Wednesday Briefs: February 26, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Ghalib’s Decision, part 1: by Grace R. Duncan:

Ghalib approached the malik’s chambers and paused in front of the guards. “Hello, Ghalib!” The one on the left greeted him.

Ghalib smiled. “Good evening, Shahid. How are you this evening?”

“Grateful to be in out of the brewing storm.”

“Indeed.” Ghalib nodded. “We have been busy, closing everything up and making sure everyone is safe.”

Shahid nodded. “It is a lot of work. Captain Akil came through earlier to make sure we were all accounted for. It promises to be a long few days cooped up.”

Ghalib grinned. “I’m sure most will find something to occupy their time. I imagine the pleasure slaves will be quite busy.”

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #3.3: by; M.A. Church:

Once I had the fire going, I closed the screen. Didn’t want to burn the house down while taking a shower. Now that my headache had lessened, I thought I could stand water beating down on my head. Actually, as tight as my neck and shoulders were, a hot shower sounded good. No doubt about it, I was too old for this kind of stuff. Forty was not the new twenty, I didn’t give a damn what they said. For that matter, whoever ‘they’ were… Well, they could kiss my forty-year old ass too. Right now, I felt every ache and pain.

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Catherine’s Revenge – Ch 15: by Nephylim:

“Ash,” Emma was so choked at seeing her brother awake, she couldn’t speak.

“Where am I?” Ash whispered, his voice faint and thin. He blinked heavily and Emma was terrified he’d slip away again.

“You’re in hospital, darling. You’re very sick. Do you remember what happened?”

“She…she’s in…side me. She…cold. Cold, Emma. Dark.”

“I know sweetheart. I know you’re cold. So am I. But you’re not alone anymore. I’m here. Can you feel me? Can you feel my warmth inside you? The warmth of my love in our secret place?”


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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Six: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Dallas arrived at Chaucer’s early. Not that he was anxious to see his ex and certainly not for the questionable pleasure of his company. No, he had other motives for his actions, one being to make sure Quentin didn’t try to blindside him in some way, although he couldn’t have said exactly how he saw that happening. Secondly, he wanted to keep more control of the situation then he generally had in any of his dealings with that lying cheating bastard.

Most of the lunch crowd was gone or on their way out when Dallas arrived, although the bar still had its fair share of occupants. But it wasn’t the bar he wanted. No, he intended to keep his wits about him this day. He had no intention of letting Quentin rattle him or confuse him. And he certainly wasn’t going to accept his lies. Today he wanted only the truth.

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 24 : by Rob Colton:

Noah raced through the front door after Eli, but he didn’t get far. He barreled right into Eli, who stood his ground on the porch stairs. Before he could tumble down the stairs, the bigger man grabbed Noah and put him back on his feet.

The man was so obviously pissed. If Noah didn’t know Eli better, he might have been worried that he still wore his security uniform and had a loaded pistol strapped to his belt.

“Eli.” Noah took a deep breath for courage. “It’s not what it looks like.” Immediately, he winced. Isn’t that what cheaters always say? But in this case it happened to be true. He just hoped Eli would see it.

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Hope – Chapter 21: by Chris T. Kat:

Just fucking great.

My assumed-dead boyfriend was against all odds still alive, but after a death spell had gone wrong he’d ended up as a German Shepherd puppy and the only way for him to revert back to his human-form consisted of eating two dragon scales—one red and one black.

I breathed in and out deeply, or at least I tried. I only managed panicked gulps that showed more resemblance to hyperventilation than anything else.

“Sure,” I croaked when I found my voice back. “Nothing easier than that.”

“Young man, sarcasm isn’t going to help you,” Marisa chided me.

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker, CH 8: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

Alex noticed Nicholas watching him. He’d been silent since he’d been allowed back in the room. They glared at each other as his cousin left the room, but Nicholas never commented.

Slipping on a tee shirt, he shucked his jeans and folded them. “Are you going to speak to me again?”

“Do you want me to?” Nicholas had changed his appearance so he was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. A definite improvement over the nightshirt he wanted to wear when he first arrived.

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m not mad at you.” He stepped into his shorts and pulled his covers back.

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Owen groaned and stretched his limbs, his muscles and bones aching worse than any collateral pain from overexertion. Damn, if he had to feel like he’d run up a mountain carrying a forty pound pack, at least it could be because he’d actually had done it. At least he was warm…a little too warm in fact, and when he tried to roll over he hit a wall. Not a wall a person. Owen froze, his breath caught in his throat. Oh shit! Who had the demon attacked this time?

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It’s All in the Tips #8: by; A.R. Von:

I don’t think she knows who or what she truly is. I still don’t know a hundred percent myself, only a recognizable portion that’s currently calling out to a kindred spirit. The portion of her that’s like me.

Now that I’m sensing a bit more of her, I’m shocked no one else has pointed out to her how valuable her rarity or existence is. To all that exist in the paranormal world she’s a treasure, a queen. I had no idea of it up until her power started seeping, flowing throughout the bar as she plays the piano.

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Pleasant Surprise: by Lily Sawyer:

“Tom?” Ben had come home from the rat race to find a bouquet of assorted fresh flowers sitting on their glass table in the breakfast nook off the kitchen. There were two place settings on the table as well.

“Yes, honey?” Tom had just come in from the deck. He was carrying a tray that had a plate filled with baby beef back ribs he’d barbecued outside.

“What’s the occasion? I know it’s not my birthday or your birthday. Our anniversary is a few months away.” Ben watched Tom place the tray on the counter and proceed to cut the ribs up into two portions.

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Mean Mean Pride (A Lost Fanfic): by Sarah Hayes:

Whoever let it slip to Sawyer that Hurley used to work in a fast food chicken shack was going to get it. They were going to wish that the polar bear had found them first.

Over the course of the day, Hurley had been addressed as the following: Chicken Boy, Frybo, Colonel Sanders, Grease Trap, a rhyme-based play on ‘shack’ that even made Jack blush, and what he assumed was something rude about chickens in pidgin Korean. So not only was Sawyer stepping up his nickname game, but he was picking things up from Jin to boot, who probably just thought Sawyer had an invested interest in poultry.

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Revelations: by Larry Benjamin:

Walking into the bathroom, Jason reached under the sink and retrieved his dopp kit. He placed it on the counter. Opening the medicine cabinet, he caught his reflection in the mirror, and stopped to look at himself. He ran a finger over his bare upper lip. He still hadn’t grown accustomed to his new look. He’d had a mustache since he was nineteen. Now, his upper lip looked naked and vulnerable, as naked and vulnerable as he felt much of the time lately.

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Sunrise: by Victoria Adams:

Sian leaned forward, scooped some cool lake water in her hand and splashed her burning face. She hated the fact she blushed so easily. The water felt good as it streamed over her cheeks.

She tried to stop the image of the look of surprise and pleasure that was on J’dol’s face when he saw her. The primitiveness of the way he strode out of the water, like a tiger stalking his prey and she knew she was the intended victim. She curled her toes in the sand. J’dol wanted her.

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Radio Static #2; by Shelly Schulz:

Jackson grabbed another bottle of water, twisted off the top and dumped the package of drink mix into it. Lumps of orange powder floated on the surface, he re-capped it and shook it hard. It barely mixed together but he chugged it down anyway, grimacing as a chunk of powder slid down his throat. He turned, hearing rustling in the brush behind him. Brody emerged a few moments later. The man looked like he had stepped off the pages of a LL Bean catalog, and knowing the jerk’s disposable income he had.

“Yo,” Jackson said as way of greeting.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 9: by Cia Nordwell:

The strange man was back again. Yuri titled his head, watching him talk to his family. Well, not his family, but they took him in. They didn’t look like him, so Yuri knew he didn’t grow up there. He really liked the kids though.

He liked the guy with white wings who came sometimes too. He was really cool. His name was V…vuh… Yuri scowled and stomped in a circle. Why couldn’t he remember? He knew he’d seen him before, just like the human with the funny smell.

Yuri tilted his head. He’d heard his name. Were they talking about…

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Sealed in Stone, #26: by Tali Spencer:

When Cyrrhi’s warriors came for them, Torrey wrapped Willem in his arms to prevent him from fighting. There was no escape. A nom Queen’s phase was the most dangerous three days on the planet. Her pheromones filled the air, not just in her chamber but throughout her nom. Every nomari that inhaled her scent became aggressive and hypersensitive. Warriors, especially, attacked anything—anyone—perceived to be a threat to their Queen.

A combative human male mindless with sexual urges would be considered a threat.

Stay with me. Torrey spoke to Willem through kisses and the urgent press of their bodies.

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It’s Djinn-tastic! ch. 4 (Cont.): by Raine O’Tierney:

Forks and knives scraped plates, rings knocked glasses, someone cleared their throat, the refrigerator hummed in the kitchen, but no one had spoken a word since Micah and Freckles took their seats at the table.

Micah stole furtive glances at Zach. Freckles had said Zach been watching him? Really? He let his eyes take in Zach’s handsome face. He’d pulled his long, sun-lightened hair back in a braid that—if the flower clips were any indication—Jinn Blossom had ‘assisted’ with. Micah was struck by how much the Zach at this table was like Zacharie he’d fallen so hard for […]

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Controller – Chapter: by Jon Keys:

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