Wednesday Briefs: October 29, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

 Rattletrap #20 by Tali Spencer

Ussim had resolved to master his impulses around Jedd and still the human wreaked havoc with his defenses. Their two bodies were so composed that Ussim’s Ghisr physiology responded to Jedd on a level so primal it raised endocrine thresholds and pumped primitive chemicals into flesh that had transcended the need for such things by millennia.

He did not need to reproduce at this moment. The circumstances, in fact, pointed to far greater needs. Survival, for one. Thwarted and at war with everything around him, including his own body, Ussim wanted to tear something apart.

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A Crescent Bay Halloween: Part I by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Yeah, I can understand your dilemma. That’s a tough spot to be in.” Miller speared another French fry and dipped it into the ranch sauce he’d slathered on his plate. Alexx’s own food was barely touched. Despite the fact Miller had taken him out to lunch for his birthday, like he did every year, Alexx had little appetite.

“I just feel funny about the whole thing, you know?”

“Well, yeah, he’s your boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend. And he’s dead. A bit awkward you were born on the same day he died.”

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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 17 by Kazy Reed

“Are you thirsty?” Marco asked the brooding vampire.

Blake gave his captor the finger, but said nothing. Raniero shook his head. “Don’t be an idiot. The council’s on its way here, and you shouldn’t face them while you’re thirsty. It’s gonna be bad enough as it is.”

“Thanks for that advice,” Blake said, “but I’m not taking a damn thing from you.”

The two brothers looked at each other and shrugged. They remained quiet until their father joined them. “Open the door and leave us, both of you,” he told his eldest son.

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Halloween Special–Thrall by Ravon Silvius

            The pain of hunger, of bloodlust, woke me first.

            “Get up.” Johann’s voice was second.

            My master’s command fired through my veins, mingling with my desperate hunger. I lunged toward his voice, my fangs snapping on air as iron shackles clanged against a stone wall and bit into my wrists. Light and heat from the torch in his hand made my eyes water and my skin prickle. Shadows danced around us in the dark stone room, bouncing off the wooden door behind him.

            “Listen to me,” Johann spoke, and I lunged once more, his heartbeat loud in my ears. His scent was maddening, and I snapped my teeth again, my fangs cutting my bottom lip and the thoroughly disappointing taste of my own blood tinging my tongue.

            “Kaiden!” Johann shouted, and I froze.

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Something Wicked Comes this Way:  #1.1 by M.A. Church

“Ready for the par-ty, Kee?” Jazz sang out as he danced into my bedroom dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

“Just about.” I checked my image one last time.

It was Halloween night, and I was dressed as the Riddler. Black question marks covered the emerald green coat. The hat was green, with a swatch of purple. My shirt and pants were black. Deep, vibrant purple gloves, mask, and tie finished off the outfit.

“Hmm, nice. The purple goes good with your deep auburn hair and pale skin.”

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Fortitude: Part Four by Cia Nordwell

“Psst, Will. Did you hear that?”

I groaned. Teddy kept waking me up, insisting he heard something. He’d maybe slept an hour before it started. “Teddy, go to sleep. It’s nothing. The wind, maybe, but we are far too close to the city for any big creatures that can eat you.”

“We’re going where creatures can eat us?” Teddy squeaked and grabbed my arm over him, digging his nails into my flesh. “I hate the dark!”

“Ouch! Teddy, would you please calm yourself? You’re acting like a nelly!”


I was never going to get any sleep if I didn’t

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Yes, Sir by Chris T. Kat

Over the course of the last year, Hunter and Adrian had established their relationship and become almost inseparable. Adrian’s brothers still teased him about it, while they also kept a close eye out for their baby brother. No one knew about the way they ticked, and that was fine with both of them. How they loved, or how they were with each other was private, period.

Hunter rubbed himself dry after his shower, inspecting himself. Same guy with the heavily muscled chest and arms, except his belly seemed to be rapidly softening. Chucking the towel aside, he stepped out of the bathroom, clouded in thick, moist tendrils and nothing else.

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