Wednesday Briefs: October 14, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 48 by Jon Keys
“Get out! Get out! Get out of my room.” Danny screamed at Trent.
His hand on the doorknob, Trent froze, his arms filled with dirty clothes he’d been gathering up from each bedroom. Caught so unprepared by Danny’s reaction. Then it dawned on him. 
“Sorry, Danny. I –“
“Get! Out!”
This time Trent shut his mouth and left. He couldn’t keep from chuckling as he walked through the living room though. Josh looked up from his desk, he paused for a minute and then raised an eyebrow at Trent.
“What have you done to Danny this time? What’s up with all the screaming?”

To Be Determined:  Part 6 by Johayan

Bryan walked up to the table as if it was any other table in the restaurant.

“Everything alright for you guys today?  Anything I can get you from the bar?”

Shawn turned and smiled, blushing a deep crimson.  Aaron said everything was fine and that he would head up to the bar for a Corona in a bit.

Bryan turned back to Shawn, “Did you need anything else Shawn? he asked normally but said under his breath, “like me.”  Aaron head snapped around to look at Bryan and told him that he had said it out loud …

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Demon: Chapter Fifteen by Nephy Hart

Too many things are happening too fast. My mind struggles to comprehend. Can it be only hours ago I trotted at Jandra’s heels to see a monster? Instead I found an angel. Swept up in the heady wonder of our bonding, I have not had time to stop and think what this actually means for me. How could I have thought that Tian would simply slot into my life with no change? Truthfully. I hadn’t thought at all. I was truly swept off my feet.

Now, with father summoning the ministers and an engagement to be pronounced my whole life is turning on its head, and I feel out of control.

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Evans Woodworking: Chapter 18 by Jim Dunaway

Dennis, the nurse walked back out to the nurse’s station and called Doctor Benzik. “I’m unable to get any kind of response from Mr. Evans. Do you still want him put in a private room and the medical ward?” He paused to listen to the doctor’s instructions. “Yes, Doctor. I’ll take care of it.”

He turned to the other nurse on duty. “Carrie, you and I are to personally take Mr. Evans to the med ward. Doctor Benzik wants us to continue to try and get a response from him. Since we’ve been taking care of him from the beginning

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Rose and Thorne #7 (2,3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

He lifted my foot and set it atop his muscular thigh while he fumbled with the clasp. When I winced at the pain, he placed a soft kiss upon the top of my foot. He managed to work the buckle loose and carefully drew the strap through it, instantly relieving the pressure.

“Damn, baby, those were on tight.” Ethan clucked like a mother hen as he carefully pulled the shoe from my foot.

“Yeah, well, they weren’t exactly cheap,” I gritted out, bracing myself as he gently set the first foot on the floor  then reached for the second and repeated the process. “I didn’t want to lose them.”

“Money doesn’t matter, you do,” he gently chided me. “Besides, we get reimbursed for what we spend on the job. Put it on your expense account.”

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The Caretaker: Chapter 2 by Rob Colton

 The door shut with a bang behind me and an icy breeze swept up the back of my legs. I reached back and tugged down the hem of my tunic.

 I reeked of beer.

 Near the corner of the house was an outside faucet. Tucking the inflatable club between my legs, I bent down, turned the faucet on and rinsed the beer off my hands. Having no towel, I wiped them dry on my costume.

 As I stood, I wrapped my arms around my body. I felt the goosebumps rising on my skin. A gentle breeze wafted through the trees.

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Stormlords: Part 11 by Ravon Silvius

Rowen woke to a stone gray ceiling, lighter than the dark stone of the cave, and definitely not the brown wood of his home. Only the slightest fleeting tingle let him know that he even existed, his body numb. 

            Memories came back slowly. The cave, and Kristoff, and the flight here, with the pain of blisters bursting, and finally the doctor. He was on the Storm Lord island that Kristoff had spoke of, where they would train him. They had made him drink something, and then he remembered nothing else.

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Innocence & Carnality: Part 14 by Mann Ramblings

The bedroom door closing behind us jolted me. My pulse quickened and I couldn’t stop from straightening my jacket needlessly.

With a turn of a handle along the wall, Rother ignited the gaslight fireplace along with a series of sconces. Pulling a hanging chain closed the window shutters, blocking out the waning daylight, allowing an ambient glow to suffuse the room.

There was no questioning Rother’s intentions. He prowled about the room, his hungry gaze never wavering away from me for long. By law, as the elder member of our marriage, it was his prerogative to decide when to consummate. My purity’s expiration moved closer with each tick of the second hand.

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