Wednesday Briefs: May 16, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 8.3 by Carol Pedroso

Kitryn clenched his fists and pushed his rising anger down, hard. He spoke as calmly as he could so as not to scare Fran. “Fran, can you tell us anything else about what’s happening?”

Fran scrunched her nose up and seemed to be trying hard to concentrate on something.

“She think I should be hers. She had papa first. Mama took him. She got sent away.”

“Cheryl!” Meg interrupted.

Simon and Kitryn swung their attention to her.

“Who’s Cheryl?” Simon asked.

Kitryn was the one to answer. “She was the lover of my sister’s mate before they met.

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In Pieces #3 (2.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Louis Armstrong Airport was a busy place, even early in the morning. The flight from St. Louis to New Orleans had taken less than two hours. Cassie had insisted on driving Ryan to Lambert Airport, despite his protestations that he could Uber the short trip. He promised he would send emails and texts as often as he could, depending on how busy this rock group kept him.

He made his way through Concourse B, where Southwest Airlines was located, scouting the crowd for a placard with his name. He didn’t know who would pick him up. The band’s manager, whose name slipped his mind at the moment, had said someone would be there, but gave him no other information. She herself was not going to be accompanying them on the tour. Not this time.

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Denied: Chapter Thirty-one by Cia Nordwell

“It doesn’t help when you provoke her,” Captain said.

“She hates that the head of security has more say in the mission than she does as your second. She acts like I’m some newbie in the ranks, not a commander in my own right.”

“She’s new.”

“And that right there’s the problem.” Deke leaned forward. “This mission has always been different. The orders came down the pipeline instead of in person. You had to take this ship and a good third of the crew is new.”

“They work for Central Command, just like we do.” Captain held up a han

An Offer I Could Not Refuse: Part 11 by Michael Mandrake

Feeling the hunger pangs, I woke startled. I rose from the bed and instantly, I could hear every noise imaginable. The construction on the streets, People talking in the next building. Cars driving the streets, horns honking. Pedestrians in conversation with each other or on their cell phones.

“Ah!” I covered my ears and closed my eyes tight. “Make it stop! All of it! Please!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, wishing Raviele hadn’t stopped me from jumping out that window. If he hadn’t, I’d be dead, but with my father, as I should’ve been when he was alive.

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