Wednesday Briefs: October 26, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Coming Back by Louise Lyons

Moving Forward #57 (14.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

All too soon, it seemed, the last night of the cruise arrived.

Despite all the fun they’d had, Marshall wasn’t sorry to going back home to Burnham, and their lives there. To their own bed. Their own business. And to Roy, the best friend they had.

The Wandering Star would dock in Galveston the next day, then they’d have the drive back to Burnham, where they’d part company with Denver and Dustin. At least they’d reached an understanding between them, and Dustin had been nothing but on his best behavior for the reminder of the cruise. It had been quite an eventful trip, in many ways.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 90 by Jon Keys
Mitch glanced toward Samantha sitting rigid as a poker as she glared out the windshield. She would make certain he didn’t enjoy this trip. They’d made arrangements to go back and look at the bulls Levi showed them. Of course as soon as they made the appointment—all their great plans for going back to look over the Senepol bulls went to shit.
That had left Samantha, and she hadn’t been given a choice. Which meant, she was plenty pissed off.
Josh sat on the bleachers waiting for Danny’s turn. Somehow the bull riding had seemed better than spending a day at the mall. He did not want to be the responsible parent in the junior rodeo circuit.Why did we thought this was a good idea, and how did I end up at his first competition?

Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 33 by Carol Pedroso


Daniel looked at the big screen in a daze. The Cinema! Carlos had brought him to the cinema.

The light from the action on screen flickered over Carlos’ face as Daniel stared at him and tried to understand him. Why would his master bring him to watch a movie? What was the lesson he was supposed to be learning? How was he meant to be serving his master?

“You’re thinking too loud. I can’t hear the movie.” Carlos’ voice startled Daniel out of his thoughts and made him turn in his seat.

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Demon: Chapter Thirty Six by Nephy Hart

Why is Castien’s father yelling? Why is King Aleric here? Why is my father here? Am I ill? Am I…?

“Please, stop,” Castien begs. “You’ll wake Tian. This is no place for this. Can we not at least retire to somewhere more private where we will not−”

“Be silent.”

That voice. Can it be?

“How dare you give orders to my son. He is Crown Prince of The Kingdom and answers to no one but me.”

“Father, please, I can handle this.”

“I said, be silent,” the voice snarls, and I force my weary body into movement as the Druid strikes my beloved across the face with the back of his hand. Twice now I have been helpless to aid when someone has hurt him this way.

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Novo Komenco: Part 6 by Johayan

“President Taylor! President Taylor!” were the first words that he heard as he recovered. The next thing he was conscious of was his heart pounding in his ears.

He slowly pulled himself up and rested on his elbows. He felt fine but there was a commotion around him. “Apparently, the President of the country isn’t allowed to faint.” he thought to himself.

“I’m fine…I’m fine…step away from me. Sheesh! I just got lightheaded from the shock.”

The medi-tech who was overseeing the people around him nodded and the phalanx of people around him dispersed.

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Mine: Chapter Twenty-four by Cia Nordwell

“He’s really dead?” Kraig sat stiffly against the headboard. He had a death grip on the blanket over his lap.

My phone pinged and a picture popped up on the screen.

“Yes,” I was able to say with certainty. Henry’s eyes were open, and he’d died with a snarl on his face. Someone had made him very angry. The doctor was a human who knew about our kind. Henry had been working with him. Now he’d been in the presence of two humans and he was dead.

Someone was cleaning up loose ends. What were humans doing transforming human werekin

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