Wednesday Briefs: August 13, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.


Rattletrap #9 by Tali Spencer

Ussim glared at the surveillance images. The humans were keeping his trophy! Instead of sending Jedd back to him with a message of acceptance, they were sending another of their number. A fighter, if the male’s behavior was consistent with his role. The creature had laid hold of Jedd and threatened him—almost prompting Ussim to burst in and intervene—but the exchange had been too fascinating.


At the mention of weapons, too many humans had looked one to the other. And Jedd had thrown up his hands to indicate he had none. 

Double Trouble: Chapter 9 by Jon Keys

“You two leave him alone. He’s still sleeping.”
Danny looked at Mitch with a thoughtful expression. “But he’s makin’ same noises as Meg after she’s been working’ cows all day. Why’s he makin’ da same noises, PaPa?”
About then Benji snorted and rolled, facing the couch he’d slept on last night. Sammy looked up with an equally serious expression. “See! Just like Meg.”
Mitch shooed them away from the sleeping youngster. “Leave him alone. He’s probably tired. And you two are not being very quiet.”

Washed Right Out: Chapter Three by Sarah Hayes

Riley turned and ran out of his own apartment building…

“Wait, what?” Sonia stared.


“You walked out of your own apartment, leaving him there?” Her jaw was as slack as it could get without dropping off. “Dear, of all the things—”

“I wasn’t thinking!” Riley argued.

“You’ve got that right.” Samantha added, “I would have kicked his ass. Sorry, language.”

“Well, I didn’t.”

“If you wanted to incapacitate him, there’s a small cluster of nerves—”

“I’m not giving him a Vulcan nerve pinch!” he shouted. “Can I finish? Please?”

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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 12 by Kazy Reed

“Lay back and spread your legs,” Aramis said.

I reclined and pushed my legs outward as though I was making a snow angel with the sheets. My body was rigid and my voice shook. “Like this?”

He looked nervous. “If you want me to, I can… make you more comfortable.”

“With lube or something?” I asked.

His eyes flashed silver and he held my gaze. Though his mouth never opened, I heard his voice in my head. “Just listen to my voice and concentrate on how I’m going to make you feel. Trust me, babe.”

“Okay,” I whispered.

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To Touch the Sky:  #4.2: by M.A. Church

“What is going on with you? I can smell your arousal.” Manny sniffed quietly.

Since Manny was a shifter, that wasn’t a surprise. “I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. Worry about those jackasses first.”

By the spirits, he was harder than a buffalo skull. The animal inside him let out a blood-curling call of want. Never in all his life had he felt such pulse-pounding desire. His entire being ached with need—the need to claim. Claim what was his, his… mate.

“Awww, shit.”

There in the middle of the chaos holding a pool cue was the cutest, sweetest twink he’d ever seen.

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Don’t Look Back #9 by Julie Lynn Hayes

Lee’s simple statement of intent derailed Marshall’s entire thought process. In the back of his mind, he remembered the bet. But the prospect of being fucked was a temptation calculated to distract.

Washing dishes wasn’t so bad, was it? Surely worth the price of paradise.

Damn, Lee knew him only too well.

Marshall felt his resolve crumbling. “After I suck you off?” he suggested, although he damn well knew the answer to that particular brand of idiocy.

Lee snorted. “I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, boy. You do that and we’re done, and you know it. I was just thinking. Why don’t we take this outside? To the shower?”

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Roadside Assistance: Part I by Avery Dawes

Zane nearly broke down crying as he guided the completely restored 1957 Chevrolet Corvette convertible to the shoulder of the dusty two lane road.

This was the third time in three months that the beauty had sputtered, wheezed, and died, leaving him stranded. Apparently ‘completely restored’ was a misnomer. Good thing he had an excellent relationship with Ernie, his mechanic who also doubled as tow truck driver.

Exasperated didn’t begin to describe his mood. He stepped out of the car and slammed the door. Even though it wouldn’t help matters, Zane kicked the tire and called the silver beauty every derogatory cuss word that came to mind.

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Love Across Time: Chapter 20 by Jim Dunaway
He returned with Ryan in tow. Hugs and cheers abounded. “All charges against Ryan have been dropped. He turned to Ryan. “We have to talk. As for the rest of you, take the rest of the day off with my thanks for a job very well done. You’ve earned it.” To Ryan, he said, “let’s go back to my office.”

Once seated in Duncan’s office, Duncan began, “As I said in the car, you’re still not off the hook as far as your young man goes.”

Ryan’s heart skipped a couple of beats as he thought of Ethan.

Lost Inside: Chapter 34 by Cia Nordwell

Benny crept along, digging his claws into the mud to keep from sliding down the bank. Dav was kneeling still behind a sapling that shouldn’t give him any cover, but somehow he blended right in.

Dav glassed the house. “No lights inside,” he muttered. The evening had faded into dusk. As much as it’d killed Benny, they’d stopped and waited for the right time. He still thought they’d be more wary at night—expecting the attack to come when they couldn’t watch for it. Dav assured him it wasn’t a problem.

Three quick flashes of light shone at the left

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 A Change of Scenery: Part 7 by Johayan

Pahana woke again later in the day still emotionally spent from the previous night.  He felt Symon’s arm around him and there was something else. As he realized he was naked, he felt Symon’s morning wood twitch. He froze for a moment, enjoying the throbbing warmth nestled in his ass crack. While his mind was stuck on his newfound attraction to men, his body had other ideas.

Relaxing his buttocks, he felt Symon’s erection slip between his cheeks and pushed back against him. While he wasn’t sure about what he was doing, he’d seen enough porn to know that grinding up against someone usually gave them the message that you wanted sex.  Symon awoke and felt
his cock grinding up against Pahana and immediately pulled back.

A Thunderous Night by Taylin Clavelli

A loud crash, bang and rumble roused Liam from his slumber.

Accuweather right-at last-in its forecast. Every day that week, the website had predicted thunder and lightning, yet not once had it occurred.

Day by day temperatures increased.

Routines were marred by sticky, sweaty personnel loosening collars and mopping brows as humidity closed in.

Another flash quickly followed by grumbling thunder breeched the curtains of the bedroom.

Liam could resist no longer.

He quietly slipped from under the single sheet covering his hot, naked body and made his way to the partly open window. En route, he spied the clock, 3:00 a.m. – perfect. The spectacle wouldn’t be marred by traffic or other distractions.

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Sunrise by Victoria Adams
Sian ran a trembling finger over her lips. J’dol’s kiss had made her heart skip a beat. Her knees were weak and sweat tickled under her nose.  Could she fall in love with J’dol? Had she fallen in love with him?
She glanced across the deck. How could she have a relationship with a man from the future.  The problems were mind-numbing and soul breaking. He’d appeared without warning and had no idea how he’d gotten here. A cold jolt shot through her. What if he was ripped away and sent ahead to his proper time?

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Buried Treasure: Part FiveBy Carol Pedroso

A sudden banging echoed through the house causing Craig and me to move apart in surprise. The banging was joined by Cade’s voice shouting, “Jay, Craig, I know you’re in there. Open up this is important.”

 I sigh and push myself off the bed. Before leaving the room I set Craig’s chair up right, then head for the door and open it just as cade is about of bang on it again.
 “Mate, why are you trying to break down my door at God knows what time of the morning?” I ask.
“I need to speak to both of you

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Aesthetics of Invention: Part 5 by Ravon Silvius

Thorn sat on one of the plush couches in the office, Kenneth next to him. The light of the magelights in the room was homier than usual, sending out a yellower color than the white glow Thorn was used to seeing from magi. It was more like the artificial shine from a lightbulb, actually, and it helped relax him as he listened to Maibell speak.

The warm presence of Kenneth by his side helped even more.

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