Wednesday Briefs: January 15, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Sunrise: by Victoria Adams:

The pain started small and deep inside his head, but with each breath it grew until J’dol was convinced the top of his head would explode. He groaned and tried to move. His arms refused to obey his command. “Oy, how much did I drink last night?” He raised his right hand to his eyes and was puzzled when his left hand rose also. He hand no time to ponder his hand’s strange behavior as his thigh muscle chose that moment to protest it’s position and cramped. “Ahh! Shit. Can things get any worse?”

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Catherine’s Revenge – Ch 14: by Nephylim:

Emma was shocked to her core. He could have saved them? He could have saved them all? He could save Ash?

“But….  You could have saved them. You could have saved them all, and Catherine wouldn’t have hurt anyone, ever again.”

“She would have hurt me.” Tristan said, quietly, his eyes downcast.

Emma turned away and focused on Ash. She was too furious even to look at Tristan.

“Please,” he said. “Please try to understand.”

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PANCAKES AND PASSION Chapter 05: by Lily Velden

Oh my God!

Embarrassment plus.

Scratch that.

This was beyond mere embarrassment.

This was a catastrophe.

Please Lord, let the earth open up and swallow me whole. Preferably with some hellfire and brimstone to turn me into a pile of ash.

I came with the force of an out of control fireman’s hose.

I practically had to wrestle my cock to the ground.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not. I wish I was. God, how I wish I was.

Meanwhile, Rory, was screeching like a banshee.

He didn’t have to tell me why.

Cum in your eyes stings like a bitch.

Worse than a bitch. That implies only one…

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker, CH 2: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

Alex started to wonder if his parents had lied to him. “I don’t care about being in the assembly, much less being a leader.”

“Nonsense.” Nicholas rolled his eyes. “All your family members have been in the assembly for centuries. It’s expected of you.”

He turned his back on his guardian before he did something stupid again.” They told you to do this, didn’t they?

“What are you talking about?” Annoyed, Nicholas almost growled at Alex. “Who told me to do what?”

“Never mind.” Alex kept his gaze on the poster of Cristiano Ronaldo on the dorm wall. He didn’t need Nicholas to confirm what he already knew. “Go make your report and leave me alone, okay.”

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Myths, Secrets and Love 8: by Elyzabeth M. Valey:

Rodric trudged through the path in sullen silence. Arjä walked at his side clearly at ease. The woman was a constant source of irritation to him. She was, as Fergus would say, disgustingly pleasant. She was the sort of person he and his mate would poke fun at and yet, secretly admire. Rodric clenched his teeth. That was what grated him. He respected the wench.

From the moment she’d boarded the ship, she’d taken command of the situation. The men, asses as they all were, tried to intimidate her, but the unicorn princess took dirt from no one.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 1: by Cia Nordwell

Benny dug his claws into the mud. He needed the anchor to stay in his spot hidden at the base of a pine tree. The fragrant needles helped hide his scent so he could get close to the eyrie.

It was close, but not close enough. It was never close enough.

Instinct drove Benny to race down the slope. The slender Carthera wouldn’t be able to stop him. He could be down there, amid the young rolling around on the ground, in seconds. He trembled with need.

The memory of Yuril’s frantic screaming was the only thing holding Benny back.

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Trapped in Time II – Chapter 13: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

I stand there, frozen, wasting precious moments while I try to collect my thoughts. What has happened, and how can I fix it and make things right between us? How can I engender a spark of recognition inside of him so that he will know me again?

I did not come all this way to find him simply to give up and walk away. That is not how we do things where I come from. But I realize that if I run after them now, I will only make things worse. A conundrum, indeed, when my heart tells me to go but my brain tells me to stay.

In other news, Michelle and I are finishing up the second book in our Moonlit Skies series and should be able to sub this week! yay!

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #1.3: by; M.A. Church

I ate at the kitchen table, my uninvited houseguest not far from me. Our meal passed quickly and silently. Guess he wasn’t the only one hungry. While I cleaned up, he prowled the kitchen, sniffing every corner. I smirked at the occasional sneeze. I wasn’t what anyone would call a great housekeeper.

He followed me back to the living area and made himself right at home. I sat on the hearth, stoking the fire. I didn’t know much about cats, but he was a pretty kitty. I’d never seen eyes quite that color, much less seen one as big as him.

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Standing By In Sickness And In Health: by Lily Sawyer:

Achoo, achoo. The sound of repetitive sneezing could be heard coming from the living room.

“Tom, are you okay?” Ben put the groceries he’d beencarrying onto the kitchen counter and made his way into the living room where his husband, Tom, was lying on the couch. He was covered in a green throw. A box of tissues sat next to him on the coffee table and a pile of used tissues was growing taller as he threw another one on top. There was a roaring fire in the fireplace. Ben loved how he and Tom would start off many a romantic evening  by lighting a fire. But that wasn’t going to happen tonight, not with Tom under the weather.

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Hope – Chapter 16: by Chris T. Kat:

Here I was, sitting with a puppy who was supposed to be Shane, cradling him in my arms after accusing him of leaving me alone.

“Can things get any worse?” I asked. Shane gazed at me, his head slightly tilted to the left side. One of his ears was perked and the other one flopped, which caused me to smile despite the guilt nagging at me.

“I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just… not a good feeling, letting my anger get the better of me.” I shrugged and stared at nothing in particular until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 19 : by Rob Colton:

“He what?”

Eli froze mid-cut. He stabbed the knife into the loaf of bread, and turned to stare at Noah.

Noah nervously twisted his lips, then pushed his glasses up his nose. “I shouldn’t have told you.”

“You’re damn right. Because now I have to kill the smug bastard.”


Eli cut him off, shaking his head. He refused to hear it. The dick had gone too far this time. “No, Noah. He does not get to come to your job and threaten you.” He cursed under his breath, mumbling to himself, “I should have known he wouldn’t have stopped.”

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Calisto and Valios; by Michael Mandrake:

Calisto! No, what are you doing?

A telepathic voice sounded in Calisto’s head as he stood waiting for the final blow from the demon he loved. He knew this move would get Valios’ attention but also someone’s in the heavens, either Michael’s or the Father’s.


“Leave me be, Michael! I want the man I love to put me out of my misery! Better death than to be with someone I’ll love!” Calisto stuck out his chest and opened his arms, waiting for Valios to give the final blow to strike him down. Tears fell from his eyelids and beads of sweat gathered on his brow. His heart thudded against his ribs, afraid of what the demon was capable of but this he knew would be the only way. “Valios…” Calisto gnashed his teeth. “Now!”

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Controller – Chapter 13 : by Jon Keys:

“Hey, knock it off!”

I slowed my pace, peering across the darkening campus. That voice sounded familiar. I was already late for class, but I knew that voice. I turned slowly, trying to hear it again.



I closed my eyes, hoping it would help me locate the person. The sound of unsteady footsteps came my way. I eased closer and was almost hosed as some guy puked just in front of me. He hung onto a tree and barfed two or three times. I hate the smell of vomit. It makes me gag and then I’m puking too. It’s not a good thing.

As the guy stood upright, he wiped his mouth along his arm. The strands of spit coated his sleeve and glistened in the growing moonlight. Gross.

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Like a spectator, Owen could only watch as the demon lunged with great speed and grabbed hold of the guard who’d escorted Owen to the bathroom. Owen could feel the warm, stubbled skin of the man’s neck under his hand. The pressure from his hand increased and the man’s eyes widened in fear. The strength flowing through Owen’s body was immense and a heady rush of power expanded in every cell. Despite the guard having four inches and fifty pounds on him, Owen knew that his hand could crush the man’s windpipe with little effort.

“I am stronger than ten men,” the Incubus agreed. “But we will not be killing this man.”

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Thwarted – Part XXI: by Renee Stevens

“Time to get up.”

Lips pressed against Mark’s then retreated as a weight settled on the edge of the bed.

Mark groaned and opened his eyes to see Trey sitting next to him.

“What time is it?”  It couldn’t be six yet, he’d set his alarm and he hadn’t heard it go off.

“A little before six.”

Mark groaned and covered his eyes with his arm.  “I thought we weren’t getting up until six.”

“I woke up early and went out to get us breakfast.  Fresh cinnamon rolls, covered in icing”—Trey grinned—“and coffee.”


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It’s Djinn-tastic! ch. 2: by Raine O’Tierney:

I left Freckles snoring gently in our room the next morning and went down to the lobby. The hotel staff had set up an impressive breakfast buffet. I loaded up my plate with fruit and eggs and a couple of slices of ham, stopping only to grab a cup of black coffee, before I found an open table near one of the windows.

We had a plane to catch that afternoon. One of many, many planes—all of them scheduled as late in the day as Freckles’ travel agent could manage. If there was one thing my new wife hated, it was mornings.

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Stuck on You; by L.M. Brown

Paul’s sprint became a flat out run as he spied the elevator doors closing.  “Hold the doors!” he yelled, though whether anyone could understand him with a mouth full of bagel was debatable.

Thankfully, whoever was in the lift already held it long enough for him to jump inside.  He turned to thank the occupant and couldn’t hide his groan when he saw his saviour was in fact his office rival.

“Working late?” Lewis asked.

“Clearly,” Paul muttered as he hit the button for the ground floor.

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Uncool – #5: by Tali Spencer:

Of course there was more to this, there had to be… or Stewart would be angrier. I’d seen him deeply angry, furious in fact, and this wasn’t it. This was more like frustration.

“While I don’t know much about his business dealings with your father, I know a lot about Reed Bradley’s character as a dominant. We’ve moved in the same circles for more years than I care to count. He’s discreet, experienced, and has a good reputation. He knows I’m acting as your dom—and he’s respected that arrangement. He didn’t try to get to you behind my back. He has always approached me first. Until last night.”

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