Wednesday Briefs: August 20, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Buried Treasure: Part 6 By Carol Pedroso

The helicopter shook as it took off. Craig was strapped to a bed in the back and I was sitting beside him belted to my chair. He grabbed my hand and clung on as we reached the height we needed and set off towards Chapmistres View.

“Remind me again why he would head for a community that is made up of witches and vampires. Especially when two of those vampires are the oldest known two on this island.” Craig asked me as we watched the scenery whizz by.

“Well the first point would be that Chapmistres is the nearest community

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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 13 by Kazy Reed


I peeked out from under the blanket to see my mate’s face grow dark. Aramis growled quietly. “Tell Father I’ll come as soon as possible. Bring my car around.”

Antonio left and I threw a pillow at Aramis. He looked at me with that annoying, spine-melting grin of his and asked, “What was that for?”

“I was naked! And you’re naked! Don’t you care that he saw us and knows what we were doing?”

“Hate to break the news to you, but everyone in the building knows what we were doing.”

“Oh my God,” I groaned.


Hand of Fate: Chapter 2 by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

“Don’t cry little one.” The Uraima brushed her tear away with his thumb.

Mayra turned her head. No fear. No tears.

The Uraima observed her for a moment, before snapping his fingers. The attendant that had brought the basin with water hurried to his side. The Uraima spoke quickly to him in the kingdom language, the other man listening attentively and bobbing his head occasionally.

“You’re to go with Salec. I will go to you soon.” The Uraima started to turn around when he stopped and faced her again. He dropped his voice to a whisper. “Fear not, little one, I will keep you alive.”

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YES! YES! YES! Chapter 01: Introducing Finn by Lily Velden
Bollocks! Here we go yet again.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck me, Finn. Fuck me!”

This is what I moved near Birmingham for.

Yep. This is why I left noisy old London. Go to the Midlands said my friends. Life’s slower, but you’re near enough to London to visit. It’s more relaxed, they said. Quieter. You’ll be able to write without distraction. Yeah, right. Real bleeding quiet. As to no distraction… they obviously hadn’t taken my neighbor, Finn, into account.

What would a Friday night be without some nameless, faceless guy screaming out his joy at being shagged senseless by the obviously talented Finn?

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Double Trouble: Chapter 10 by Jon Keys

Josh paused for a second as he walked into the shade of the cabana they’d rented for the day. The shade cast by the thatched roof seemed like the darkest cave after walking through the blazing Oklahoma sun. In spite of the fall season, the weekend turned unseasonably warm. 
He chuckled at the twins. Each of them had a lounge chair and were laid back watching him. The scene wouldn’t be nearly as humorous, if not for the fact both of them had dark sunglasses, with white frames. Glancing around, he found Trent and whistled at him. 
“Hey! Trent! A little help here.”

Cyan: Chapter 15  Nephylim

“I thought… I thought you didn’t like being touched,” Robin gasped when they came up for air. He knew it was a lame thing to say but silence would have been unbearable, and he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“I thought you were straight?” Cyan said, sombrely. “I really hope you’re not doing this to hurt me.”

“Hurt you? God no! I could…I couldn’t bear to hurt you again.” Robin was truly horrified at the though and Cyan must have seen it, because his eyes suddenly lit up.

Lost Inside: Chapter 35 by Cia Nordwell

He was done talking. Benny answered Sheshtun’s hiss with one of his own. He flexed, the muscles in his arms rippling. He was younger, stronger, and far more pissed off. Sheshtun, for all his crazy ranting, didn’t stand a chance.

Nothing was going to stop Benny from protecting his mate. The need to spill Sheshtun’s blood, hot and wet, consumed him. His vision faded at the edges, tinged red, as he focused on the snarling Tiger.

Sheshtun lunged forward, and Benny met his attack. Claws raked down his side, ripping through his shirt and deep into his flesh. He grunted

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Liam Dance? by Taylin Clavelli

Liam sat curled up on the couch reading a book, trying to ignore what he considered to be the twee storyline emanating from the flat screen TV.  He was all for escapism and alternate worlds but he’d seen this kind of movie too many times before. The typical boy meets girl from opposing lifestyles that came together through dance.  Inevitably, the shit hit the fan, followed in short order by the predictable break-up.  Then, all was resolved seconds before the big competition at the end where the underdog always won.

His contempt for the movie wasn’t helped by the fact that Liam was described as having two left feet.  

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Hope #41 by Chris T. Kat

We made it to the portal without any kind of interference. No matter how often I glanced back over my shoulder, nearly tripping over my own feet because Silvion walked on, no one followed us.

By the time we stood in front of the still portal, Shane was sweating and I was shivering. Silvion let go of Shane’s hand, then rested both of his paws on my shoulder to turn me around. I received a scowl—I didn’t know why—and he growled, “If you hadn’t looked over your shoulder every twenty seconds, you wouldn’t look as if someone used you to wipe up dirt.”

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Rattletrap #10 by Tali Spencer

Ussim noted the human reactions to his movement. Fear was foremost, most stepping back and away from him, but only two reactions mattered: Jedd’s eyes widened and his jaw tensed, though he stayed where he stood—and Straske looked annoyed. Goal accomplished.

What are you doing?” Jedd’s urgent hiss carried in the fear-tight silence.

“Being reasonable by not killing him. Why did you abdicate to this intimidator?” It pleased Ussim that the humans appeared to understand what he was saying. Straske’s face flushed with blood, a response that could indicate embarrassment or anger. Ussim decided on the latter as most likely.

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Love Across Time: Chapter 22 by Jim Dunaway

After materializing back in Ethan’s workshop, Chris was the first to recover. “Okay, what a crazy fucked-up dream I just had!”

“I had the same weird-ass dream, I bet.”

“Guys, I assure you it was no dream. You just made a trip to the 30th century. It was absolutely real; as real as I’m standing here.”

“But how is that possible.”

“Many years ago from my perspective, scientists started looking into alternative methods of transportation as our atmosphere became more and more polluted. That eventually led to the invention of the travellators, which could transport a person instantly from one place to another.

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Don’t Look Back #3.0 by Julie Lynn Hayes

Dinner was done. Evening’s shadows crept along the backyard, prefacing the darkness of night.  Nothing stirred in the grass, and the birdbath was vacant, its former occupants gone to roost.

Marshall  had decided to grill—thick pork chops he’d seasoned with a little salt and pepper. And a touch of cayenne, for a little extra kick. He’d learned everything he knew about cooking either from Lee or the Food Network.

Clad only in a pair of jeans that barely kissed his hips, Marshall finished drying the last of the dishes and put them away. He’d be glad when this week was up, and he could go back to using the dishwasher. It was his own fault, couldn’t blame anybody else. He’d wanted to be fucked so badly he’d lost by default.

But it was worth every minute of it.

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The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace

Holding his head, Levi focused on moving his feet and pushed to get by the masses of bodies on his left and tried to avoid being pounded into the wall to his right.


He ran into a hard wall of chest. The collision pushed him back. Protecting his side, Levi was about to go around the large person until he saw it—a large red dragon in a sea of black—the black of a hooded sweatshirt.

Was this the man who’d been outside of his house? Was he some kind of a modern day Grim Reaper, exchanging the hooded cape for a hooded sweatshirt, a hipper, up to date version of Death.

Roadside Assistance (Conclusion – NSFW) by Avery Dawes

Steele’s lips were so close. If Zane rose to his tip-toes, he could taste the man, giving Steele his answer without having to speak a word ‘cause Lord knew his voice was nowhere to be found. Punishment be damned. Zane grabbed the nipple ring and tugged the same moment his lips tentatively touched Steele’s.

The soft brush turned molten in an instant, the kiss becoming rough and bruising. Steele dominated, nipping at Zane’s bottom lip and pushing his tongue inside. His whiskers scraped against Zane’s smooth skin as he eagerly thrust his tongue into Zane’s mouth, tasting and exploring, showing Zane just how . . . 

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A Change of Scenery: Part 8 by Johayan

Pahana pushed gently against Symon getting him to step backwards again and again until Symon stepped back against his couch and fell on it. Pahana mis-stepped and landed on top of Symon and kissed him again. He got a whiff of Symon’s musk and felt a rush through his entire body. He couldn’t understand it. He’d seen guys like Symon before. Tattoos, piercings, crazy hair and the like, but it just seemed like they were desperate for attention. It was something that they did to make
themselves stand out and, more importantly, stand outside of normal society. He looked at Symon again and it just seemed natural on him. /Why am I feeling like this towards him?/

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