Wednesday Briefs: February 5, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Myths, Secrets and Love 11: by Elyzabeth M. Valey:

“Say what?”

Arjä laughed.

“They deemed you were honest in your quest and helped. That, Captain, is the map that will lead you toward the man you love.”

Rodric opened his mouth to protest but no words came out. He shuddered as he recalled the heart wrenching desperation he had gone through just thinking that he had never found Fergus. It was time he came to grip with reality. Clearing his throat, he glanced down at the weather-beaten map in his hand.

“Devil’s Island.” He looked up at Arjä, who was staring back at him with twinkling eyes. Rodric scowled.

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker, CH 5: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

Alex stared blankly at Nicholas for a moment. How? And why here and now?

“Are…” He stopped himself from asking the obvious. Nicholas’ presence told him the angel was sure. “Do you have any more details?”

Nicholas moved closer to the counter, still seeming disinterested. “Nothing concrete. Your father is sending his best trackers as well as a guard detail for you.”

His shock evaporated when he heard this new information. “No way, we had a deal.”

“We can talk about this back in the room, but for now, I’m going to shadow you everywhere–” his eyes drifted over Alex’s shoulder to where Austin sat. “–even there.”

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It’s Djinn-tastic! ch. 4: by Raine O’Tierney:

“You should dye your freakin’ hair again,” Freckles snapped at me. She glared at the two outfits in her hands before apparently deciding neither was good enough because she threw them onto the bed. “You look so weird.”

I ran my hands through my short brown curls. I had to agree. Natural color, natural style; very nondescript. Nothing like my old blue-tipped fauxhawk. I looked weird for me. I hadn’t dyed or styled my hair or done more than trim it for over a year. But her bringing it up now had more to do with our new roommates downstairs […]

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Turk’s lips were soft and deliciously warm, and a shudder bulleted through Owen, curling his toes. When the lips against his remained rigid, though, Owen felt his dread return. He wondered, again, if he’d just imagined Turk’s gentle touches and whispered promises. He was certain that Turk didn’t see Owen; he saw a monster, evil incarnate, something to be killed, destroyed. Even if Turk didn’t kill Owen, that blatant truth would.

Owen tried to pull away, shame raising hot patches on his cheeks, when fingertips suddenly caressed his neck. Time ceased as Turk’s lips slowly gained momentum, and then parted, allowing Owen’s tongue to thrust into his mouth.

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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Three: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Sometimes Samuel sat behind his imposing mahogany desk, fingers steepled against his sensual lips, regarding Dallas with his unusual coppery eyes flecked with green. Watching him, like a cat waiting in front of a mouse hole waits for the mouse to emerge. Except he wasn’t only the cat, he was the bait, too, wasn’t he?

Other times, he pulled up a chair close to the leather couch Dallas lay on, so close that it took all of Dallas’ self-restraint not to reach out and touch him in inappropriate ways.

Ways that were far less inappropriate when they’d been together in Wonderland.

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Sunrise: by Victoria Adams:

Sian yawned and stretched. She placed her hands on J’dol’s thigh and pushed up to sitting. “Good morning. Did you sleep well? The couch and me lying on you couldn’t have been too comfy.”

“I did not sleep. I kept watch for Ian.”

She glanced sideways at the television. A cartoon flashed on the screen. “You figured out TV? What’re you watching?”

“I do not understand, but there is that being.” He pointed at the screen. “He has strange feet and a carrot growing out of the top of his head.”

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Adel, Part 3: by Grace R. Duncan:

Ghalib considered him for a long time without speaking. Adel let the silence sit giving Ghalib the chance to work it out. Finally, with a sigh, Ghalib spoke. “As you are aware, I am a servant here in the palace. I do the work of footmen, pages, whatever is requested of me, really.” He shrugged a shoulder but Adel could see this was anything but casual. “I…” He paused and dropped his gaze to his hands, which picked at an invisible spot on his pants. Finally, he took a deep breath, Adel saw him brace himself, then, “I am… restless. I wish to be something else, something more than a servant. But…” He trailed off, shrugged a shoulder and kept his focus on his hands.

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Controller – Chapter 16 : by Jon Keys:

I resisted the urge to tug at the microphone strapped to my chest. This whole thing felt like a scene out of a Bond movie, but by now I’d been prompted by Heather and the campus police until I was sick of it. I’d talked to Eli non-stop about what I was expected to do. My gut still clenched at what we were trying to pull off. Eli wanted to come with me, but the cops wouldn’t let him. Not a huge surprise.

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It’s All in the Tips #6: by; A.R. Von:

I’m glad Sera finally got the picture and left. I’m so tired of that female trying to get her claws in me. Sick of it to be honest. She always pops up at the worst times, which is all of the time. She’s currently the only individual in existence that can piss me off so quickly with her persistence. Normally I respect a person that never gives up, not in this case. There’s something about her, a negative, unattractive vibe that crawls on my flesh when she’s near. I take it as a warning to stay clear. My gut is normally a reliable source.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 5: by Cia Nordwell:

Benny yawned. He had a rare day off to spend watching Yuri. He’d brought a blanket to lay on since the ground was still damp, but the sun was shining. Spring was in full swing. The sun warmed the damp ground, and the smell of dirt and green, growing things surrounded him.

He’d moved closer to the eyrie than ever before, confident the myriad of smells would hide his scent. Yuri was playing with the children, letting them climb like a tree before they jumped off and ‘flew’ to the ground. The Falcon youngers shrieked and laughed. Benny rolled onto

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Pancakes and Passion – Chapter 6: by Lily Velden:

I made it back to the bathroom so fast, my cock waving around like an orchestra conductor’s baton, I wondered if, maybe, I was a superhero and just didn’t know it. Not even Flash Gordon could have made it there any quicker.

Rory, God love him, was still seated on the floor of my shower with his face tilted up into the spray. He looked like an angel. Wet and bedraggled, and beyond sexy, but an angel nonetheless.

He must have heard me so, though I might have super speed and all, I was definitely no ninja.

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In Sickness, Part I: by Sarah Hayes:

“My stomach hurts.”

Marie wheeled around in her chair to find Doctor Stein, looking paler than usual, in his patchwork pajamas. It was late and Marie had been deep in paperwork for the DWMA. She should have expected Stein to intrude at least once, especially since they were rooming together and the good doctor kept unusual hours. He was once up at four in the morning, testing electrical currents on cactus while playing opera.

But Stein was not playing mad scientist tonight. He looked absolutely sickly. Was it the madness, the strange affliction which kept him off the front lines and out of the classroom since the Brew incident? It was always an underlying problem, although some days were better than others. It was why Marie and Stein were now sharing the same abode; she was the only one trusted by Lord Death to look after the man and make sure he didn’t pose a threat to himself—or to others.

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Catherine’s Revenge – Ch 13: by Nephylim:

Hour after hour the anxious wait went on. One by one test results came back to show that the only abnormal thing in Ash’s body was the unnatural cold which, despite their best efforts, the doctors could do nothing to dispel.

Emma sat at the side of Ash’s bed, holding her brother’s hand, and watching him sleep, as Adam discussed the latest test results with the doctor. She let their voices wash over her, with little interest. There was nothing the doctors could tell her she didn’t already know.

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Hope – Chapter 19: by Chris T. Kat:

“I’ll do my best,” she replied.

Whatever did she mean? Either she could explain or she couldn’t. Shane climbed onto my lap, his paws digging into my thighs. I grunted and shifted him into my arms, so his paws wouldn’t press—accidentally or willingly—into important body parts.

Shane rested his head on my shoulder after he’d swiped his tongue over my left cheek. His breath tickled my throat but I refrained from manhandling him into a different position. The steady in- and exhale of his breathing was a comfortable reminder of his being alive.

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Uncool – #8: by Tali Spencer:

I returned to Lenie’s apartment with Chinese takeout. We’d spent the past three Christmas nights together and lo mein was our traditional Christmas night feast. She was waiting with a string of lights glowing across the window and two place settings plus a single lighted candle on her coffee table. Lenie’s all about details.

“So what’d you find out?” she asked.

“It’s worse than I thought.”


“He’s not bad looking.”

“You are so shallow.”

“I know. But that doesn’t help. And I haven’t been able to unearth exactly what happened between my dad and Bradley.”

“It happened seven years ago.”

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Sire and Justice #3: by Michael Mandrake:

“Mmph.” Justice held onto his lover as if his life depended on it. He sighed deeply, trying to hold back the tears starting to fall from his eyelids. He’d done it. Justice made himself relevant in Sire’s life and all he needed to do now was convince his Sire to make that next step. Though Sire seemed to be backtracking on the agreement they’d made months ago, Justice was still happy at how much progress they’d made in this short time period.

Sire’s azure eyes met Justice’ gaze. He kissed him lightly on the lips. “What’s wrong, lover? Why the tears?” Sire gently brushed his calloused hand against Justice’ face. “I thought you’d be happy to be with me long term.”

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #2.3: by; M.A. Church:

“Okay, okay, okay.” I held out my hands—like that would stop the room from tilting—and snickered. “Okay. Think it’s time to go to bed.”

A quick glance at the fire showed me it had burned down. Good, I didn’t have to worry with that. Putting both hands on the couch, I pushed myself up. Which would have worked perfectly fine if my left hand hadn’t slid off the couch. Huh. Had my hand actually been on the couch? It damn sure wasn’t now. Maybe that was why I was listing to the side with my elbow crammed into the other couch cushion.

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 22 : by Rob Colton:

“I love you, Noah.”

Now that Eli had actually gone and said the words aloud, Noah was trying not to freak out. Especially given the fact that the bigger man was on top of him, ready to slide into his body. There was nowhere to run. He didn’t know how to respond. Should he say it back, despite the fact that the thought of telling another man he loved him was terrifying? And if he didn’t say it, would Eli be upset?

One of Eli’s hands moved around Noah’s head. Using his thumb, he began to massage between Noah’s brows. “No pressure, baby,” he said quietly. “I just needed you to know how I feel about you

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