Wednesday Briefs: July 5, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Friend or Foe? by Avery Dawes

Henry trudged down to the stream. Two empty buckets dangled from his calloused fingers. These hot, humid summer days would be the death of him. Despite the weather, chores on his farmette didn’t cease.

He crossed the last bit of farmland taking a well-worn path through the trees to the stream. As he entered the shade, he breathed a sigh of relief. Henry dropped the buckets before he plopped on the ground. He shucked his shoes and socks then rolled up his pant legs. Sliding closer to the stream, he dangled his feet in the cool water. Ah, heaven!

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Mine! Part Two: Chapter Twenty-six by Cia Nordwell

“Those hinges are going to squeal like a bitch,” Landon cursed softly.

“Shit.” I debated on the best course. Throw the door open fast and be sure to make a huge racket, but be able to face what was on the other side quicker, or try to ease it open and reduce the noise, but leave whoever might be on the other side time to attack us? “They have to know we’re coming. I’d have someone on the other side of this door.”

“Several someones, and we’re choked down here.” There was maybe room for three men to stand abreast

Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 58 by Carol Pedroso


Daniel watched as Oliver eagerly dragged Silas off the stage. He was happy for his brother, he really was. But, he couldn’t help but be jealous. Even though he knew he wasn’t ready for that kind of advancement in his and Carlos’ relationship, it didn’t stop him being a bit envious.

“That will be us one day, boy.” Carlos’ whisper sent a shiver down his spine. “When you’re ready it will be you on your knees accepting my collar and then standing beside me as we marry. Until then I believe we have an appointment in one of the private rooms.”

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The Sheriff #19 (6.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Another blustery March day in Texas. The wind whipped at Roy’s hat like it had a personal vendetta against the sheriff. He clamped it to his head with one hand as he followed Lee and Marshall into a local steakhouse in Tucker Falls. The only saving grace as far as the weather was concerned was that the wind was coming up from the south, so it was fairly balmy. Roy knew he’d be wishing for these modest temperatures to return when the dog days of summer struck with a vengeance.

He’d talked his friends into meeting Denver for lunch, telling them they needed to take a break from work now and then. If he was going to be completely honest with himself, it wouldn’t hurt him any either. Roy had been keeping an eye out ever since the breakfast meeting with Harlan, but he hadn’t seen a thing. According to Harlan, the robberies were still going on, and not a damn lead to be had.

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Slug Love by Sarah Hayes

“I asked you not to tell me that!”

“Tell you what?”

“About the banana slugs!”

It was 8 pm on a Sunday night, and Trista and her best friend Ronaldo were at the library. Surrounded by five stacks of books deep, they sat at one of the biggest tables on the group study floor. Only a ring of empty and half-full coffee cups separated their working space from the towering texts that made up their study fortress. Ronaldo’s laptop face was clean, while Trista’s silver laptop was buried underneath layers of stickers that said things like Stand back, I’m going to do science, back in my day, we had nine planets, and drop the base.

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