The Evolution Of The Wednesday Brief Flashers

Warning: Probability of being Flashed is High!

Every Wednesday, a group of authors – and it is an eclectic group – post free fiction as a give back to their readers and fans. There are ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’ – use a prompt, 1000 words or less, post on Wednesdays – but the penalty for not following them is a bad case of guilt.  The original ‘plan’ was for each author to list the links to other flashers so readers would find it easier to follow their favorite authors, or better yet, find a new favorite. That worked well, but as a group we decided to make everyone’s work more accessible.

From that desire to make the briefs more accessible the Wednesday Briefs Website was born. Every Wednesday the site posts a list of all flashers and a mini brief of the author’s brief. The hope is that if you can see the title and read a bit up front, you might know a bit more about the author and take a chance – hey, it’s free the only thing you ‘lose’ is a few ergs of bandwidth and a couple minutes to read – and check to your heart’s content!

That too has worked well, but now we as a group are going a bit further. If you’ll note on the site, there is an ‘Author’ tab. There you’ll find a bio for all the regular flashers.  In addition, authors are starting to list their books under their name so you can see more of your favorite authors in one place.

Next – starting this week we’re going to give you even more. Since many of the authors are regular publishers, we’re going to give readers a list of all new releases from the Wednesday Briefs Flashers.  We’re also going to start spotlighting older books from our members.  And finally, look for author interviews, spotlights and just random posts by our member authors that will give you a bit more information about everyone on the site.

Although rules and guidelines are mushy concepts to most of us, the site is going to try to have a schedule of posts.  The goal is to have something five days a week, but that won’t always be possible. But as before, Wednesday will always be the day to flash and be flashed, so be sure to check in with us every week.

Here’s a schedule of ‘events’ we hope to follow:

Monday:  Meet The Author Monday – Guest Posts and Author Interviews.

Tuesday: Toss Up Tuesday – Open for anything

Wednesday:  New Flash Fiction..

Thursday: Throw Back Thursday – Back List

Friday: First Look Friday – New Release

Sat & Sun: Whatever Weekend – Open for anything.

Last be sure to like our Facebook Page to keep tabs on what’s coming and going.

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