Wednesday Briefs: February 10, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Innocence & Carnality: Part 31 by Mann Ramblings

In front of the dressing mirror I held a new garment against me. The color was bolder than I liked, but Blythe had wasted no time reminding me the outing was to make me more indigenous. He had spouted commentary on every choice, lewd or otherwise. When we approached the undergarments, I sent him outside. Some opinions did not need verbalizing.

“Excellent choices,” Rother said, looking through the wardrobe. “So how much of my money found it’s way into shop owners’ pockets today?”

“None even the smallest coin. I have my own funds, thank you very much.”

“Since when?”

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Demon: Chapter 20 by Nephy Hart

Seeing my beautiful prince in such pain and fear hurts me. I would like to hurt those who caused him to doubt himself so greatly. Perhaps one day I will. For now, I must concentrate on making him feel better. It matters not how much I tell him of my love, I see he cannot believe me. Therefore, I must show him, in the only way I know how.

I love the way my prince lights at my touch. He is so responsive. The merest brush of my fingers over his skin sends shivers through him that stir his very core. I see it reflected in his eyes, smell it through his pores. If I inhale deeply enough I can breathe in the essence of his soul. It is pure.

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No Flash: Chapter Sixteen by Cia Nordwell 

An encounter with a patient reinforced Evin’s take on silver linings. The man had tried to get out a moving car, which was thankfully in a parking lot and not traveling very fast. It was hard to get him to understand why the nurses had to clean out his wounds after Ben reset his shoulder because he was suffering from Alzheimer’s, even though he was only in his late forties. He was very confused and in pain, but his wife held his hand and stroked his hair to soothe him.

“I’m sorry,” the nurse said as he bandaged the now

Valentine Surprises by Carol Pedroso

“Has everyone arrived yet?” Jamie called out as he opened the door to Casey’s half of the main house.

“No,” came his brother’s voice from behind him causing Jamie to jump and spin in one move.

“Shit, Case. Do not do that.”

Casey doubled over laughing as Andrew joined them frowning. “What are you two up to now?”

Casey waved a hand in the air, unable to get air into his lungs through his laughter. Jamie crossed his arms and scowled. “Mybrother, decided it would be fun to appear right behind me as I came in the door. he scared the crap out of me.”

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Moving Forward #21 by Julie Lynn Hayes

They decided to randomly explore the ship on their own, rather than participating in some sort of organized tour. Just see what they could see.

What they saw was a lot of couples. Wall-to-wall men, holding hands, showing affection, kissing one another without inhibition. Smiling and laughing. Homophobia didn’t exist here, only love.  Everyone they passed was excited.  They greeted one another as if they knew no strangers, brought together by their common bond of loving other men.

It was amazing.

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