Wednesday Briefs: November 2, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 34 by Carol Pedroso


The club was quiet when Daniel arrived with Silas. Apparently, Oliver had asked Silas to come early and of course Toby had insisted that they had to stay together. So, that meant Daniel was now left twiddling his thumbs and wondering what he was meant to do in the two hours until the club opened.

He decided to start cleaning the equipment. Although it was always cleaned after use an extra wipe over never did any harm.

He’d done the spanking bench and was working on the St Andrew’s Cross, when he heard a whistle.

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Novo Komenco: Part 7 by Johayan

The red light above the camera turned on and looked into the camera as if he was looking into the eyes of every viewer would would see the broadcast that was happening.

“My fellow Novateroj, I speak to you as the President of Novatero and as former resident of Terra, or as we knew her Earth.

If you launched from Earth as part of the exploration mission then you know of Novatero and are familiar with what is happening.

If you are just seeing this, you have been rescued from the remains of Earth…

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Moving Forward #58 (14.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Denver and Dustin were waiting for them when they arrived in the dining salon.

“Good thing you sent us in first,” Denver commented as they took their seats around the table. “Look at this place. It’s packed.”

“Guess everyone had the same idea we did,” Lee said.

Wall-to-wall men. Testosterone filled the air in abundance.

“Last night to get laid,” Dustin quipped, and everyone laughed.

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Coming Back: Part 2 by Louise Lyons

I touched him again, a casual brush of my fingertips across his wrist below the cuff of his shirt. When I felt warm skin, I snatched away my hand in shock. Gently, he caught my hand in his and held it, lacing our fingers together the way he used to.

“I’m really here, Richard. Finally.”

“I can’t really… how could this happen?” I met his eyes, unwilling to believe just yet. I feared I’d accept it, that somehow, impossible as it was, he was back with me, alive, and then I’d wake up, or I’d come out of the daydream

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Pretty Boy 9 by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

“I haven’t changed things much,” Anthony said. His voice was deep and smooth like velvet. Josh swallowed. He had forgotten the effect that timbre had on him. The heat in Anthony’s eyes reminded him of the orange flicker of the flame around a campfire. Josh dropped his gaze and looked toward the chair again.

“I admit it was comfortable,” he said.

Anthony chuckled. “You can sit on it, you know? It’s not going to bite you.”

Josh’s breath caught in his throat. Had he imagined it or had Anthony made more emphasis on the word it’s?

Double Trouble: Chapter 91 by Jon Keys
Samantha looked like a star struck fan girl as she stared at Levi with her mouth wide open. If they had been at home, he might have let his granddaughter make a fool of herself, but not with strangers, and especially not with strangers she might want to get to know better. Not as good as Danny got to know his friends, but better than the two of them making cow eyes at each other. Yes, call him old fashion, or just that he knows the people who live in the area. But he didn’t want to have Samantha labeled as the high school’s easy girl. 

Mine: Chapter Twenty-five by Cia Nordwell

Park and Kraig sandwiched Lydia between them, holding her tight. She patted and rubbed their arms where they clung to her. “What is going on?” she asked again.

“Cameron found Henry’s body.” Delivering the grim news was my duty as her alpha, as Henry’s alpha. It wasn’t something I expected to have to do. Most mates couldn’t hold on when the lost that connection between their animal souls. “How do you feel?”

I couldn’t imagine living without that pairing between us, if I lost Kraig. It was already an intrinsic link I depended on to know that he was okay.

Thrall: Part 5 by Ravon Silvius

The lantern the hunter held in his hand illuminated the planes of his face and the red highlights in his brown hair. It was a gorgeous color in the firelight. “Perhaps I pegged you wrong, servant?” He shifted the lantern from one hand to the other, displaying the long gun he held strapped to his back as he rolled his shoulders. “Have you given up, and are here to hunt?”

            I frowned. “You cannot kill me with that at this range,” I said. “You can’t lift it to fire quickly enough.

            Johann raised both eyebrows. “Smart, for a servant.”

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Demon: Chapter Thirty Seven by Nephy Hart

I have no idea what’s going on. Everything was going so well…well relatively. Now Father is talking of breaking off the alliance, Tian’s parents are falling apart and this man appears to be trying to suggest I break off my relationship with Tian and leave my home to…what? Be his apprentice somewhere in the middle of the forest? I don’t think so.

What hurts is that everyone but Father seems to have given up. Tian looks heartbroken, but he isn’t going to fight for me. Who is this man?

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