Wednesday Briefs: March 4, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Aesthetics of Invention: Part 22 by Ravon Silvius

Thorn’s heart began to pound, his blood buzzing in his ears even as the realization hit him, despair replacing the shock.

 George had seen them both at the fair. He had seen them at the mess hall, after Thorn had placed his bag back in his room.

 Surely he wouldn’t. It was petty, stupid, something only the most mean-spirited person would do. A boy at the orphanage had been like that, angry and vengeful to the other children. Thorn had never learned why.

 “Thorn, what…” Kenneth moved in front of him, his robes swishing as he stalked toward the door.  The metal hinges creaked as he pushed it open further. George hadn’t completely broken it, at least. It would be an easy fix.

 “The little automaton…” Kenneth’s voice wavered.

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Demon by Nephy Hart

“Please. Let me see. Just a peep.”

My sister, Jandra, not breaking her stride, turns her face to me and scowls. “Go home, tippia. This place is not for you.”

I have to skip to keep up with her, and it’s embarrassing. Okay, I’m small—at least compared to her. Over six feet in height, she doesn’t need the high, pointed–heel boots she wears.

“I’m not a little one. I’m seventeen. A man now.”

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Mission Interrupted by Avery Dawes

Blaster fire sounded from behind Sid. One lucky shot caught his thigh as it streaked by. “Damn-it!” He keyed the small comm in his ear. “Gareth, where in the universe are you? I’m hit!” Sid pulled the lone stun grenade from his pocket and launched it. He wasn’t a weapons guy. Blasters were foreign to him. Besides, even if he had one, he couldn’t hit the broad side of a space cruiser in broad daylight.

A bass voice sounded in his ear. “What in the Meridan Galaxy do you expect? You tripped the Clanadies’ security on entry.”

A Shaman’s Gift: Part 12 by Johayan

A blast of horns signalled Maikaj’s arrival at the back of the Great
Hall.  Dressed in his finest robes and jewels, Maikaj commanded
attention. Striding down the aisle, his graceful gait accentuated by his
robes flowing behind him.  Approaching the dais, he saw Brojyl, his war
leader, standing in his best uniform.  As war leader, Brojyl was the
second in command of Tajali and as such, would be presiding over the

Taking his place at the front of the hall, Maikaj turned and faced the
back of the hall.  Kevyl stepped around the corner dressed entirely in
exotic leatherwork…

Don’t Look Back #36 (7.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Lee gripped one of Marshall’s hands in his, while Marshall leaned silently against him. Nothing more was said for the duration of the ride home, but Marshall understood the unspoken message: they were in this together, and nothing would force them apart. Nothing, and no one.

Once they were home, they shut down the house for the night and headed for the bedroom. Despite his dismay at the news of their newly acquired Internet status, Marshall was determined not to let it affect their evening. This was their anniversary, three years of loving one another, and nothing could detract from that.

When Lee came out of the bathroom, Marshall was waiting for him. He pressed against him, his fingers reaching for the buttons on Lee’s Western-style shirt. Lee covered Marshall’s hand with his own and gave him a questioning look.

Rattletrap #34 by Tali Spencer

Jedd’s breath hitched when Ussim turned around, revealing himself. Without armor and helm, Ussim looked more human—yet still he was indisputably alien. His facial features were angular, raw and just a bit boyish except for the cynical curve of purple, utterly human lips and the glittering black pools of his white-less eyes. The human likeness was greatest in the face. It was less so the further down Ussim’s body Jedd’s fascinated eyes traveled.

“I didn’t really see you, all of you, when we were in the soak. I noticed only that you were—you are—different in some important ways.”

Love Across Time: Chapter 39 by Jim Dunaway

Coming out of the third bar the frustration was evident on Colin’s and Adrienne’s faces. “We’ve got to find him, Colin. Duncan was so pissed at him. I’ve never seen him that mad before. Ryan could be facing the death penalty and I’m afraid he’ll do something stupid,” Adrienne said; various emotions flowing across her face and in her voice.

“Like beating Duncan to the punch?”

“Colin, this is serious. How can you make jokes about it?” Adrienne was incensed.

“Believe me, I’m not. I’m just as worried about him as you are. He’s my cousin!” Colin snapped.

Let Me In: Chapter 8 By Carol Pedroso

Louis liked laying there with Cade, looking out over the lake he saw a rainbow starting to form and thought that nothing was more perfect than this moment.

When his memories tried to take over again he ruthlessly pushed them down.

He jumped when he Cade spoke into his mind, he would have to get used to hearing again.

“You know you shouldn’t suppress your emotions like that,” Cade said cryptically.

Louis looked down into Cade’s wolf face in shock.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Cade gave Louis a look that he could only describe as a begging puppy dog look.

Fortitude: Part Twenty by Cia Nordwell

Teddy hovered behind me, his breath against my neck distracting me as I experimented with the cogs on the borders of the metal plaque. “Can you open it?” he asked.

“Shh.” I needed to hear as well as feel the clicks as each cog slipped into place. Teddy sucked in a breath, and then it felt like he stopped breathing, distracting me even more. Thankfully, I was on the last cog. We both exhaled when it clicked into place and Murci’s face popped away from the rest of the plaque. I had to wiggle my fingers into the tiny gap


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