Wednesday Briefs: October 15,2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 16 by Jon Keys

Josh stared out the window to the rapidly dimming scene outside his window. The ice was already building on the fledgling trees he and Trent planted when they’d moved into the house several years ago. They’d be old men before the trees were big enough to enjoy the shade from them, but right now Josh wasn’t sure there would be more left of their precious trees than kindling.
Josh jumped when one of the giant cottonwood trees along the county road lost another branch to the weight. The sound just tightened the knots that already populated Josh’s stomach. Trent was still out in this shit, with both kids.

Buried Treasure: Part 13 by Carol Pedroso

I dragged Craig out of the alleyway and headed up the street where I had felt the presence heading. We took several twists and turns before I felt a burst of panic and suddenly the presence vanished. I searched around with my mind but it was gone and I had no way of knowing where. The only thing I was certain of, was that the presence had definitely been Basil. I had recognized part of the presence as being similar to his daughters that I had felt as she died.

When I stopped Craig nearly rammed right into me, “What

Edge of Fury (Part 6) by Avery Dawes

Zane yawned and rubbed his eyes before buckling his seat belt. He hadn’t slept much last night; he tossed and turned while his mind churned over how to best help Steele. His car purred to life as the radio blared the latest traffic report. While Zane waited for his phone to connect to the car’s Bluetooth, he took several swigs of his coffee. This was cup number two, and still his body dragged. 

Before long he was merging into traffic on the highway and placing a call to his trusted PI. Richie had been working with Zane for over five years.

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In Enemy Hands: #1.3 by M.A. Church

“Everyone not Senior Staff evacuate the Bridge.” Artan yelled. “May our Goddess Ruim deliver you safely home.”

 Varo watched his crew leave the Bridge. “Artan, can you monitor the pods to Yesrian space?”

 Artan stabbed at a couple of buttons on one of the damaged Helm’s panel. “Sorry, Captain. That’s a negative. Certain parts of the panel aren’t functioning properly. I can tell you pods are vacating the ship, but I can’t track them to safety.”

 “Understood.” Varo glanced at Artan. “Sarik, keep an eye on the pods for as long as possible.”

 “Yes, Captain.” Sarik bent back over the panel.

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Rattletrap #18 by Tali Spencer

“Used them for breeding?” Every bone and organ inside Jedd turned cold. Icy. Drawing a breath meant fighting his own ribs. Plant’s voice when she answered sounded far away.

“That’s why he’s interested in you, isn’t it?”

“I… fuck this!” Jedd pushed back, thinking to leave.

“Hold on a second.” Plant thrust a thin doc card into his palm. The flat device felt warm against his cold skin. “You need to read the rest, it’s all on here. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. Mitchell claimed the three stayed willingly. No one else knows if that’s true, but that’s what she said.”

Fortitude: Part 2 by Cia Nordwell

“It’s blank.” Teddy frowned down at the metal square inside the box. “What good is that?”

I smirked. “You think? Touch it, but just on the corner.”

Teddy reached inside and slid his pinkie along the edge of the metal sheet nestled inside the box. “It’s oily.” He sniffed his finger. “And it stinks.”

“Here, hold this for me.” I handed Teddy the lantern. The light dimmed, but I didn’t want it bright for this anyway. “Watch.” I reached inside the pocket where I’d hid the box and pulled out a very special light. A quick shake, and a focused thought, and the tip lit up, glowing a baleful red.

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Sunrise  by Victoria Adams
Sian rubbed her forehead, trying to ease out the pain, throbbing between her eyes. “You know, I only wanted the dream of the little house, with a white picket fence, a cozy blanket and a hot guy to snuggle with me under the blanket.”
She pointed the flashlight at the empty painting. “I didn’t want time travels. Weird alien princess and pictures that effing disappear in the middle of a storm.”
As she turned the beam of light passed over J’dol’s face. He was staring at the floor, eyebrows knotted together.

 Don’t Look Back #18 by Julie Lynn Hayes

 Marshall loaded the back of the beat-up old black pick-up with their fishing gear. Although the sedan was better for going out of town, the Chevy truck was their ride around town. He loaded the coolers, too: one for the beer and food they’d pick up, and one for any fish they might catch—they always caught fish, that was a given. And oh the things Lee could do with them. Made the mouth water.

Of course, he didn’t forget the blanket. Or the lube. Could never be too careful.

They stopped by the grocery store to pick up lunch. Lee liked to tease Marshall that the girl who worked in the deli had a crush on him. Marshall claimed that was just Lee’s excuse to make Marshall place their order. Although it was true she usually added a little something extra for good measure. Marshall said she did it for the both of them, but Lee only laughed. Besides, not like the whole damn town didn’t know they were together, so how could she not know he was unavailable? They never hid that from anyone, and they were accepted for who they were by everyone.

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Flood: Chapter 6 by Matthias Williamson

“We brought magic to the shores of this new world, hidden magic. Until your mother stole you away, we had lived for thousands of years unscathed. Those who killed the Mother of the Glenn and her family rose up and started killing Sisters left and right. They had been told that another of great power would be born to a Sister, and then you were born. But we never knew for certain. We just felt.”

“So… who am I? What am I?”

“Impatient.” She smiled. “And you are to be the next Mama Glenn.”

“But, I’m a male. How can…

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 The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace

Dr. Winston shook her head, her lips thinned. “Not after you. Do you remember the last conversation we had in this office before you left school for good?”

He did. Dr. Winston’s concern had been apparent for Levi’s missing so many classes, his attention wandering in class, his reluctance to participate. Levi had failed to mention at the time that’d he’d already decided to leave college. “Yes.”

“I had questioned you about your Guardian?”

There was that word again. “I told you I have parents.” His tone was a tad snippy.

“Not as in the legal sense. A Guardian iss

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