Wednesday Briefs: October 7, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Jordan’s Second Chance 5.0 by TC Collins
“Nana!” Wynter gasped, rushing toward the fallen woman, Jonas kneeling on the other side.
Wynter gently shoot Nana, concerned with the pallor of her skin. Nana moaned, brushing Wynter’s hands away.  “Stop worrying, I’m fine,” Nana said, struggling into a sitting position. Jonas placed a hand behind her back, helping her to sit up.
“Nana, what happened? You said, ‘he’s back’, who’s he?”
“Jason Fox,” Nana whispered, trembling.
“That’s the man who killed my parents, isn’t it?” Wynter gasped.

Innocence & Carnality Part 13 by Mann Ramblings

Evans Woodworking: Chapter 17 by Jim Dunaway

“That’s up to the psychiatrist. I’m sure he’ll stay there until he comes around.”

 “Can we see him?”

 The doctor thought about the hospital’s policy of only 2 visitors in the ER. After a few seconds, he decided it would be beneficial. “Of course; right this way.” He led Alicia, Chris, Troy and Jordan into the cubicle that held the catatonic Ethan. Dorothy bowed out, having an upcoming appointment.

 It was difficult to see the normally happy-go-lucky active Ethan reduced to basically a shell of his normal self. “If I ever find that cocksucker Patrick, he’s a dead man!”

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Fortitude: Part Fifty by Cia Nordwell 

“That machine will never work again,” I said loudly. “Even if you drag us back to the city, your hold on the city will fade. The people will wake up and realize how corrupt the nobles have become. They won’t stand for it. Not anymore.”

“We keep them safe. It is this outside world they fear, and it will continue to keep them in the city,” Varket scoffed. “They will do as they are told or face eviction from the security keeping them alive.”


If the people had cause to fear leaving the city, why didn’t Varket? Was he that

Rose and Thorne #6 (2,2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The gravitational pull of the bed grabbed me, drawing me in, and I didn’t have the will to resist. I stumbled blindly in the direction of bliss, and nirvana, and mind-numbing nothingness. But before I had the chance to collapse into its loving arms and close my eyes, the yipping of the pup brought me back to reality. He was awake, and no doubt hungry.

“Okay, okay, I get the message. C’mon, let’s feed you, little man.” I ruffled his fur, and he didn’t bite me. Score one for me.

“Are you sure he’s a he?” Ethan asked. He opened the mini-fridge and slid the bottle of wine onto a shelf, followed by the subs. He turned quizzical eyes to me.

“Are you sure he’s not?” I countered.

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Demon: Chapter Fourteen by Nephy Hart

Silence falls as everyone turns to the warrior princess. Her face is set and she appears unhappy but resolute. I have more than half an inkling of what she is about to say. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I see the merit.

“Father,” she says in a voice that is far more certain than her eyes betray. “Let it be known the demon is here to pay suit to me. Make an announcement to the people that he is an envoy of peace and has made an offer for my hand which I have accepted.”

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 The Stormlords: Part 10 by Ravon Silvius

Kristoff hadn’t been in the medical facility since the incident ten years before, and the long hallways and pale white marble walls would have thoroughly confused him if not for Lorence. The doctor snapped his fingers at passing white and gold clad students on the way, ordering for things like aloe, bandages, and a lancet. Rowen’s eyes were wide, but he followed.

             Lorence led them to a room with a cot, and instructed Rown to lay on his back. Kristoff remembered a similar arrangement when they had set his arm back in place. Before Kristoff could ask what was going on, Lorence was ushering him out of the room while simultaneously directing two younger boys in gold and white who carried bandages, pots of liquid, and a needle. Kristoff swallowed hard.

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The Caretaker: Chapter 1 by Rob Colton

 What the hell are you still doing here?

 My inner voice was right on the money. What was I doing here? I only came to the party because my best friend Grant begged me to.

 “Come on, Hudson,” he’d said. “It’ll be a blast. We’ll get dressed up. You’ll meet lots of guys…”

Agreeing to come was arguably my second major mistake of the night. The first was, hands down, letting Grant pick my costume. Being so last minute, I didn’t have one lined up, but Grant said he had a caveman costume that would be perfect for me. I should have followed that up with additional questions.

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To Be Determined: Part 5 by Johayan

Rowdy hadn’t wanted to get up.  He’d called out the day before to recover from the whirlwind date that he’d taken Shawn on but as far as he was concerned it hadn’t ended well.

He laid in his bed, tossing and turning while his mind was tossing and turning the details of the date and what he’d done wrong.  He replayed it over and over trying to figure out if he’d made a good impression with him.  It seemed like it went well, but Shawn had seemed so contained.

It’ll be a miracle if he shows back up at the bar.

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