Wednesday Briefs: August 27, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Love Across Time: Chapter 23 by Jim Dunaway

“So what’s up?” Ryan asked, stepping out of the travellator.

“We think we figured out why the paradox alarm went off,” Liam began.

“It has to do with either Ethan or his brother or both. It’s highly likely that either or both of them weren’t supposed to come here, at least at this point in time.”

“But they did. I had to explain everything to them to convince them that they’re not going crazy. The problem is now that they’ve been here, there’s no way I can think of to undo it. since they’ve been here and know about the travellators, what do we do?

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Don’t Look Back: Chapter 11 (3.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Despite Lee’s warnings—or perhaps because of them—Marshall spent the entire day breaking in his new boots in preparation for the trip to Partners. As added protection, he placed a band-aid on each heel. Better safe than sorry. They surely were beautiful boots. He admired them in his and Lee’s full-length bedroom mirror, twisting and turning to catch the whole effect. Hand-tooled black leather, they fit perfectly and looked great. So did the black cords he wore, the ones that molded themselves to his ass.  In one ear, a silver hoop glittered.

Roy had met them at the house. They were all going in Lee’s sedan, as having the most comfortable ride. Roy had teased Marshall about his new black Western-style shirt. “Aren’t you fancy?” He ran his fingers along the silver piping that contrasted with the darkness of the shirt. “Are those real pearl?” He indicated the snaps.

“Yep. Got this last time we were in San Antone. Like it?”

“Sure do. You’re lookin’ real fine.” Roy flashed him a grin. “Betcha the guys line up to be your dance partner.”

“Betcha you’re right,” Marshall agreed.

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Rattletrap #11 by Tali Spencer

Jedd stopped cold the moment the toad-faced alien took hold of his arm. He was sure Ussim had given the order as part of some sick, continued game. He rolled a look back at his tormentor.
“Furret,” Ussim said, along with more of his alien language. The alien released his hold and Jedd yanked back his arm for no other reason than to make a statement. He’d already learned that fighting wasn’t going to be an option. The other humans, glad to be freed from their captivity had already fled this corridor. None had thought to stay behind to see if he would be okay. 

Hope #42 by Chris T. Kat

Shane’s body went taut. I nudged my elbow into his abdomen and he stepped away, grimacing.

“Weren’t you?” I asked him, shoving Silvion’s arms away.

Shane’s shoulders slumped in defeat and I caught him exchange a look with Silvion before he answered, “Yes.”

“Great, did you ever consider telling me?” I asked, hurt and betrayal sending sharp stabs of pain into my gut. I was acting like a jealous, irrational lover. So what? They’d been lovers. It wasn’t as if I’d been a virgin when I met Shane.

“It was a long time ago. Shane stayed in your reality most of the time, and neither of us took well to being separated for months on end,” Silvion chimed in.

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Washed Right Out: Chapter Four by Sarah Hayes

Riley had thought nothing could shift his mind away from the disaster of a love life he’d left at home, and his boyfriend Jojo, who was probably worried sick over his precious Riley. Perhaps he was pacing the floors of his own apartment, wondering what Riley was doing and where he could be. The thought gave Riley a jolt of pleasure, followed by a low gut reaction of guilt.

Still, even if Jonathan had guessed for a hundred years, he probably wouldn’t have guessed that Riley was now spending his evening with Karen, playing video games and making cakes. Hell, even Riley wouldn’t have guessed the making cakes part.

“Sam likes cakes,” Karen explained. “So I make cakes.” She punctuated each ‘cakes’ with the flick of her spatula.

“Yeah, but this is a bit extreme. We’ve already made three.”

“It’s totally normal. Keep scraping.”

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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 14 by Kazy Reed

“What the fuck, Air? You could have killed us!” The absurdity of the exclamation hit me just seconds after I’d said it. Aramis laughed loudly and I glared. “Asshole. You know what I meant. Will you please slow down?”

“Anything for you,” he replied, slowing to fifty miles an hour. “I think this is the slowest I’ve ever driven in this car.”

“A hundred-thousand-dollar fucking car,” I mumbled.

“No room for fucking in here, I’m afraid. Why don’t you get some sleep? I promise, no more speeding until the highway.” He turned on the radio to a quiet techno track.

Buried Treasure: Part 7 By Carol Pedroso

As they wheeled Craig out the door three men entered and Cade immediately approached the tallest with his hand held out.

 “Elder Langman, good to see you again. I wish it was under better circumstances but we appreciate your co-operation with this.”
 While Cade was talking my gaze was drawn to the other men, I assumed them to be a vampires but I couldn’t get a read on the shortest one who was standing behind Langman. My attention was brought back to the conversation when I heard my name being mentioned.
“…Jaydon Locke is our specialist for the type of

 Aesthetics of Invention: Part 6 by Ravon Silvius

 A faint glow emanated from the windows of those students who were still awake in the magi collegium. The night air was chill, and Kenneth muttered a warmth spell, Jade huffing as the horse’s muscles relaxed. As he watched, a snowflake fell through the night air and melted as it entered the bubble of heat.

“Hold steady,” he told Jade, patting the horse’s ears and adjusting the pack of clothes that lay across her back. “It won’t be long. We’re going to stay with Thorn.” He hoped the stables at the inventor’s college were as comfortable for horses as Thorn claimed.


Hand of Fate: Chapter 3 by Elyzabeth M. VaLey
Every cell in her body softened at the sound of his voice. She´d never heard anything like it. Deep like the roar of a Virku, the golden yellow wild cat that roamed their lands and killed their babes. Yet, also mellow like the grey fur of the fat rodents that hid in the bushes waiting for nightfall to steal their food.

 “Kneel before me and keep your eyes to the floor, Kamaira.”

 Though there was no threat or anger in his softly spoken words, she hurried to obey.

 “Lest, you prefer to do other things for me.”

To Touch the Sky: #5 by M.A. Church

Holy shit. Simon didn’t have time to process what happened before it was over. He’d certainly showed that jock what for. The jock and his friends were out the door before anyone could say another word. His fear of the man named Hawk soaked the room. And speaking of Hawk… He didn’t know what kind of aftershave or whatever it was the man used, but the fragrance made him want to climb Hawk like a cat and lick him all over.

The scent reminded Simon of rain and cut grass, of rich earth and wildflowers. It was sharp, clean, and left his cock hard, his ass tingling.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 11 by Jon Keys

Mitch untied the towel from around his waist and started drying himself while Darrin finished his shower. Mitch chuckled at the memories  of today. “Danny is going to make Trent pay for his raising.”
Darrin turned off the water and opened the curtain. As he grabbed one of the towels to dry himself, Mitch stepped close and ran the towel he had over Darrin.
“Umm, feels good,” Darrin said. “And yes, Danny is going to give Trent holy hell. He’ll need to be reminded what he was like when he arrived at the ranch. But the kids don’t need to know Trent’s background.”

 Lost Inside: Chapter 36 by Cia Nordwell

Benny’s phone rang. He growled, annoyed as he tore off a strip of tape to secure down the bandage on his side. Velaku’s name popped up on the screen.


“The Clan is assembled at the property, guarded by the Falcons,” Velaku said shortly. “I’m assuming you’re taking charge shortly, Alpha?” He didn’t have to ask if Benny killed Sheshtun—that he’d allow the bastard to live, even if he’d yielded, wasn’t an option. Benny didn’t want to go back into that house, but this time he’d be the one giving the orders.

He’d never wanted the job, though. Benny

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