Wednesday Briefs: October 12, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Pretty Boy 8 by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

“I-“ Josh began. He didn’t know what to say. Had he missed him? Words wouldn’t come to him. His hands curled into fists in his pockets. He stared at Anthony’s eyes. They sparkled like diamonds beneath the porch light.

“Yes?” Anthony prompted.

“Hi-Hi, Anthony,” Josh managed to choke out.

Anthony smirked, but had the good grace not to comment on his nervousness or his lack of response. He stood aside and beckoned Josh to enter with a sweep of his hand. Swallowing hard, Josh walked inside. The sound of the door clicking shut behind him made the hair on his neck stand. What had he been thinking?

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Thrall: Part 2  by Ravon Silvius

The hollowness in my gut was the first thing to break the hunger, and it took me a moment to realize that every other servant was dead.

             I hadn’t known them. It shouldn’t matter. We hadn’t even spoken, only interacting when we fought during our nightly hunts for deer or other animal blood. Without them, there would be more for me. I should be glad.

             But emotion faded quickly. I fought to keep running, to ignore the command in my mind that told me to turn back and kill the man I had been ordered to kill. Doing so would be suicide.

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Demon: Chapter Thirty Five by Nephy Hart

It’s been a nightmare. Definitely not what I’d hoped for in my first visit to Tian’s home. First, Lord Trevithick; then this. Tian was hurt because of me. He’s going to be scarred for life, because he tried to protect me from something I didn’t need protection from.

They’re all going crazy because I didn’t get burned. The pollen was tested on my father, and it burned him. It’s nothing genetic apparently, but as hard as they’ve tried they haven’t been able to burn me anywhere.

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Moving Forward #56 (13.5) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“What are we drinking?” Denver asked.

“Nothing fruity,” Dustin replied, and they all laughed. He caught the eye of one of the swimsuit-clad servers and waved him over. “Cold beer all around?” Everyone agreed, and in short order four cold bottles sat on the table before them.

The four men kicked back and relaxed with their cold brews.

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Double Trouble – Chapter 88: by Jon Keys
Darrin drifted awake with the early morning chill nipping at his cheeks. He pulled the blankets higher and snuggled back against Mitch. A gravelly voice rumbled from the pile of bedding
“What’s going on? You cold?”
“I’m freezing. You should do your husbandly duties and get me warm.”
Mitch pulled him closer until the entire length of their bodies pressed against each other. He landed a soft kiss on the back of Darrin’s neck that sent his pulse racing. By the time Mitch abandoned Darrin’s neck he had forgotten the cold. His thoughts focused on Mitch’s next act. 

Mine: Chapter Twenty-one by Cia Nordwell

I left two guards at the house and headed over to Lydia’s house. On my way I called Park and told him to meet me there with Ritch. They could help me search for anything that might reveal what Henry had done. I hated to make Park face this so head on, but as my beta, I needed him. Plus, he’d know all the hiding spots in the house.

I sat sideways on the porch steps and waited. The sun had gone down, and the moon was rising, but it wasn’t quite night yet. I leaned my head back against

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