Wednesday Briefs: October 22, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Rattletrap #18 by Tali Spencer

“Used them for breeding?” Every bone and organ inside Jedd turned cold. Icy. Drawing a breath meant fighting his own ribs. Plant’s voice when she answered sounded far away.

“That’s why he’s interested in you, isn’t it?”

“I… fuck this!” Jedd pushed back, thinking to leave.

“Hold on a second.” Plant thrust a thin doc card into his palm. The flat device felt warm against his cold skin. “You need to read the rest, it’s all on here. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. Mitchell claimed the three stayed willingly. No one else knows if that’s true, but that’s what she said.”

In Enemy Hands:  #1 by M.A. Church

“Everyone not Senior Staff evacuate the Bridge.” Artan yelled. “May our Goddess Ruim deliver you safely home.”

 Varo watched his crew leave the Bridge. “Artan, can you monitor the pods to Yesrian space?”

 Artan stabbed at a couple of buttons on one of the damaged Helm’s panel. “Sorry, Captain. That’s a negative. Certain parts of the panel aren’t functioning properly. I can tell you pods are vacating the ship, but I can’t track them to safety.”

 “Understood.” Varo glanced at Artan. “Sarik, keep an eye on the pods for as long as possible.”

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The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace

Levi let out a long sigh escape. Why did she have to mention that?

Dr. Winston continued. “The pendant blocks energy. For some reason, Jeb’s energy is having an adverse effect on you. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Nothing like it? It’s all freaking crazy if you ask me. So it was you every time this thing happened to me?” He pointed to Jeb, accusingly. Jeb stood, arms at his side, very still, too still. “Do you know what kind of hell you put me through? I thought I was going crazy, losing my friggin’ mind.

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Flood: Chapter 7 by Matthias Williamson

“She’s alive?”  I said quietly, looking at Mama and Fathers.

“It’s confusing. It could mean anything, really.”  The old man – Fathers – looked at the book, his eyes going hooded. “Let me…. let me get Jeb in here.”  He closed his eyes, breathing in an odd, slow pattern that wasn’t quite panting and wasn’t quite gasping, with a low humming woven into and out of it.

A couple of minutes later the door opened and Jeb walked in.  Jeb was no longer covered in mud. His dark brown hair, freshly washed by the look of it, was standing up like ragweed…

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Double Trouble: Chapter 17 by Jon Keys

Josh sat in the room lit only by the lights from the machines surrounding Danny. It had been three days since the wreck. Trent and Sammy had been released, although both of them were pretty banged up. Everyone had been strapped in as tight as Trent could get them, but somehow Danny got a concussion and hadn’t woke up again.
“Josh, you’re going to have to get some sleep. I don’t think you’ve slept since the accident.”
Josh recognized the voice and never released Danny’s hand. “I’m not going anywhere. I want him to know I’m here.”
Josh felt a hand rest on his shoulder. “You know he probably can’t hear you.”

Buried Treasure, Part 14: By Carol Pedroso

Craig leaned back to look at me, “You know time and again you take my breath away.”

 He started slowly running his hands over my body causing me to moan and writhe on the bed. Then his hands started moving up the inside of my legs and I tried not to tense up. I must have failed as Craig looked up at me curiously, “What’s up? And don’t say nothing I feel your tension in your mind as well as in your body.”
I refused to meet his eyes and muttered a reply, hoping he would let the subject drop.

Fortitude: Part Three by Cia Nordwell

“We’re going to sleep in there? It looks quite small.”

“It’s small apurpose. Our packs can only hold so much without weighing us down. Besides, it will keep us warm when the air chills at night.” I unlaced the top of my bag and pulled out a small brazier nestled into a fireproof box. “Care for some tea?” We’d had nothing but cold water in our flasks since that morning.

“Will. I need to use the necessary.”

“Now see, that’s a problem.” I snorted. I waved my hand at the trees around us. “Just pick any you like.”

Teddy blushed,

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Don’t Look Back #19 (4.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Lee’s lips were soft, his breath warm, and his fingers were doing the most amazing things to Marshall’s flesh.  Marshall ate up the attention. Not that he didn’t have Lee’s attention on a regular basis, but today was special, and he felt like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to see what Santa had brought. Except in this case Santa had brought Lee, and Lee brought joy to Marshall’s world.

When Lee backed off and rose, Marshall moaned at the loss.

“Just for a second,” Lee assured him. “Be right back.”

Marshall’s eyes fastened on Lee’s hot ass as he knelt beside the cooler and rummaged through their bag. He licked his lips appreciatively at the sight. When Lee returned, he held the honey bear in one hand, the lube in the other. Now Marshall was even more confused as to Lee’s intentions.

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Washed Right Out: Chapter Nine by Sarah Hayes

The idea came to Riley later that night, long after Sonia had cleared out with her bag of legal papers (but not before she ordered him dinner and then stood watch for the delivery person, as if expecting Jonathan to sneak in under the guise of a Korean restaurant employee). In retrospect, he should have seen it coming, but he’d been distracted up until that crucial point.

He sat hovered over a Styrofoam bowl of spicy beef pho, with a pair of disposable chopsticks, eyes fixed on the HD screen as he watched Viola Davis remove her wig and make-up on prime time television. His attention was wholly given to the last scene of the newest episode of his Thursday shows, but somewhere in the background of his mind, a series of gears were slowly rolling around with his current real life dilemma.

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Sunrise by Victoria Adams
J’dol peered up at the skylight, scanning it for the face Sian saw. If it was Ian. He would catch him and kill him. Then use those silver metal bracelets and secure tie him to the large rock in the middle of the lake. The fish could feast on his miserable flesh.
He hopped off the bed. “Stay here.”
“Really. That never works.” Sian grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. “You don’t really think I’m going to let you have all the fun, do you?”

“Catching Ian.” Sian glanced up. “I’ll lay ten to one odds it was him.”

Hope #47 by Chris T. Kat

Shane pressed the tip of his cock against the rim of my hole, and my eyes opened wide. This was impossible! How did the guys in the porn videos do it? I was already so full with Silvion’s erection, how was Shane supposed to fit in there?

Despite my whirling, and admittedly panicking thoughts, a surge of heat rushed through me. I wanted this, wanted to know what it felt like to be taken by two men at once. Shane nipped at my earlobe, causing me to gasp, and at the same time pushed forward.

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Edge of Fury: Part 7 by Avery Dawes

Coffees and treats in hand, Zane and Christian walked to a table in the back. Stella’s wasn’t very crowed; the guys arrived between the breakfast and lunch rushes. Zane’s meeting wrapped up pretty quickly so he was able to meet Christian earlier than expected. He hoped his ex would provide him with some answers—answers that would help him prove Steele’s innocence. 

“Okay, so spill. What’s up with Edge of Fury? Is Steele involved in running drugs?” Zane didn’t know how long they had to talk. A phone call could send either one of them scrambling back to the office. 

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 Aesthetics of Invention: Part 13 by Ravon Silvius

Kenneth leaned against the door, smiling at Thorn’s words. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but the walls and doors of the talentless’ college were thin.

Underneath the smile, he wondered about Thorn’s reasoning. And about his own. He loved Thorn. That knowledge was growing in his heart and head, and becoming more certain every day.

Thorn was talentless. He was part of the group his father had fought against, and his mother had either hired to do servant’s work or preferred to entirely ignore.

But Kenneth, noble he might be, wanted nothing to do with war. He wanted nothing to do with any of what some magi said and did, with killing or being the upper class. He just wanted Thorn, and he wished others could see that.



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