Wednesday Briefs: November 21, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

In Pieces #27 (8.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Thursday night came all too soon.  The night of the birthday party in Thibodaux. Ryan’s first chance to watch Salvation in action.  He was excited and nervous both. Ben had asked him to take photos of the event to use as promo, besides for use in their book, and Ryan hoped he’d do a good job. Not like he was a professional photographer or anything. But his dad had been supportive of his efforts, told him he was good. He’d also bought Ryan a good camera, which should help Ryan’s efforts look better too.

Thinking of his father made him wonder what Dad would think of him and Ryan if he knew. Would he understand? Would he possibly approve? Ryan pushed the thought aside. He’d never know. No use in torturing himself about it.

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Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 15.1 by Carol Pedroso

Simon chuckled as Kitryn continued to grumble and hiss under his breath all the way out of the room and to the suite entrance. He hissed louder when they saw a grinning O’Conner waiting for them.

“I hope this isn’t a bad time,” O’Connor said with a smirk and a slightly mocking half bow.

Kitryn didn’t answer and Simon rolled his eyes at the pair of them before speaking. “What’s happened? Fran said you needed us for something important.”

“The council have sent a representative. Apparently, she and her mate were nearby dealing with another problem that could be related to ours.

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Denied: Chapter Fifty-eight by Cia Nordwell

Freska’s face underwent a series of expression changes. I didn’t understand them all, but Captain remained tense beside me. I turned my body toward his and curled into him, needing the contact. What she was doing reminded me of what I’d felt meditating with Lakshou; that connection with another being, the sharing. It wasn’t nearly as intimate as what she was doing with Danie, their whole bodies touching, parts of her actually inside him, but he’d been inside my mind too.

The difference being he’d hidden who he was from me, from us all. What I’d seen and heard of

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Adrift: Chapter 15 by J. Alan Veerkamp

The first thing Arad did was rename the ship. Ansariland had a nice ring to it.

But to make it official on the operating system, he had to open the ship’s technical files and find the correct protocols, many of which had been restricted. That didn’t seem to be a problem any more. Schematics of every system were at his perusal. A tech’s wet dream. The first day he did little more than read up on all the areas he’d been barred from up until now.

Swarthy jazz pumped through the hallways via the ship-wide speakers as he dropped a noodle packet into a bowl inside the cooker.

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Tales of the Cabin: Part 11 by Johayan

Aaron, Andy, and Shawn had arrived and had talked to Steven.  He had gotten a thumbs up from all three so I had extended an invitation to move in.  I showed him the lots we currently had available for purchase and gave him the covenant that spelled out the rules, rights, and responsibilities of residents.

As winter was coming, I told Steven of my thoughts to put in a tunnel system to allow for easy access around the community without having to go outside.  There would be an entry below ground and a remote buzzer/intercom system for each dwelling.

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