Wednesday Briefs: April 30, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Springtime: by Lily Sawyer:

Ben never thought he’d be this happy.  He and Tom were enjoying a day together.  They didn’t get this kind of time often.  Tom was working three days on and three days off at the firehouse, and Ben was working on the days Tom was off.   He treasured these times together.  Tom’s job was so dangerous, they never thought about what could happen to him. They tried to live each day as fully as they could.

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Sunrise: by Victoria Adams:

Sian frowned as she watched J’dol exit the kitchen. What in the world could he be doing? How could he help prove that a parallel universe existed or that time travel was real? He was like a man from the middle ages. His weapon was a sword. Wouldn’t future weapons be death rays?

She glanced around the table at her friends. They all had the same curious looks on their faces.

J’dol entered the kitchen holding her painting of the Alien Queen. He placed the painting on the table and placed his hand before it in a ta-da motion.

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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Fifteen: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

“A feast? That sounds wonderful! Sorry to intrude,” Campbell apologized.

“No apologies needed,” the first twin declared. Mentally, Dallas dubbed him #1.

“And none accepted,” came from the other, #2. Though if the twins should shift position when his back was turned, Dallas knew he’d never be able to tell them apart again.

The man by the cauldron sneezed again. Dallas was fearful he’d sneezed into the contents of the cauldron, whatever those might be. He didn’t really want to find out, either.

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Love Across Time – Chapter 6; by Jim Dunaway:

A couple of hours later Ryan woke in a strange bed naked and spooned up against an equally naked Ethan. What the fuck have you done, asshole? Ryan slowly remove his arm from around Ethan, causing the other man to snuggle in closer, forcing his morning wood deeper into Ethan’s ass-crack, the head poking against Ethan’s entrance. “Mmm….that feels good.” Ethan’s entrance was still loose and wet from the previous night’s lovemaking so it was a simple matter for him to wiggle his ass around until he was impaled on Ryan’s cock.

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Controller – Chapter 28 : by Jon Keys:

I sat at the desk going over some of my homework. What I really wanted to do was let Eli fuck me again. But I knew the answer would be no. Eli had two papers due tomorrow and he’d already threatened me with death if I bugged him one more time.

I couldn’t help it. Eli’s cock hit places inside me that made me see stars. Now he’d gotten good enough to make me cum without ever touching myself. The first time it happened, it shocked both of us. It was like one of those things that only happened in porn. After it happened, I basically became Eli’s slut.

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #6.3: by; M.A. Church:

Tal flinched. “Um, well. See, that’s going to be a problem since I started the mating process with you.”

Kirk stared at Tal. “Excuse me?”

Kirk wasn’t going to like what he had so say, Tal knew that. He really wished he’d kept his canines to his self. “You asked me if I had really sucked you earlier, remember?”

“What has that got to do with—”

“Just… please, answer me.”

“Yeah, I remember. Not really sure why I let you do that.”

Dolf chuckled. “The reason why you let Tal is simple. You were half out of it, and your guard was lowered.”

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Constants and Variables: Part Seven: by Sarah Hayes:


Desmond turns over the blond man’s body onto its back, hoping to find a sign of life. He wonders how badly he’s just possibly screwed all possibilities of getting to the radio station, and to finding Daniel.

Jacob’s eyes are closed, and he looks like he’s taking a nap, a long nap from which he doesn’t plan to wake. Desmond checks for a pulse, but the body is unresponsive to his touch. He’s reaching the limits of his medical education. Should he do CPR? Does he have time?

He decides that yes, he has time. Desmond places his hands in position where Jacob’s heart is located. “Come on, brotha, don’t leave just yet,” he breathes. He locks his arms, ready to begin resuscitation.

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Jordan’s Second Chance – #2.2: by TC Collins:

“I’ve put Lucas in the spare bedroom upstairs. He’s already asleep,” Nana said as she walked into the kitchen. She went to the cabinets and pulled out items to fix coffee.

“Colombian Roast, please, Nana,” Wynter said when she reached into the cabinet designated specifically for coffee.

Nana nodded. “Jordan would you like a cup?”

“Yes, black,” Jordan replied, rising from the bar stool behind the island.

Nana waved him back to his seat. “Sit down. You’re a guest.”

“Yes ma’am.” Jordan grinned at the tiny woman bustling around the kitchen.

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Sealed in Stone #34, by Tali Spencer

Torrey watched how Cyrrhi’s gaze caressed Hari, tenderness bound up with pain. Hari’s beauty had always shone brightly and it did so still, the planes and curves of his flawless body promising the joys of sex, his lovely lips the sweetest submission and service. Even filled with fear, as now, the slave’s eyes overflowed with declarations of love.

“My Queen,” Hari spoke.

Willem swiveled, wide-eyed, to look, but wisely said nothing. Torrey prayed Willem stayed silent. Cyrrhi’s willingness to let Hari speak was not a pardon.

“You have things to say?” Cyrrhi’s voice sounded on the verge of relenting.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 18 by Cia Nordwell

Yuri tucked his hands under the sheet, clenching them together. He wanted to rub his wrists, but he had to keep them safe. He didn’t want the nurse to take off the restraints, but when the doctor said to, she did anyway.

How could he do it?

Yuri couldn’t be a real mate to Benny—hurting him proved that. No matter what they said to him about brain chemistry, venom, and seizures.

“No. No, I don’t wanna to talk about it.” Yuri rolled over to face the wall. He stared at the small sink, avoiding the mirror above it.

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This is Where (Adel) Goes Berserk, Part 1 by Grace Duncan

“You made him do what?” Adel stared at Bathasar in shock.

Bathasar shook his head and Adel thought he saw a carefully-hidden smirk. “Ghalib is now part of the pleasure slaves.”

Adel blinked at his friend for a long moment then frowned. “When I asked for help with him, I thought you would help. I didn’t think you would consign him to slavery. I…” He shook his head and opened his mouth to speak but Bathasar held a hand up before he could.

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The Hollow: Soul Seekers; by JC Wallace

Logan gripped him firmly by each shoulder. Levi could barely feel the pressure.

Floating…I feel like I am floating.

Blackness pushed into the edges of his vision.  Beneath him, his legs threatened to buckle and send him crashing to floor.

“Levi?” Logan’s voice wafted away on an undetectable breeze. When Levi didn’t answer, Logan gently shook his shoulder and put more authority behind his name. “Levi!” Look at me,” he demanded. Levi’s chin rested upon his chest, his eyes stared into nothingness, His head was heavy. The warmth of his brother’s hand beneath his chin cause Levi to lift his head.

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