Wednesday Briefs: March 12, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Sunrise: by Victoria Adams:

The pressure of J’dol’s lips on Sian’s caused her heart to flutter. She melted into his body as he tightened his embrace. She felt his hips press against hers as her breasts molded against his firm chest. Never had a moment been so perfect. The two of them standing by the edge of a lake, warm sun shining down as they passionately kissed.

With a confused gasp, Sian found herself ripped from J’dol as he stepped back. What had gone wrong? She cast her gaze over his face? It was lined with confusion and sadness.

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker, Chapter 10: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

Alex rested his head in the crook of Austin’s neck and enjoyed the feel of Austin’s hands running slowly along the skin of his back. He tugged at the hem of Austin’s shirt and slid his hands under the cool fabric.

With his eyes closed, he imaged the place where tan skin ended and a paler patch began. It might be mid-autumn, but he was certain Austin still had a tan line. He moaned softly when Austin slid his fingers down and wedged them beneath Alex’s boxers.

Lifting his head, he sought Austin’s lips with his and pressed them together. His tongue met Austin’s and they took turns exploring the other’s mouth. The deep kiss only fanned his arousal and he ground hard against Austin’s hips.

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Radio Static #4; by Shelly Schulz:

“He’s just worried.” Brody muttered, penlight clenched between his teeth. “Keep still, I’m going to clean the wound and bandage it. Then you’re going back to camp, and we’re monitoring you for the rest of the day.” The penlight disappeared into the front pocket of Brody’s shirt.

The sting of the alcohol wipe did absolutely nothing for his raging headache. Jackson hissed between his teeth, hands clenching as automatic tears watered his eyes. The liquid cooled almost on contact, evaporating, leaving behind a slight film. He caught sight of bloody gauze and winced.

“Do you think we should pull out?”

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Sealed in Stone #28,: by Tali Spencer:

Torrey kept hold of Willem’s wrist, dragging the bigger boy along as he plunged behind the heavy draping into one of the pleasure rooms ringing the Queen’s bedchamber. Some sexual performances required unusual features. The pool room was one such chamber. This vaulted room with machinery was another, though its ropes and winches could not be seen in the dark. But Torrey had explored the Queen’s Chambers well and had chosen this room because it accessed the secret passage.

“This way,” he whispered. Willem was starting to react to their abrupt flight. They’d left behind the clashing of spears.

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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Eight: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Back there? Had Quentin really asked him that? He meant Wonderland, of course.

Didn’t he?

Come to think of it, he’d never answered Dallas’ original question, had misdirected him by going off on a tangent. Again. Avoidance—one of Quentin’s less endearing qualities.

Why did his ex have to be so damned enigmatic? No, scratch that. Crooked was a better word for what ailed him. A crooked snake in the grass who didn’t deserve to be the recipient of Dallas’ love. Too bad Dallas hadn’t seen through him sooner. Would have saved himself a buttload of heartache.

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 25 : by Rob Colton:

Noah was a bit embarrassed talking to Nicholas and Leslie about his Valentine’s dinner. It wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was special to Noah. He left out all the sexy details, but just thinking about it made Noah’s cheeks turn red.

As much as he enjoyed chocolate-covered strawberries, that didn’t begin to compare to riding Eli’s cock, not stopping until they both came… hard. And then they did it again.

All through the talk, Leslie had a goofy grin on her face, making Noah feel self-conscious.

“What?” Noah muttered.

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The Flower Show: by Lily Sawyer:

“Hey Tom, can you bring in the cat litter in from the car for me? I forgot it, and I want to change the box before we head out to the flower show.”

Ben and Tom had planned to go to the flower show in Philly for a while now. They were so sick of winter; they wanted to go somewhere with signs of spring.

“It’s a good thing I work out. A person could get a hernia lugging this thing in.” Tom groaned as he carried the large bag into the laundry room where they kept their cat, Love’s, litter box.

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #4: by; M.A. Church:

Tiger chased Snowball through the house, swatting at his hind legs. Snowball shot through the living area and hauled ass to the kitchen, his claws clicking on the floor, tail held high. He made a lap through the kitchen, slipping and sliding across the tile. A cold breeze from the cracked door skittered across the floor, persuading Snowball to change directions. He yowled playfully over his shoulder at Tiger, then ran under the kitchen table chairs, weaving his way through them, then took a hard right.

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Myths, Secrets and Love 14: by Elyzabeth M. Valey:

“No, it’s not apparent.” Rodric shook his head. Of course it was obvious, the Lord wanted something from him, though what, only he knew. The youngster chuckled.

“Playing the fool in a desperate attempt to get your head around things, are we not, Captain?”

The Lord stood from his seat and stretched, his toned muscles flexing. A shiver raced down Rodric’s spine as the man’s green eyes focused on him.

“Your options are limited, Captain. They are but two.” He lifted his hand, showing off two fingers with long nails. “Option number one is for you to tell me what brought you here. Option number two—“

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Constants and Variables (a Lost fanfic): Part I: by Sarah Hayes:

There are (at least) two separate realities for Desmond Hume.

In one, he walks away from everything—from Eloise Hawking, the Lamp Post, Jack Shepard’s puppy dog eyes, and the bullshit concept of destiny. He goes back to his family, to his wife Penny and their son Charlie. He finds normalcy again, finds love in a world that doesn’t revolve around time travel and defying death. No more leading young men to their deaths, or jumping through time, or that damned island. This is one reality.

In another, Desmond goes back to the island. He returns to his prison. He is back in Jacob’s web.

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Thwarted – Part XXVII: by Renee Stevens:

Mark pressed a light kiss to Trey’s lips and slipped out of bed, careful not to wake him. It was still early, but Jackie was an early bird and he wanted to call and check in with her before the day really got going, since he’d kind of forgotten to call and let her know they’d made it.

He grinned.

He had known that there was something strong between him and Trey, but it was still nice to have it confirmed. The cuddling in bed afterwards hadn’t hurt either. Mark unplugged his phone from the charger and, after slipping on his shoes and a jacket, opened the door and listened. Everything was quiet so he slipped and shut the door gently.

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Controller – Chapter 21 : by Jon Keys:

Eli breathed softly, one hairy leg sticking from under the sheet as he slept. His dark hair went every direction. He never laid still for more than a few minutes before changing directions and his rumbled hair showed it. His mop couldn’t have went more directions if he’d been standing in a tornado. His morning scruff was sexy as hell though, unlike my almost smooth face.

He wasn’t subtle about anything in his life. His huge pride flag dominated most of one wall while a couple of smaller bisexual pride flags flanked it on either side. One thing you had to give Eli, he was out.

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Cia Nordwell:

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