Wednesday Briefs: October 19, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Thrall: Part 3 by Ravon Silvius

I may have survived the hunter, but I knew my new life wouldn’t last long. Once the others had talked to me, weeks into my turning, about a servant who had taken blood from a human from the village to the east without master’s permission. He had been the oldest, according to the female among us, and had finally lost his mind completely. It happened to all of us, eventually, turning into animals.

            Master had killed him. It was fitting, I supposed. He would kill me too, if I didn’t obey.

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Mine: Chapter Twenty-three: by Cia Nordwell

“I used to wonder if I might have been better off, after my Alpha sold me to the streak, if the doctor had taken me.” Ritch shuddered. “I guess I was lucky he didn’t. Unless, of course, Frank gets his hands on me again.”

“Not going to happen,” Park assured him. He shoved the books back.

“He’s right. I won’t allow anyone to take you from my lands, if you don’t want to go,” I said. The armoire was empty of anything but knickknacks. “I’m going to try the office. Make sure you put the books back even. I’m serious

Double Trouble – Chapter 89: by Jon Keys
Mitch glanced in the rearview mirror as he snaked the gooseneck trailer down the dirt road. Once they’d made the tight turn from the women’s ranch, Mitch breathed a sigh of relief. Darrin leaned closer and patted his leg. “Three new bulls. And these are about as tame as you could hope for.”
Mitch shook his head in disbelief. “They followed Charlotte like a bunch of puppies. We’ve never had bulls that tame.”
“They’re still bulls. I don’t want the kids to get the idea they’re pets.”
Mitch nodded in agreement. “You’re right. No matter how tame they seem, you can’t trust a bull.” 

Josh sat on the bleachers waiting for Danny’s turn. Somehow the bull riding had seemed better than spending a day at the mall. He did not want to be the responsible parent in the junior rodeo circuit. Why did we thought this was a good idea, and how did I end up at his first competition?

Finndeavor #1 by Julie Lynn Hayes

How many drummers does it take to drive a man insane?

Just one. All he has to do is pound out a steady rhythm that refuses to quit.

“Please stop that noise,” Finndeavor Washington Burr whispered aloud to no one in particular, but his heartfelt entreaty did nothing to ease the thrumming in his brain. Sterner measures were obviously called for, perhaps even rising, although he was little inclined to follow that course of action at the moment. He cautiously opened one eye but loudly groaned as a bright light of supernova proportions threatened to blind him. He quickly rolled over, away from the offending rays… and up against another body.

Why was there someone in his bed? And who was it?

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