Wednesday Briefs: October 21, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Evans Woodworking: Chapter 19 by Jim Dunaway

Fortitude: Part Fifty-two by Cia Nordwell 

I half expected Anna to put guards on us, but when we ventured out of our room to look for something to eat, there was no one obviously waiting outside our doors and everyone in the hall appeared to be on their way to or from somewhere, not lingering suspiciously. “Well that makes things easier,” I muttered.

“What?” Teddy asked. “Turn right here.”

“Oh, just that you remember where the kitchens are. I want to stop by wherever their medical staff hides out. You need a new sling, and I want someone to check out those scrapes on your neck.”

The Caretaker: Chapter 3 by Rob Colton

 I shuddered as a cold breeze flew up the back of my thighs and my ass. “Brr!”

 “We should get out of here,” Grant said.

 Chris nodded. “Agreed.”

 “Yeah,” I quickly agreed. “I’m freezing my ass off.” Not to mention, I was filthy—and the silence of the surrounding lupoid-infested woods was freaking me out. I reached back and grabbed the tattered Fred Flintstone costume and made another futile attempt to cover myself. Feeling self-conscious, I looked over at Chris, following his gaze to my backside. “Are you checking out my ass?”

 Grant scoffed. “Duh.”

 The end of Chris’s “lightsaber” smacked Grant in the back of the head.

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Innocence & Carnality Part 15 by Mann Ramblings

The bathtub was enormous and indulgent, lifted off the floor by four elaborate metal feet. The elegant smooth basin could fit multiple people, and with the leers Rother kept throwing my way, I doubted I’d be bathing alone. My newfound bravado aside, I worked hard to contain my anxious pulse. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d stood undressed before anyone of interest.

The porcelain knobs squeaked as they were turned, and water began flooding the tub. Steam began curling upwards in tiny tendrils as Rother stepped over to a tray standing along the edge.

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Rose and Thorne #8 (2.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

And because I don’t really play fair, I widened my stance just a little bit and bent over slightly, affording him the perfect view….

I knew I’d won when I felt his tongue swipe across my crease.

“Skirt first,” I reminded him. His hands fumbled with the zipper, and for a moment I thought he might rip it out in the throes of passion. The idea that he wanted me so badly excited me, and I grew even harder. But he had things under control, as usual. When he’d got the zipper undone, he took the fabric I held into his hands and gingerly eased it down, along my legs, until he could hand me out of it. After that, he turned me to face him. The blouse was quickly unbuttoned and disposed of, likewise my falsies, each item of clothing landing somewhere on the floor.

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To Be Determined:  Part 7 by Johayan

With the ice broken and a pending second date on the way, Bryan and Shawn finally traded contact information.  Aaron finished up the last of his lunch and made a passing excuse about having to run errands to leave Bryan and Shawn alone.

They talked for a while and then Bryan had to get back to work so he could be ready to take over the evening shift.

Shawn got up and paid for his lunch and headed home to get his work done before he came back to have dinner. I know where Bryan will be.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 49 by Jon Keys
Josh rolled his eyes when Samantha dashed for yet another shop covered from ceiling to floor in pink, white and lavender. Somehow, in all the years of raising a daughter, he’d never thought of  taking her clothes shopping. Even worse, they were looking for bras. He’d tried to talk every one of their female friends into going with Samantha, but they’d all laughed at him. One, and Josh could hear her young sons yelling in the background, told him it would do him good to take his daughter shopping.
Josh disagreed.
This wasn’t easy, or comfortable.

          And no, being gay didn’t make it any easier.    


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