her specialties is dealing with shifter stories. This book is no exception to that rule. It’s obvious to me that she understand humans and animals, and I love the way she draws her characters, especially the wise-cracking seme (bottom or catcher) who engages in witty repartee with the more mature, solid seme (top or pitcher).  With this book, she is delving into territory I’ve not seen before. Namely having shifters who become the baby form of their animals. It’s an original idea and very imaginative.

Besides Sam and Nick, the unit is populated with some very memorable characters. One of my favorites is Roland, a wolf shifter who is still suffering from the death of his wife, and Annie, the feisty tough shifter who is married to a human, Jake, whom she madly loves.

Ms. Kat does characters very well, and brings them to life as being imperfect and human. The story is about a group of cops, and it does delve into their work, but mostly it is about the cops themselves. The police procedural part of the story is interesting, and will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering how they are going to make it out alive sometimes.

As far as the heat goes, there is a lot of it, and a lot of love and romance. If graphic romance is not your thing, I would suggest a pass on this book. But if you like hot guys who love each other and appreciate each other’s bodies, if you like to read about shifters and especially shifters who are different, and if you enjoy a feel-good romance, then this might just be the book for you. I know there is a second book in this series, and I eagerly await its publication.

Wednesday Briefs: November 21, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

In Pieces #27 (8.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Thursday night came all too soon.  The night of the birthday party in Thibodaux. Ryan’s first chance to watch Salvation in action.  He was excited and nervous both. Ben had asked him to take photos of the event to use as promo, besides for use in their book, and Ryan hoped he’d do a good job. Not like he was a professional photographer or anything. But his dad had been supportive of his efforts, told him he was good. He’d also bought Ryan a good camera, which should help Ryan’s efforts look better too.

Thinking of his father made him wonder what Dad would think of him and Ryan if he knew. Would he understand? Would he possibly approve? Ryan pushed the thought aside. He’d never know. No use in torturing himself about it.

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Wednesday Briefs: November 14, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Denied: Chapter Fifty-seven by Cia Nordwell

I held onto the table that separated us, staring at the thing. It. Him. Danie. Whatever it was. My stomach roiled when I touched the ports in my head. “Like… mine?”

“What?” Freska’s eyes widened. She whipped around the table and pushed my hand aside, exclaiming when she saw the ports. A light flicked on and flared past me. She nudged my head this way and that, mumbling. I gripped the table with both hands, my knuckles white, and stared at my hands.

What was I? What had Captain bound himself to?

“Freska, stop it. You don’t touch people like 

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