Wednesday Briefs: March 19, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

This week we welcome a new flasher – TC Collins to the fold.

Trouble Comes in Threes – #4.2: by; M.A. Church:

Dolf followed Tal to the main bedroom. “We need to get these clothes off him and quickly. I can feel him shaking. I’m going to sit down in that chair by the bed and start undressing him. I need you to go to the bathroom and wet a washcloth for me. I’ll hold it to the wound while we finish undressing him.”

Tal hurried to the master bath. Dolf sat. Moments later, he heard the water running. Tal returned, and Dolf moved Kirk around in his arms so he could hold the washcloth against the wound.

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Constants and Variables Part 2: by Sarah Hayes:

There are (at least) three separate realities for Desmond Hume.

The third involves being kidnapped by Charles Widmore and being brought back to the island by force. In this reality, Desmond Hume is a weapon. He is a tool. His body, which has survived repeated exposure to unorthodox electromagnetic forces, becomes the most important body in the world.

He removes the stopper on the light of the world, and everything goes to Hell.

This is not that reality.

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Borrowed Time; by L.M. Brown:

Lane stared at the paper in front of him. He had no idea what to write. His lover slept in the next room, oblivious to the fact that when he woke Lane would be gone. He’d tried so many times to tell Gabe the truth, but words had failed him. Now it was too late. He scribbled the words I’m sorry just before his time ran out.

Three years later

Gabe hated Valentine’s Day with a passion. Loved up couples were the last thing he wanted to see on the anniversary of the day Lane had left him.

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Pancakes and Passion Chapter 08: Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer: by Lily Velden

Rory chuckled, licking the shell of my ear.

“No, babe… really. Not helping.”

“I think Rory’s on our side,” whispered one of the girls—I wasn’t sure which. My ability to focus was seriously compromised. In my defense, there was a tongue in my ear and a hand on my cock. How could I be expected to do something as trivial as concentrate? I mean, my melt button was being licked by the softest tongue on the planet, and my on-switch triggered by the most beautiful hands ever created. Surely that justified a little befuddlement?

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Owen had questions, so many questions, but first on his agenda were a shower and a shave. The shower had been a wet heaven of hot water. He hadn’t enjoyed the shave as much as he’d hoped. What had been unsettling was the surreal feeling encroaching on him as he looked into the mirror. As he’d shaved, he continually startled as he caught unfamiliar eyes with his gaze, which was ridiculous. They were his eyes, his face, however he continually had the feeling he’d caught the gaze of someone he thought he knew, someone familiar, but not quite.

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 26 : by Rob Colton:

Eli pushed Noah against the closed door, wanting one last kiss before having to go back to work. Even though they’d just fucked on top of Rex’s desk, it still wasn’t enough for Eli. It was all Noah’s fault anyway for showing up at the Buckle in those tight jeans. Pinning Noah against the door, he ravaged his boy’s mouth as he ground against him, pressing his newly hardened cock against Noah.

With a small moan, Noah turned his head away, ending the kiss. “We should go. I don’t want your boss to catch us.”

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Hope – Chapter 24: by Chris T. Kat:

True to her word, Marisa needed several hours to call the right people, explain things in terms that gave me a headache, and eventually breathe, “You’re set to go.”

Now?” I asked around a yawn. The day had passed without me really noticing. Nothing out of the ordinary here; that had been my default setting since Shane’s death. I cast a swift look to the slumbering puppy in my arms. Still there.

I shifted Shane and he gave an annoyed grumble, but didn’t wake up. We’d gotten something to eat a while ago, and obviously he was sated and at peace with the world.

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker, CH 11: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

Alex twisted out of his guardian’s grasp and spun around. “Why did you do that?”

“Your father ordered you back to the room.” Nicholas refused to meet his gaze. “The demons behind this attack must have been planning it for months.”

“They need me. I’m going back.” Turning around, he walked toward his closet without waiting for an answer. The fight was happening in front of Austin’s apartment and no one would care about his safety.

Nicholas appeared in front of him. “No, Alexander, you are staying here. My directions were absolutely clear.”

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Ghalib’s Decision, Part 2: by Grace R. Duncan:

Ghalib spit it out before he could change his mind. “Important to someone.”

Teman glanced over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. “I can see that.”

Ghalib frowned. “Qadi Adel finally convinced me to tell him what has been on my mind, but I couldn’t tell him that part.” He paused and scowled. “He does not behave like most of the nobility. He confuses me.”

“That’s because he’s not like most of the nobility,” Teman replied, shaking his head.

“He asked me about apprenticing, about all manner of things but, Teman…”

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Cyan – Chapter One: by Nephylim:

The first time Robin saw the boy, was in the produce section at the local supermarket. He noticed him for two reasons.

First, he was picking peaches with an intensity Robin had never seen before. He’d pick up a peach and examine it closely, turning it over and over in his long, slender fingers. Sometimes he stroked the furred skin gently, other times he examined the dimple. Once the fruit had been tested to his satisfaction, he would either place it carefully in the bag, or replace it, equally carefully back on the display. There was just something about the intensity that caught Robin’s attention and made it difficult to look away.

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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Nine: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Dallas’ eyes snapped open, even as his back began to protest. Eerie shadows floated in front of him, shapes that bore no resemblance to anything found in his bedroom. A scream formed in his throat, growing larger and larger, demanding exit. But just before he released the unholy sound, memories of the night before flooded his brain, and he closed his eyes, working to re-orient himself.

He wasn’t at home, he was in Campbell’s apartment. Sleeping on Campbell’s couch. The screaming had actually taken place in the wee hours of the night. A confusing jumble of images flooted his mind: tentacles and hatchets and blood red eyes and soft tender lips. Campbell had rescued him from the nightmare, calmed him into quiet, and insisted on bringing him home with him. Dallas had been in no condition to argue, and he didn’t.

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Thwarted – Part XXVIII: by Renee Stevens:

“Fish on!” Gary whooped and grabbed up the net as he rushed over to where Trey worked the fish. “Don’t let him get away.”

“I’m trying.” Trey stepped back and Gary moved into the back corner of the boat while Mark slipped up to the front by Diana.

Mark took the camera Diane handed him and snapped a couple of pictures. He watched the scramble at the back of the boat and was glad he was out of the way.

“Keep him out of the down rigger! Don’t let him wrap around the cable!” Gary shouted.

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Dinner is Served: by Lily Sawyer:

“Damn it!” The pillow flew from the couch, over the coffee table, and struck the TV screen.

“What’s the matter, Ben?” Tom had used the bathroom, and was on his way back, when the pillow was launched.

“Look.” Ben pointed at the TV

“Better get out and enjoy the pleasant weather while it lasts, folks, cause winter is about to make a return. Snow is predicted in the overnight hours, starting Sunday night and lasting until Monday morning. This winter reminds me of an unwelcome guest who doesn’t know when it’s time to leave.”

“I’m sick of this winter. I was enjoying the crocuses blooming, and now they’ll be covered with snow, or worse die off afterwards..

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Sealed in Stone #29: by Tali Spencer:

Music filled the shadows and moonlight trickled over wet walls, skimming mirror surfaces of water-filled hollows rising from the glassy floor. The cavern was beautiful, buried and still. Willem wrapped his arms around Torrey and tucked him close, pressing kisses to his hair, neck and quivering shoulders.

“We’ll be all right.”

“We have to believe that, don’t we?” Torrey sighed and pulled away. He twisted around until he sat with his back to the wall, looking across the chamber to where the two dead women lay in dark pools of blood. “The nomari don’t cut throats,” he said.

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Controller – Chapter 22 : by Jon Keys:

I glanced over my shoulder for the twentieth time. It wasn’t dark, there were people everywhere, but I was still afraid. Maybe not afraid, but I didn’t trust anyone now. Who could have done that to us. Who could hate me so much just because I’m gay to want me dead.

I stopped and sat on one of the benches. I had to get control of myself. Eli was handling this whole thing better than I was, and Eli is tiny. Okay, maybe not tiny. But I’m bigger than him. He’d seemed more upset by the ruined door than by the message of hatred.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 13: by Cia Nordwell:

“So do you live here?” Benny’s scent filled the living room, especially the couch where they were sitting.

“Yeah. I work in the bar downstairs. Dav—he’s Ellis’ mate, the Snake who came to the hospital today—he owns the place.”

Yuri swiped another glance around the room. He stuffed the last of his burger in his mouth, then spoke around it. Cleara wasn’t there to nag him for once. “Is that why it’s so blank?”

Benny still had some of his burger left. Yuri eyed it, licking bbq sauce off his fingertips.

“What’s blank about it?”

“No annoying thingies…

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Sunrise: by Victoria Adams:

J’dol blinked and cast his gaze back at the man walking towards him. Could it be? It couldn’t. He’d disappeared years ago. But then…a thought intruded on his internal conversation…you have also disappeared from home. You are here, now, in this year. Not back in Orondonto in your time. Maybe it’s happened before. He rubbed his neck.

Blanc was his brother-in-law. He was the smartest man anyone knew. One cold winter evening, the Miz-happen charged the village, but killed no one, ransacked nothing. All they took was Blanc.

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Jordan’s Second Chance – #1.1: by TC Collins:

Wynter Silvous smiled, content. He lay under an enormous oak tree that shielded him from the warm glow of the sun smiling its radiance upon the park. The roaring sound of the waterfall in the clearing enhanced the blissful feeling. It was one of the reasons he liked to come to this park on his lunch breaks. He hated being cooped up. There was something unnatural for someone to stay cooped up inside four walls day in and day out. His cousin Johan was like that. He never went anywhere unless it was to get something to eat.

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