I Love It Rough Blogtour Stop #3 Michael Mandrake.

Roughmm1 Michael Mandrake: Greetings and happy Monday to all. Thanks to all of you for dropping by. Yesterday I interviewed my sexy muse, Kajika Fortier from the New Orleans…

Frankie Choteau: Mike, it’s N’awlins… c’mon say it with me, N’awlins… not New Orleans. *rolls eyes* You named the series, say it right nah!

*audience laughs*

Michael Mandrake: *nibbles on bottom lip, eyes dart from side to side* Um, yes, right mate. Well, please welcome Detective Frankie Choteau to the show today.

*audience claps*

Frankie Choteau: *waves to audience and flashes wide smile* Thank you but the big applause should be for my lovah boy. Anyways, Mike what’s up man? Why did ya call me away from the station for this?

Michael Mandrake: *cocks eyebrow* Well, I wanted you to fill in the good people about the new book and tells us more about the cop aspect of your job.

Frankie Choteau: Ah, alright but you owe me? *points finger at Michael* *licks lips and cracks knuckles* Anyways good peeps, I Love it Rough is the sequel to I Like Em Pretty. In the first book, Kajika and I fall in love after something real bad happens to his lover. He’s a suspect in the case but he’s eventually acquitted when we go further into the investigation. In this newest book, there’s another murder in New Orleans and once again, I’m on the case but I wasn’t feelin’ myself so, I give my man and friends some shit in the process.

*audience oohs and aahs*

Michael Mandrake: Mhmm, I see and, this murder in the new book. Tell the audience more about that?

Frankie Choteau: *stares blankly at Michael* Well, it’s a killing, Mike; a murder by strangulation and well, let’s just say it jars me a little. The victim is a stripper so of course I’m afraid for Kajika’s safety but as all of us expect, my baby holds it together. I’m the one that doesn’t.

Michael Mandrake: I see, and what is the biggest difference between this book and the last one?

Frankie Choteau: Oh that’s easy. The first one was more about Kaj and I getting together but this one’s geared more toward my job as a cop and the pressures of coming out to my fellow police. Plus we got some new peoples here on board. A new chief, Quinn Murray who’s a hard ass but gay like me, and the new crime scene investigator, Waylon Mooney makes an appearance too. Kenina gets a little bitchier in this book too. I love her but dayum the girl can get under your skin and well, a little something happens between me and Orrin that might raise some eyebrows.

*audience gasps and whispers*

Frankie Choteau: No, nah, don’t jump to conclusions. *stretched his hands out in front of him* It’s not what you think but I’ll tell ya this much, it was hot. Shh, don’t tell Kaj. He’ll find out later.

Michael Mandrake: Mhmm, I see. So, let’s stop giving away secrets. What do you feel is the best thing about the series so far?

Frankie Choteau: Oh I’d definitely have to say the twists in the story. First book, my girl gets attacked and this one’s got some surprises too. This murderer is something else. He’s real creepy. We need to find this sonofabitch Michael. We can’t let him go on too much longer right?

Michael Mandrake: Indeed we will Frankie. I thank you so much for dropping by and taking time out of your busy schedule.

*audience clasps and whistles*

Frankie Choteau: Thank you, Mike. It’s been a real fine workin’ wicha bro. *smiles and waves at crowd* Go on out and buy the book!

Livin’ in N’awlins ain’t all that easy…

Kajika Fortier loves his job, the attention he gets from onlookers, and Frankie Choteau. However, his new partner’s jealousy, mood swings, and over protectiveness drives Kajika to the brink but at the same time, excites him to no end.

To complicate things further, a murderer is on the loose looking for blood. All three of the killer’s victims are strippers which not only makes Frankie nervous about Kajika’s safety but leaves him questioning his love for being a homicide detective. Coupled with the stresses of cold cases as well as some fellow officers shunning him for coming out, Frankie is having second thoughts about staying in New Orleans. Despite the encouragement from Vance, Kenina, and Orrin as well as new chief Quinn Murray, Frankie is wondering if his life’s passion really is to catch the killers.

Will the new couple survive these new issues that impede their nearly perfect union? Or will the relationship fail, thus leaving Kajika alone and a target for New Orleans latest serial killer? Detective Choteau and Kajika’s commitment to one another is being tested in more ways than one and they only have one another to lean on.

“Babe? Frankie?” Kajika’s voice snapped him out of his haze, and he rushed to the living room to greet his man. The moment Frankie met the brown gaze of his husband to be, his breath caught in his chest. He sure loved to look at the beautiful man Kajika Fortier had always been.

“Hey, sugah.” Frankie grabbed his arms and brought him in for a passionate kiss on the lips. Just that sent a stir to his groin he knew he’d need to take care of immediately. “How was work?”

Kajika reciprocated the embrace. “Long.” He dropped his bag and kicked it over in front of the closet. “I danced for almost forty minutes. Lana didn’t show up at the club tonight. I tried calling her, but she didn’t pick up. I really wanted to stop by but not without someone. I recall you telling me about the rash of assaults in her neighborhood.”

Frankie nodded and massaged his man’s shoulders. “I’m glad you didn’t go by there alone, babe. Perhaps we’ll go check on her tomorrow after our early dinner? Perhaps she was sick or something or her phone ran out of juice.”

Kajika agreed and wrapped his arms around Frankie’s waist. “I suppose.” Kajika’s worried expression instantly transformed to a smile. “So, my man, what did you do all day besides call and get me in trouble with everyone?”

“Who me?” Frankie pointed to himself, and his eyes widened in surprise. “Nah, them girls just jealous, that’s all, especially Naomi. I don’t know what’s taking Orrin so long to ask her out on a formal date.”

“Me neither.” Kajika clicked his teeth and leaned forward, taking a small bit of Frankie’s bottom lip in between his own. “I mean, they looked like they’d hit it off real well when we all got together at the club weeks ago. She said they talk on the phone almost every weekend, but Orrin gets so busy at the station.”

Frankie groaned and reached around his lover’s body, clenching his buttocks tightly between his fingers. Surges of energy instantly shot to his groin and his nipples in response to Kajika’s affections. “Yeah, well, I know all about that. Still, he’s had a chance or two to just grab a bite with her or even a drink. Perhaps now that Kenie’s back he can try asking her out.”

“Hopefully so. My girl needs some dick, so she’ll stop snapping on me.” Kajika laughed, moving forward into Frankie’s touches. He traced the lines of his face as well as his newly trimmed mustache and beard. “Well, enough about them. What’s on the agenda for our first night alone in a while, hmm? I’m not real hungry…for food, anyway. We had a quickie in the shower this morning−”

“Which ain’t enough, lover.” Frankie gripped Kajika’s ass and lifted him from the floor, licking his lips like a tasty treat. He flashed a wicked grin. “I’m ready to go all night if we have to, sweetheart. I’ve been resting up for you all damn day.”

Kajika chuckled and shifted, wrapping his legs around Frankie’s waist. “Then show me, babe. I’m not too tired to get it on into the wee hours, Frankie.” Kajika caressed Frankie’s lips with his fingertips, pushing one into his mouth.

Frankie hungrily accepted, taking Kajika’s entire finger in, sucking it to the knuckle. “With pleasure−”

Before Frankie could finish his sentence, his phone buzzed in his pocket, disturbing him from further thought.

Frankie grimaced but continued to hold onto Kajika. “Damn! I knew I should’ve switched this fucking thing off!”

“Ugh!” Kajika forced himself out of Frankie’s grip and frowned, petulantly crossing his arms over his chest. “Should I go to the bedroom and wait for you or expect to be eating a late night snack alone, watching I Love Lucy re-runs?”

Frankie glanced at the screen and held his finger up to wait.

Of course the station was calling to interrupt his special moment. “Hello?”

“Frankie, Kenie here. I need you in here now, man. Orrin and Vance are on another case, and I need backup. There’s been a murder near Louis Three again.”

Frankie cursed silently and shook his head.

“Erg!” Kajika stomped out of the room, not bothering to look back.

“Seriously? Goddamnit, I…” Frankie ran his hand over his head, thinking of an excuse not to go in. “Damn, Kenie, I was trying to enjoy my night off, and low and behold we gotta case on your first night back.”

Frankie could hear her grin through the phone. “Yeah, just your dumb luck, huh, beloved? Come on, boy, don’t make me come and get you, right? I’m sorry I might be spoiling the evening with your pretty boy lovah, but−”

Frankie rolled his eyes and sighed, knowing his man would be very upset. “No, you’re really not, but whatever. What’s the address?”

“Thirty Seven, Seventeen Orleans is the address. We’ll−”

Frankie’s eyes bulged, and his heart stopped.

Could it be? Oh hell!

“Kenie, you said a murder at that address?”

Kenina cleared her throat. “Yes, sir, can we…”

“I’ll see you in about twenty.” Frankie’s heart sped up not knowing what the heck to say to his man who was already upset about their plans being interrupted. Just how the hell would he say that his fellow dancer might be a victim of murder?


Overall Series Blurb

The N’awlins Exotica/Paranormal series

The city of New Orleans is rich in tradition, diverse, and known for the inspiration it provides. In the “Big Easy” there lies the hunger for the erotic as well as the unknown. The residents here feel that sexual energy and it reveals itself through their various creative activities.

Join the characters as they take a wild ride on the edge, enjoying their town for all it has to offer. There’s a certain magic in the air, an erotic magic that cannot be ignored.


To find out more about book one, I Like Em Pretty, click the banner


Ryland and Ryder Durand, twins in love


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About the Author and the muse

Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality. Thorough these, he builds worlds not centered on erotica but rather the mainstream plots we might encounter in everyday life through personal experiences or the media. To find out more please visit http://tabooindeed.blogspot.com.

Author Sharita Lira: In one word, crazy. Just crazy enough to have 3 different muses running around in her head, driving her to sheer exhaustion with new plot bunnies and complex characters.

This happily married mother of two beautiful children loves music, computers, reading, and still enjoys reading and writing fanfiction. She’s a proud member of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, as well as an advocate for rights of LGBT citizens. She’s also a contributor to the heavy metal ezine Fourteeng.net.

For more information, please visit http://www.thelitriad.com as well as her Facebook fanpage, The Literary Triad.

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