Wednesday Briefs: April 23, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Fourteen: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Their luck seemed to be holding. They’d found a convenient ford, one shallow enough to wade across without having to swim. Campbell suggested they remove their shoes, which seemed a sensible idea. Dallas held his in his left hand. The right was held tightly within Campbell’s secure grasp. They picked their way across the strawberry waters, emerging intact on the other side, none the worse for wear.

Despite being where they were, and despite the way they’d gotten there, Dallas found himself in high spirits. Campbell’s presence—his easy smile and unfailing good humor—were infectious. Even if, for just one dark moment, Dallas wished that Samuel were here, that Samuel was smiling at him in that way. But he pushed that thought aside and decided to enjoy the moment, and the company of his friend.

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Second Shot – The Senior Year; Chaphter 29: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

The enticing smell of fresh bread and marinara sauce struck Jason’s sense the moment he walked into La Scala’s. Several people waited in front of them, so he glanced around hoping Dean and Hanna had already been seated. He didn’t want a confrontation in the lobby.

Then again, having one in the main restaurant sounded worse. The couple in front of him gave their name and stepped aside. He approached the hostess stand and immediately recognized the woman staring intently at the book on the podium.

“Hi, Denise.”

“May I help you?” When she looked up from the book her all business expression was replaced by shock. “Jason! What happened to your eye?”

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Jordan’s Second Chance – #2.1: by TC Collins:

Wynter pressed his lips together as he glanced between Jordan and Nana. “I know the both of you are keeping something from me and I’m tired of trying to figure out what it is. It makes me feel stupid.” Wynter hated exposing his emotions like that, but he was tired of the guessing game. He wanted the truth.

Nana looked at Jordan who gave a slight nod. “Very well. You may not like the answers, but I’ll tell you all that I know. I ask only that you wait until later, after the little one has been put to bed.”

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Love Across Time – Chapter 5; by Jim Dunaway:

“Uh…uh…uh…ETHAN!” Ryan shouted as his back arched and cum flew from his dick with such force and quantity that it left a glistening white trail from the wall behind his bed down his face and torso to pool in a large puddle in his bellybutton. Wiped out from the force of is orgasm, he got up, padded to the bathroom and jumped into the shower.

Fuck! Someone else is going to have to take over this mission. I’m compromised and won’t be able to keep from grabbing Ethan and fucking him into oblivion.

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 Sealed in Stone #33 : by Tali Spencer:

Cyrrhi removed the knife from Torrey’s throat, but continued to hold him by the arm. He noted how her arm shook ever so slightly and wondered if fatigue worked against her. Was she weakened by loss of blood? The smell of it soaked the room. Her gaze flashed regally over the gathering, bright despite the greenish hue tainting the whites of her eyes.

“Sovesa, stay, and these ri’im males also, all of them. And I wish Urdhva to stay too.”

The other queens cast looks at the one chosen to remain behind, but they filed out without words.

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Controller – Chapter 27 : by Jon Keys:

We avoided the GSA office now for the most part. The university had cleaned up the room since it was a biohazard, but afterward we always left the office with the scent of industrial cleaners in our noses. There was almost nothing left anyway, so there was little reason for them to go back again. Let the next set of officers deal with the office, without having walked in on it after the vandalism. The university couldn’t put enough layers of paint and paster on the walls to erase it from our minds.

Eli seemed more withdrawn now, he smiled a lot less. But I’d been cooking up a plan that should perk up my hot lover.

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Constants and Variables: Part Six: by Sarah Hayes:

“Okay, so how will we know that the fence is down?” Desmond cannot see any obvious marker that the fence is active or not. If he hadn’t known any better, the space between the towers looks clear and safe to walk through—and he would have turned to dust.

Jacob looks at him as if the answer is more obvious than the Scot can see. “Easy.” He walks back to the edge of the forest and plucks a handful of stones from the dirt. Desmond barely has time to blink before a stone comes hurling past his face, slamming into the invisible fence before sizzling into a pile of debris.

“That’s how,” Jacob finishes. He hands Desmond half of the rocks. “Shouldn’t be too long now.”

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Hope – Chapter 29: by Chris T. Kat:

Shane wound himself out of Silvion’s hands, wearing a hurt expression. Silvion rolled his eyes as he rose to his feet. “Always the high drama with you, isn’t it?”

Shane whirled around, pressed his paws into my shin and barked. I glanced down at him, unsure about the next steps. Shane tilted his head to the side, then growled.

“What are you growling about now?” I asked.

“He’s pissed off at me, and he wants you to carry him,” Silvion rumbled. Shane cast him a scathing look before he directed his dark, liquid eyes at me again.

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Radio Static; by Shelly Schulz:

Jackson drove on reflex alone, the scenery passing by in a green blur. The roads were terrible, even when he got off the mountain, the asphalt riddled with pot holes and massive puddles. He gripped the steering wheel tightly, knuckles white as Killen’s dried blood flaked off his skin. He had one focus, a repetitive ‘get to the hospital’ running as a mantra through his mind.

He wasn’t sure how he got to the one story hospital without an accident. The only laws he had obeyed were the red lights, knowing arriving on a gurney wouldn’t help Killen or Brody

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #6.2: by; M.A. Church:

Tal sat on the other side of the bed. “You are Dolf’s mate, that’s correct. And… you are my mate too. You belong to both of us.”

More silence.

“I see.” Kirk blinked, then blinked again. A slightly horrified look crossed his face. “I’m dreaming, aren’t I? I’m still unconscious and laid out there in the snow and ice, right? This is all a hallucination. The whole paranormal thing, mates… I must be freezing to death right this very minute.” Kirk threw his hands out encompassing the room. “And there we go, that explains everything. I’m dying right this very minute.”

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 Soul Seekers ; by JC Wallace:

Levi Reed paced his bedroom, frantically shaking his hands. Like a caged animal yearning for escape, he wore the same tread across the blue shag rug repeatedly. Waves of fear lashed out, tearing into his mind, forcing his attention. He paused pacing, stopping momentarily to jump up and down, as if the action were enough to shake the icy grip of panic. No such luck and he resumed pacing. The terror threatened to drown him beneath suffocating waves.

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