Toss Up Tuesday – The Fussy Librarian – by Lily Velden

Fussy Librarian

Last week I got introduced to a terrific site for both readers and authors.


The premise of their service is they will act as a reader’s personal librarian and source quality books which match the unique interests and preferences of the reader. They do this by having you fill out a questionnaire at the time of signing up for their service, which is FREE!!!

I’ve copied in below a screenshot of the sign up-cum-parameter setting page. As you can see its just a matter of selecting the genres etc., you fancy!

What I do LURVE about this site is that it allows you to select the level of cussing, walloping, and sexing you prefer!

No need to ask mine…

Fussy Librarian Reader

They guarantee to provide you only with, and I quote: Always the good stuff.
The way they are able to back up this guarantee is in the books they list.
In order for an author to list their book(s) with THE FUSSY LIBRARIAN they must fit within certain guidelines.
I’ve copied in a screenshot of the parameters, but essentially a book must have a minimum of 10 reviews and an average of 4.0 on Amazon or B&N.
Alternatively, if a book has 20+ reviews then it must have an average rating on Amazon or B&N of at least 3.5.
Fussy Librarian Author

I have signed up as a reader and thus far can vouch for the quality of the book suggestions I’ve been emailed.

I also submitted one of my books for listing and was pleasantly surprised at the speed with which THE FUSSY LIBRARIAN processed my application.

As far as I can tell, the only drawback to the service is the upper monetary limit set on the sell price of submissions which is $5.99. The limit means that many full length novels released by the likes of Dreamspinner Press, Riptide Publishing, and MLR Press etc., are not eligible for listing at full price and would only qualify should Amazon or B&N heavily discount them.

Still, I live in hope – the service is relatively new.

Who knows, perhaps they will lift the limit to allow more books to be listed!

More quality books can only be better… right?

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