Wednesday Briefs: January 27, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Innocence & Carnality” Part 29 by Mann Ramblings

“I thought you were shopping for clothes,” Blythe said.

I didn’t look his way as I entered the shop, Harston at my side. “I am. I need clothing with a Francine sensibility.”

Blythe sounded utterly confused. “Then why are we here?”

“Because there’s more to me than a new wardrobe.”

My head spun at all the lovely gadgets. The machinist shop appeared to have every conceivable tool and piece of clockwork known to man. My personal form of heaven. I managed to pry the address from Rother and added it to our route. It had been some time since I had something new and shiny.

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Coming Home by Avery Dawes
Detective Henry LaSalle pushed through the squad room doors. Exhaustion etched the deep lines of his normally youthful face while his meticulously pressed suit sported a number of wrinkles as well as several smudges of unknown origin.
A round of applause arose from the remaining officers and investigators. Shouts of “good job” and “way to go” greeted LaSalle’s now reddened ears.
He ducked his head, throwing up his hand in a wave of thanks. LaSalle was never comfortable with being the center of attention, even in situations where praise was more than warranted.
The yearlong investigation had culminated…

Evans Woodworking: Chapter 26 by Jim Dunaway

Ethan simply stated that he really needed to talk to Chris, somewhere private. While Chris was in the shower, Ethan pondered what to tell him and how to tell him without sounding like he’d gone crazy.

After about a half hour the two men were sitting in their living room each with a beer in hand saying facing each other; a curious expression on Chris’s face.

“I was looking over this roll-top desk I’m restoring and when I turned around to look at the original pictures, a guy suddenly appeared right in front of me, right out of thin air.”

Fire in the Hole by Louise Lyons

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Smoke billowed out of the oven as I lowered the door, and the acrid smell of burning assaulted my nostrils. Coughing, I grabbed a towel and fanned the cloud. The smoke alarm above my head caught a whiff and screeched in protest, making my ears ring. Slamming the oven door closed, I flapped ineffectually at the air around the alarm in an effort to silence it.

My house mate, Jonathan, peeked around the kitchen door, face screwed up no doubt from the smell of charred remains. “What the fuck are you doing?

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Moving Forward #19 (5.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The Wandering Star was the most beautiful ship Marshall had ever seen. Never mind that it was the only ship he’d seen up close and personal. That didn’t matter to him. This was the ship he and Lee were taking an actual honest-to-God vacation on, and that’s all that mattered to him.

The night before, they’d dropped off Denver and Dustin at their hotel and then gone on to their own, where they relaxed in their room and screwed around, then took a short nap before meeting the other two men for dinner at a nearby diner.  After that, they went to a tavern and knocked back a few drinks before heading back to the hotel for the night.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 60 by Jon Keys
Darrin glanced toward the door to his office. He thought he’d sensed someone. Someone lurking at his door. Darrin chuckled to himself at his alliteration. Mitch’s harassment about his writing must be having it’s effect, because that definitely had a Poe feeling about it.
Darrin shook himself. I’m losing it and I’m not even chair yet. You aren’t suppose to lose control before you even get the job. Right? He glanced up and discovered he’d been correct. One of the other faculty was leaning against his door frame. To make matters worse it was one of the new guys who he’d thought had his back, only to be thrown under the bus, or more accurately in this case the one-ton feed truck. He tried not to scowl, but had a feeling he failed miserably.

To Be Determined: Part 13 by Johayan 

Shawn and Bryan were dressed and about to head downstairs to dinner when Bryan stopped Shawn.

Bryan was still confused about what was going on with Kaleb.  He understood Caleb had lost his husband but how did he figure into this?

As they walked out of the bedroom, Bryan tapped Shawn on the shoulder and motioned him over another room upstairs.  When they walked in, Shawn saw a U.S. flag folded into a triangle in a handmade oak display case.  On the left of the flag was a picture of Sgt. Christopher Gilmore’s headstone, complete with service decorations.  

No Flash: Chapter Fourteen by Cia Nordwell 

One awkward end to their time spent together, check. One week from hell where Mankler didn’t hit on him but did try to make his shifts miserable, check. One day off, check… thank fucking god. Ben enjoyed being a doctor, but sometimes the politics of the job eclipsed the satisfaction of being able to help people. At least the ER was usually busy, which kept the time moving.

Twelve hour shifts left Ben with not much time to do anything but basic chores and fall into bed in a near coma. He’d sent Evin a few texts to check on

Daniel: Chapter 3 By Carol Pedroso

Everyone froze at Tara’s voice.

Then two voices said in unison, “Sorry Mistress.”

Daniel had been trying to sit up and Oliver moved to help him as Carlos carefully put the Daniel clone down and watched as he rushed to Daniel’s side.

“I’m fine Silas,” Daniel insisted quietly as his twin ran his hands over what exposed skin he could reach before Oliver batted his hands away to pull the blanket round Daniel’s shoulders more securely.

“How have I not seen you two around together before?” Carlos demanded.

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The Adored One: Chapter Sixteen by Kazy Reed

“Why does this sound bad?” I asked nervously.

God smiled. “This isn’t bad, Trace. I simply need you to understand something.”

“Okay. What is it?”

He waved his hand through the air, and we were suddenly seated on my grandmother’s front porch swing. A gentle breeze blew through my hair and gave me the chills. My boss put an arm around my shoulder and sighed. “Even if I sent you back, fully alive, to be with Max, I couldn’t guarantee he would love you the way you love him.”

“What do you mean, fully alive?”


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