Wednesday Briefs: July 16, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Love Across Time: Chapter 16 by Jim Dunaway
“Wait a minute. I’ve found something!” Adrienne exclaimed. “It took some digging, but it’s right here. That senile old hag that sits second chair on the tribunal, what’s here name…Agatha Jones. Her ex-husband manages a travellator station.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I’m not sure yet, but her son Ted had been making a killing on the stock market. He got rich really fast. I bet he was using the travellator at his father’s station to go back in time to buy stocks in various companies, then coming back and selling the stocks for a substantial profit.”

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The Lost Ones by Shelly Schulz. 

Derek had one hand on the wheel, the other in his lap. I on the other hand had a duel handed death grip on the ‘oh shit’ handle as the car lurched and rocked over the grassy knolls and ridges. He was humming tunelessly along with whatever god-awful pop he was obsessed with at the moment ‘naw bro it’s like transcendent’ The windows were all rolled down, fog settling in all around us. Damp and mossy air filled the car riding along with it the scent of an overheated engine. 

“We’re here” He announced proudly. 

“The graveyard?” I muttered darkly. 

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Buried Treasure: Part 2 by Carol Pedroso

 I wheeled Craig out of the hospital the next afternoon and I was very glad that I still had my modified car from when my mom was in a wheelchair. He had both legs in casts and therefore had both his feet stuck out in front of him. His hands also had bandages on them from cuts, which meant he couldn’t use them for a few days till they’d healed enough. Other parts of him had bandages and sticky plasters on them and he was dosed up high on painkillers so he could be moved without

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To Touch the Sky:  #3: by M.A. Church

Simon plopped down on the bench, slouching until he was comfortable, his fishing pole held at the ready. He’d done the college thing, got his degree, and landed a job running the website for one of the top three oil refineries worldwide. He loved his job, but hey… sun and fishing. Even if it was just at his apartment’s pond, life didn’t get much better than this.

“Hey there.”

Startled, Simon looked up, shading his eyes. And looked up, up, and up. “Um…”

The stranger moved so the sun wasn’t behind him. “Sorry, didn’t mean to blind you. That better?”

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Cyan: Chapter 13 by  Nephylim

The weekend was hell. Robin was on edge, unconsciously searching for Cyan. He didn’t see him, and wasn’t really surprised.

There were times when he almost went to Cyan’s house, but what would he say? He’d gone over and over what happened in his head, and got nowhere. At first, the kiss was the thing that dominated his thoughts. The kiss and the uneasy recognition he wasn’t repulsed by it. In fact, the more he relived it, the more he came to admit to himself he actually liked it.

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Jersey Number 23 by Sarah Hayes

“How would you categorize Shepard as a cyclist?”

Doctor Alpert paused at the door to the team car. Inside, Juliet Burke was impatiently tapping the monitor of the car’s television set, tuned to the ESPN live camera feeds. The journalist waited patiently for a response. Her name tag read Nikki.

She must have been hard up if she was asking the team doctor. Still, Alpert was more than happy to oblige. He turned and addressed the woman directly.

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 Aesthetics of Invention by Ravon Silvius

Jade huffed, her hooves making a sloshing, crunching noise on the melting snow. Kenneth muttered to the aether, dropping the magic that would warm the air around him and his horse. The humid cold of later winter rushed in immediately.

 Ahead of him, the inventor’s college stood against the gray sky, and he nodded to the gatekeeper as he turned Jade toward the stables. They knew him by now, and no longer stopped him and asked what he was doing here every time. No more nervous bowing or “my lords,” and Kenneth was glad for it.

 It had been a month since Kenneth and Thorn had discovered they were lifemates, and they visited each other often enough that it wasn’t strange anymore. 

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Don’t Look Back #5 by Julie Lynn Hayes

Burnham, Texas wasn’t much to look at, at least not from an outsider’s perspective. It wasn’t exactly located on the road to anywhere, and it held no locations of cultural or other kind of interest that might draw a tourist’s attention. No gourmet restaurants, no museums. Not even a single famous grave.

The entire population of the community hovered somewhere right around the hundred person mark, living in convenient proximity to one another. There was a small business district, if you wanted to call it that, consisting of a diner, a gas station that also rented videos, a small grocery store, and a hair salon that cared for the tonsorial needs of all—men and women alike.

Most of the residents worked outside of Burnham in nearby Tucker Falls, which boasted a population of almost ten thousand people, and offered way more than Burnham ever could in the way of nightlife. Whatever your pleasure might be, you could find it there somewhere. Some of it less out in the open than others.

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Rattletrap #5 by Tali Spencer

Jedd rubbed his wrists, then the aching muscles at the back of his neck. Despite having nothing to drink since he’d woken in the bot garage, he needed to urinate. This wasn’t his cabin but it was the floor or the hygiene closet, so he entered the latter and used the funnel, watching his waste swirl down a low-friction tube. The mirror showed him his throat was bruised on one side. He gasped and for a moment he felt helpless all over again, Ussim’s knife at his throat. His mouth, already dry, tasted like ore grit.

That creature still had him. Was keeping him…

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Double Trouble:Chapter 5 by Jon Keys

Mitch pulled to the parking space, put his pickup in park and then sighed. 
“Oh, good Lord. We’re just going to the fair. Why are you all pissy about it?” Darrin asked.
“Two little kids on their first time to the state fair. Thousands of people wandering around. All kinds of crap to eat that’ll have us tied to the toilet for days. Dozens of rides that’ll either make the kids sick or piss ‘em off ‘cause they’re too small. No, it’s not a recipe for disaster at all.’

 The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace

Levi managed to avoid further interactions with his mother and father for the night. Sleeping with a broken rib was even harder than it sounded. When the phone startled him from a dead sleep, Levi was surprised by the sunlight filling his room. He snatched up the phone and pulled the covers over his head. Gia screamed at him through the other end. Even with the phone six inches from his ear, Levi heard her loud and clear.


“Levi! What the hell happened? You’re in class one minute and then gone the next. Then I find out you fell into the goddamned lake and broke your rib? 

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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 10 by Kazy Reed

“Eliot, stop!”

Aramis was able to put his mate back just before Dr. Berenz became the latest fatality in the surreal horror story. He pinned Eliot’s arms to his sides and whispered in his ear. “It’s all right, babe. He’s not going to hurt you.”

“He’ll hurt you,” Eliot panted, struggling to free himself.

At the end of his wits, Aramis bit his own wrist and offered it to his mate, who sucked greedily. Aramis kissed the top of his newborn mate’s head and winced as fangs clumsily scraped his sensitive skin. It wasn’t all pain, though.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 30 by Cia Nordwell

Just once didn’t satisfy his mate. Yuri stayed hard for hours. Benny’s ass felt raw, and he was exhausted by the time whatever they’d given his mate wore off. Yuri collapsed beside him.

Benny could barely keep his eyes open. He rolled over, pulling Yuri into his arms. The scent of his mate’s skin, the steady rise and fall of his chest and the thumping of his heart against Benny’s arm finally soothed him into sleep.


Yuri blinked, his vision hazy. His head was pounding so hard, it felt like he was inside a drum. He groaned.

“Yuri? Are you 
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