Wednesday Briefs: October 8, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 16 Kazy Reed

Aramis took my hand and led me through the French doors on the far side of the sitting room. The snow crunched under my boots, but I wasn’t cold. Evidently, air temperature wasn’t going to affect me as much now I was a vampire. Good. I fucking hate the cold. As we walked to the pool house, I leaned against my mate’s shoulder.

“Are you happy?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I replied quietly.


I sighed. “I don’t know. This is all so weird. My life has changed in so many ways and… I mean, I barely know you, and now I’m bound to you forever—literally, forever.”

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Rattletrap #17 by Tali Spencer

Ussim didn’t give a lot of details. Details would mean nothing to a group of humans barely familiar with the Ghisr. There was an empire. There were factions. There was a war. The other guys were worse than Ussim. The Batu and its crew were caught in the middle. That was pretty much the gist of it. Jedd wasn’t sure what to believe and neither was anyone else in the room, though Plant wore a focused little half smile that said she understood some of it—but she didn’t speak up. Jedd had no trouble believing she’d tried to inform Straske at some point and been shut down.

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Fortitude: Chapter 1 by Cia Nordwell

“The lantern changed.”

“Noted. Your point being?” I continued deeper into the cavern, my lantern held high above my head to ensure I did not fall prey to any holes. The last thing I needed was a turned ankle. My boots were already hampering me enough.

Pride does go before a fall—one of my mother’s favorite sayings. Heels were not conducive to my explorations.

“A flame turning blue usually means a ghost is about.”

I scoffed at Teddy. “You are being superstitious. Ghosts? Have you been chatting with the servants again? I simply sent a wave to increase the

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Double Trouble: Chapter 15 by Jon Keys

Benji walked past the kitchen, his cheeks bright red, never lifting his eyes from the floor as he shot out the door. Darrin struggled to keep the chuckle building inside from bubbling to the surface. But once the front door shut, he burst out laughing.
“What’s so funny there, hot stuff.”
He grinned at Mitch, who had appeared in the room looking very pleased with himself. “I just recognize the aftermath of one of your lectures about sex, that’s all.”
“At least he wasn’t correcting me like Trent did.”
“Trent probably thought he had more experience than you did.”
“That was the general impression I got. But I squashed that idea pretty fast.”

Irresistible Moonlight by TC Collins
 Chapter One  
“Ugh, you are so borrring!” Alex Randall whined to his cousin, Robbie Landsing.
It was Friday night and Robbie once again, wanted to stay home! Alex didn’t want to stay home, he wanted to go out and have fun. He wanted to shake his ass at the club and meet new people. Unfortunately, not only was he new in town with no friends or car, but payday wasn’t for another week.
So that left convincing stuck-in-the-mud Robbie to go out. When Robbie’s blond brow rose, Alex felt the door of doom slam in his face with a sinister laugh.

Sunrise  by Victoria Adams
J’dol stepped out of the cottage and flinched as the rain smashed against his face. The wind whipping through the trees created an eerie scream. He gripped his sword, crossed the deck and searched the grounds around the cottage. Tree branches groaned under the weight of the rain and the force of the wind.  A sharp crack snapped his attention forward. He bolted across the deck and down the steps, skidding to a stop as a flash of sparks rained down.

He peered through the rain trying to comprehend what happened and whether it was friend or foe.

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A Change in Scenery: Part 12 by Johayan

It had been a whirlwind six months from the time Symon and Pahana had finally had their first real date until Symon proposed in the Flagstaff airport. Three months later, winter had settled in to Detroit’s suburbs, snow and a strong cold wind biting into whomever dared to tread outdoors. It was mid-February and highs struggled to reach zero Fahrenheit. Symon, normally the cook, would have been running to the grocery store but had opted for the extra expense of ordering groceries online and having them delivered.

Pahana sat on a stool watching Symon making dinner, reflecting on how they had met and the changes in both of their lives.

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In Enemy Hands: #1.2 by M.A. Church

His ship bucked and shuddered. Numerous alarms sounded through the ship. An ominous creaking sounded across the Bridge. Varo glanced up. Oh stars, was that a crack? Were the ship’s shields failing? If they lost integrity, they’d all die instantly. Internal lights flashed then shut off.

 Blackness swallowed them. Several circuit boards on the helm exploded, sparks flashing and smoke filling the Bridge. Bodies flew from the impact. Varo found himself on the floor in front of his chair. Moans and cries echoed around him. The generator finally reinstated power, and a cold wash of red illuminated the Bridge.

 “Report!” Varo struggled to stand, gripping his chair.

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Edge of Fury: Part 5 by Avery Dawes

  Zane watched as the sun slowly made its way to the horizon. He swirled the remaining brandy in his glass, pondering how radically things had changed in the past twelve hours. 

  Instead of spending the evening wrapped in Steele’s arms, Zane stood in his cold, silent, dimly-lit loft. He had promised himself he would limit his drinking. He needed a clear head to make some important decisions, decisions that so far he had avoided. Things like: would he stand by Steele—could they have a relationship given the serious drug charges hanging over the biker’s head? 

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Title: Aesthetics of Invention: Part 12  by Ravon Silvius

Heavy knocking broke through Thorn’s dreams, and it took him a moment in pitch darkness to remember the events of last night. The sensation of his lover’s warm arms around him made him smile, and he almost closed his eyes and succumbed to sleep again when the knock came back.

“Kenneth?” Thorn mumbled, and he rolled over, fumbling in the dark. Kenneth muttered something Thorn didn’t understand, and a steady glow filled the room, making Thorn wince.

“I didn’t mean…never mind.” Thorn blinked hard, his eyes watering at the sudden light. Outside the heavy curtains that blocked the windows, the sun barely peeked over the horizon. “One moment!” he called. “Who’s there?”

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Hope #46 by Chris T. Kat

Had I really said that aloud? Oh. My. God. What if they wanted to try, and I couldn’t go through with it? Shane had always filled me up pretty good. Not that I couldn’t have taken more. He had a beautiful cock, long and smooth, but it wasn’t thick. I eyed Silvion’s heavy dick that rested on my thigh. Now that was a cock that should fill me up to the brim. How would there be any space for Shane?

“Relax, baby,” Silvion murmured. “We’ll do whatever makes you feel good.”

“I want to try,” I heard myself say. Was that even my voice? It sounded faint, but hungry at the same time.

“Is it just me, or did it get hot in here?” Shane sounded breathless.

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Washed Right Out: Chapter Eight by Sarah Hayes

Riley was never one to make dramatic announcements. When he said something, he kept to the point. So when he told Sonia what he wanted, what he really wanted, it was serious.

“I need to make Jonathan disappear.”

Somehow, Sonia managed to calm Riley down long enough to convince him what he needed to pursue was legal recourse. Mainly, a restraining order. She promised to take him to the courthouse and begin the process.

“Can you come over?” Riley kept the slowly subsiding panic out of his voice. “I don’t know if he’s outside anymore, and I can’t leave if he is.”

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Buried Treasure: Part 12 By Carol Pedroso

I could feel that Craig was still curious about Ben’s pregnancy but we needed to get back to the meeting, “Later” I sent silently to him and out loud I cleared my throat, “You have my congratulations but I think we need to get on with this meeting.”

The others agreed and Langman stood while Cade, Craig and I found places to sit. Looking around I realized that Cade had taken the second to last chair, so I waved Craig to the remaining chair and then lowered myself to sit crossed legged beside his legs. I glared at Cade, then

Don’t Look Back #17 (4.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

When Marshall opened his eyes, he found the bedroom to be sunnier than usual. What the hell? Why hadn’t the alarm gone off at its normal time? He looked to Lee for answers, but the other side of the bed was empty. He felt the sheets. They were cool to the touch. Lee obviously hadn’t slept in quite as much as he had.

He rolled to a sitting position, set his feet on the floor, and yawned. He shouldn’t be tired if he’d slept in—accidentally or not. Then he remembered the reason he hadn’t slept very well. And he realized Lee had shut off the alarm to let him sleep in. His heart swelled, and he felt tears prickle his eyes. He swiped at them and took a deep breath.

Coffee. That’s what he needed. And Lee. Not in that order. After that he’d get to work at his computer.

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 Cyan:  Chapter 20 by Nephylim

When Robin heard the steps across the landing, he shivered. Taking a deep breath, he let it out in a long sigh at the tentative knock.

For a moment, Robin couldn’t speak, then he croaked, “come in,” cursing that it came out as a croak.

Cyan shuffled over the threshold, his head down. There was something undeniably endearing about the way he plucked nervously at the sleeves of his shirt.

“Hey,” Robin said, and Cyan looked up, biting his lip.

“I’m sorry,” Cyan said.

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