Wednesday Briefs: May 9, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

In Pieces #2 (1.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

 Ryan turned his gaze toward his stepmother. Cassie was Dad’s third wife. Widow now. Ryan’s mother, who’d died when Ryan was an infant, had been the first Mrs. Fremont. And Dad’s second wife, Liza, had disappeared years ago, vanished without a trace. Along with his stepbrother, Ben. He’d hoped they would show up today—whether to pay their respects or simply acknowledge his dad’s passing, he couldn’t say—but that hadn’t happened. Maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised. He hadn’t heard a word from either of them in ten years. The last time his dad had been in contact was when he’d gotten the divorce papers signed, and even that was done through his lawyer, nothing direct.

Cassie’s head was bent, her eyes closed. Maybe she was praying.  Ryan sighed. Prayers never seemed to do any good, so why bother? Hadn’t gotten him anywhere today. He’d prayed to be able to see Ben. See how well that had worked out.

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Denied: Chapter Thirty by Cia Nordwell

I flexed my feet, my toes scraping along Captain’s hairy legs. I could move again, but I didn’t want to. Even in those cloudy memories I had of before the station, and my cell, and the tests, I couldn’t remember feeling like this. Happy, warm, no pain, no fear, no hunger. Thirst didn’t torture me with every dry breath.

The only thing I could smell was the spice of Captain’s skin and the thump of his heart beat slow under my ear where I’d tucked my head under his chin. His arms were wrapped around me, one around my shoulders 

Slapout: Chapter 10 by Jon Keys
Eli stood in the dim light of early morning watching Cullen prepare bottles for the latest residence in the lambing. The low tones of profanity drifted toward him and he started to step in to help. But a second later Cullen solved his problem and filled the bottle with warm milk for one lamb.
As he watched, a chilling predawn breeze slipped through the door. He pulled his denim jacket tighter around. His movement signaled Cullen to his presence. 

Cullen grinned as he readied another bottle. “It doesn’t do you much good to have hot water installed in the equipment room if you’ll get up and watch me mix the formula.”

Two Girls and Some Ghouls: Part III by Avery Dawes

Private Mansfield grew quiet, as if he was letting what he’d heard stew in his mind for a bit prior to making any additional inquiries. “And my wife? Is there anything good which you can tell me regarding her life?”

I looked to Steph. Truth be told, his wife had remarried when the war ended. Maybe five or six years after that, she’d died while giving birth to her fourth child, who then passed a couple of days later. Death and more death. Poor Private Mansfield. I definitely wouldn’t be sharing those particular tidbits with him. 

Steph shrugged her shoulders . . . 

An Offer I Could Not Refuse: Part 11 by Michael Mandrake

Due to me staying here with Aaron, I had to work from home. I’d wanted a quiet evening, but there were papers to sign and calls to be made. I would have to get used to it until…


Immediately, I dropped all the files I held and ran towards the bedroom where my lover was sleeping. I should’ve never left his side, knowing he’d probably do something rash.

But why?

Why couldn’t he accept being a new vampire? My new lover?

That fighting human spirit had not left him. Good thing, but I must quell his hatred for being one of us. It was a gift to be immortal. A prize no one should take for granted. I’d have to instill that love for self in him, much like I had to do for myself.

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