Wednesday Briefs: February 2, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Innocence & Carnality: Part 30 by Mann Ramblings

“Now you have nothing to say?” I asked.

The uncharacteristic discomfort Blythe met me with intrigued me. It was not like him at all.

“You won’t think much of me if I tell you.”

“I don’t think much of you now. How will that make any difference?”

Blythe snorted as he tried to suppress his grin. I wasn’t sure goading him would work, but he looked around the shop, making sure no one was close by, and lowered his voice.

“Only Rother and Samantha know. You can’t breathe a word to anyone. Even Harston.”

“You have my word.”

“I was waiting to hang when Rother found me.”

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Demon: Chapter Nineteen by Nephy Hart

Tian’s eyes shine with sincerity, but his words confuse me. I know what I am. I have always known. My father and sister have told me often enough. Can it be that men such as I – useless ones – are prized among his kind for some reason I don’t understand. If this is true how have his people managed to survive?

I cannot say that every one of our people is born for war, but those who are not are stigmatized and channelled into jobs befitting their weak and cowardly state. Not that I have ever believed they are weak and cowardly, for if they are then so am I, and as much as I have no stomach for war and destruction, I am by no means a coward.

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No Flash: Chapter Fifteen by Cia Nordwell 

Evin had just woken up from another miracle of a full two hours of sleep courtesy of Ben coming by for an afternoon visit to watch Micah. He felt a little guilty, using Ben’s desire to become friends again in order to get even a little rest, but he was limited on options.

 And trust.
As angry and hurt as their break-up left him, he knew without a shred of doubt that Ben would take excellent care of Micah. That let him relax enough to sleep, and he needed it. No cram sessions or party binges in college had ever

Moving Forward #20 (5.2) by  Julie Lynn Hayes

“You’re absolutely the best!” Marshall enthused. “Can we check it out?”

“Of course we can.” Lee’s eyes twinkled. “Gotta find out if it’s all it’s cracked up to be, don’t we?”

Marshall whooped enthusiastically, kissed Lee again, then scurried across the room. He paused by the door, one hand on the knob, looking at Lee expectantly. “You’re coming, aren’t you?”

Lee laughed. “Of course, Mr. Impatient.” He sauntered toward Marshall, as if they had all the time in the world. Marshall tamped down his impatience. This was a cruise. He had a feeling time worked differently here, as though they were in a whole different world. Which, in a way, they were. A world filled with men just like them.

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Daniel, Chapter 4, By Carol Pedroso


Toby angrily pushed the doors to the club open. He had only just gotten to sleep after a long shift before being woken up by his phone. He so didn’t need this crap right now.

“What have you done now Silas?” he demanded as soon as he saw the two men.

“Hey this wasn’t my fault, not this time,” Silas insisted as they both stood to greet him, Daniel hung back as he always did. “Daniel’s the one that can’t follow the rules.”

“Huh,” huffed Toby. “All Danny ever does is follow the rules. So, what happened?”

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To Be Determined: Part 14 by Johayan

Time froze for Shawn as he realized that Bryan was getting down on one knee. He felt his stomach tie itself in knots and his throat got tight. Nooooo, please don’t let him pop the question. I don’t know if I can say yes.

Bryan paused for a moment and reached for the large knife on the table.

“Shawn, as our guest, would you please cut the pies that was made in your honor?”

Compared to what he had been expecting, Bryan’s request seemed ludicrous.

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Stormlords: Part 22 by Ravon Silvius

Kristoff was glad Rowen was learning to communicate better and more willing to try, but it only made him more frustrated when he couldn’t understand what Rowen wanted. He started walking, feeling the weight of Rowen’s eyes on him.

 “Dr. Lorence told me he wants to…” he had said “speak with him,” but Kristoff didn’t want to use that word. “Examine you again. He wants to see how your burns are doing. And he mentioned being curious about something from your first exam.”

 Rowen walked beside him, not behind him as he had the first day, and his gaze roved the surroundings as they headed down the hill through the trees toward the center of the island.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 61 by Jon Keys
Mitch was talking with his hands, never a good sign so far as Darrin was concerned.
“Let’s just recap for a moment here,” Mitch said with a chop of his hand punctuating each word. “The dude who tossed you under the bus, in a faculty meeting, that guy, we are having over for steaks and beer.”
Darrin pointed clothes he’d laid out on the bed while Mitch was showering. Then he pulled up his pressed jeans and began tucking in his shirt. “Yes, Orin, that guy. And his husband, Rob.”
Mitch threw his towel back at the bathroom. “So now we’re the gay welcome wagon?”

Close Call by Avery Dawes

Daniel glanced at the clock before shutting down his computer. It was half past six. Technically his work day ended at five o’clock sharp. Swiss bankers were dedicated–at least in theory–so he’d agreed to stay late at his boss’s request. What a long ass day! He shook his head and donned his wool overcoat. Hopefully Ian would be in the mood to go for a beer tonight. Daniel was in desperate need of several.

The security guard nodded as Daniel pushed through the outer door and onto the bustling sidewalk of Route de Verbier Station. Lovely. His walk home would be filled…

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The Adored One: Chapter 17 by Kazy Reed

Max and I glanced at each other, then burst out laughing. We made our way downstairs, and found Mrs. Holbrook feeding the kitten out of a can of tuna.

“He is so cute!” she squealed. “Where on earth did he come from?”

I nearly said, “Actually he’s not from Earth,” but I thought better of it. Instead I explained about the alley, minus the angels and demons. “I’m going to bring him home to see if my mom will let me keep him.”

Mrs. Holbrook kissed the kitten’s nose. “Okay. If she says no, though, we’ll keep him here.”

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