Meet The Author: Grace R. Duncan

As mentioned yesterday, the Wednesday Brief Flashers are going to try be posting more frequently on the site. In keeping with our tentative weekly schedule, Monday is meet the author.  To kick off this new feature, Grace R. Duncan has agreed to share a bit about herself and her work.

Meet The Author: Grace R. Duncan


I am fairly new to professional writing – less than a year, at this point.  Choices was my first published novel, my first truly professional endeavor.  I’ve self-pubbed one story before that and since, I’ve added a second novel in the Golden Collar series, a free short and a piece in the Advent Calendar.  The rest of my writing started out as fanfiction, which I’d been doing for some four years before Choices was published.

In all that time, I have been writing adult-oriented fiction.  I like sex, I like to write it and in all the stories I’ve written, only one has prompted someone to tell me that I had too much sex in there.  And I have gotten some really nasty reviews over my fanfiction.  I write BDSM – quite a bit – and I’m not ashamed of that.  Because many of my stories are BDSM-centric, they also involve a lot of sex.  (BDSM doesn’t *have* to involve sex, it just normally does. But that discussion is for another day.)

So, imagine my surprise when the first negative comments to come back on Choices was talking about there being too much sex.  Tacked on to that involved comments about it being the same sex over and over and I have to say that I was really surprised.  I had gone to great lengths to keep the sex scenes fresh.

My content editor and I went over them many times, did a lot of cutting, moving and refining and both of us were quite happy with what came out.

But that whole thing led me to start wondering – how do you keep sex fresh when writing erotica? I mean, let’s be real, erotica comes with certain expectations, like a lot of sex.  Most also expect a decent variety of it.

I was talking to a friend of mine and she agreed, when you’re talking about vanilla sex, there are only so many ways to write it.  Location, position, things like that, but unless one of the guys is holding a Kama Sutra, it’s not going to be all that varied.

As a writer of BDSM, that helps.  When you bring kink into the picture, things open up.  I can’t begin to imagine that Choices would have been nearly as erotic if it wasn’t BDSM-focused.   But BDSM gives a lot of options, and I enjoyed using many of them.  Bondage, denial, pain, Domination and submission – many of these things allowed me to keep the sex scenes fresh and different.

It’s not easy, even when there are relatively few sex scenes in a book, to make them different.  As I pointed out above, there are really only so many ways to HAVE vanilla sex, much less write it.  Choices and Deception will not be, by far, my only novels–not even in the Golden Collar series. I am currently working on another free short and a third in the series. I also have a free serial I am working on running right here with the Wednesday Briefs group. All of these are going to be very erotic in nature, all of which involve BDSM in some form or another.

Beyond that, I have recently contracted another novel, completely unrelated to Golden Collar that is contemporary. It was erotic in places, but not pure erotica (which *I* define as sex WITH plot–they can’t be separated).  I have some 20 more stories running around in my head.  Some of those will be erotica, some of them won’t.  A few of them may not even have sex in them (I know, this is shocking to me, too, believe me!).

But I think that, perhaps because it’s not easy, I look forward to the challenge, I look for ways to make it different, both in and out of kink.  Here’s to hoping I manage it.

Do you like a lot of sex in the books you read? Is it different for M/F books than M/M books?

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of either Choices or Deception. (If you have both, I wil happily work something else out.)

Thanks for reading!

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The Golden Collar Series:


For more about Grace see her Wednesday Briefs profile.

1 thought on “Meet The Author: Grace R. Duncan

  1. Victoria Adams

    I’d say your reader who complained about too much sex in the book probably didn’t read the blurb or look at the genre so had no idea what she/he was reading – and then it’s all your fault.


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