Wednesday Briefs: July 12, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 111 by Jon Keys
Mitch heard the now familiar sound of Cody’s wheelchair coming down the hallway. He smiled but didn’t stop packing even when he knew Cody had stopped at the doorway to his bedroom. Well, it felt like his after essentially living in it for the last month. It was a decent room and Gordy and Sam had been fantastic hosts. They had met the friends test—they hadn’t threatened to shot him.

At least that’s what Darrin had told him. But his husband was skilled at telling him the unvarnished truth. A few days earlier, he’d gotten that lecture. Like many times when Darrin shared more opinion than Mitch really wanted, it had pissed him off… at first. But after he had thought about it, Mitch had to agree with Darrin’s assessment.

The Sheriff #20 (6.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Dustin signed his name to the check which covered his share of living expenses and left it on the kitchen table, where Denver would be sure to find it. A twinge of guilt pricked his conscience. He hadn’t seen much of his cousin lately, not even at work. They seemed to work completely different shifts, and whenever Dustin wasn’t working, he was with Jordan.

Damn, that man was fine. And he seemed to be smitten with Dustin, which was most gratifying after the rejection he’d received from Marshall. Not that he blamed Marshall or Lee for that. Not any more, anyway. But still, it was nice to have someone who made a point of letting you know he wanted to be with you. Even if they spent an awful lot of time with Jordan’s lunkhead friends. But the time they got to spend alone made up for that.

Then what was Dustin concerned about? Life was good, right?

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Mine! Part Two: Chapter Twenty-seven by Cia Nordwell
“Not one identifying mark. No insignia, no rank, nothing in their pockets. Shit,” one of the guards said. “Now we have to wonder about the government?”
“We don’t have to wonder.”
The alpha of the wolves stood. He’d torn the sleeves off four of the dead men, the ones who still had arms attached. “I thought I saw some ink on that piece over there. Turns out, they all have it.”
“I don’t recognize the insignia,” I said.
“It’s military. A secret group in an even more secret branch that doesn’t even have an alphabet soup attached to it. These


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