Renee Stevens

Renee Stevens resides in Wyoming with her husband, and while they have no two-legged kids, they have plenty of the four legged variety. With three canines and three felines, her life is never boring. When not sitting in front of her laptop working on her next story, Renee prefers to escape to the great outdoors.

Renee began writing in her early teens but didn’t get serious about being an author until her mid-twenties. Since then she has written a number of stories, most of which can be found online for free. She hopes to e-publish a few more of her works in the very near future.

While she does have some modern pieces, her favorite characters to work with are shifters and vampires. When not writing, camping, or refereeing the critters, Renee spends her time as a Moderator and the Anthology Coordinator over at


Challenging Fate:

Challenging Fate Cover 200x300 copy










GayAuthors: Renee Stevens

Twitter: @Renee_Stevens

Facebook: Renee Stevens

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