Wednesday Briefs – April 5, 2017

Link: RHere is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 104 by Jon Keys
Mitch dug out one of the huge glass tumblers he and Darrin had collected somewhere through their life together. But he wanted a glass that was going to take a lot of time to empty. He also didn’t want one of the flimsy plastic pieces of shit either. Mitch wanted a nice thick hefty glass made out of—well glass damnit. So if I decide to have an ugly fit and throw the glass into the stone fireplace it would break into a thousand satisfying fragments.
Not that he would ever do that. Mitch had pulled that stunt once during their marriage, and the relationship had barely survived. Mitch had never seen Darrin so pissed off before then or after. Mild mannered polite Darrin had went bat shit crazy on Mitch’s ass.

Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 51 by Carol Pedroso


“We’re what?” Daniel exclaimed as Silas just sat on the bed grinning.

“We’re going to the movies tonight. Our masters are paying and we’re meeting Toby and Tara there too.”

“Bro, look at me.” Daniel gestured to his face. He knew he had two black eyes and his bottom lip had a painful scab. The rest of his body wasn’t much better off and he had to wear long sleeves to cover the marks left by the cuffs. “I still look like I’ve gone ten rounds in the boxing ring…and lost!

The Sheriff #6 (3.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Friday night, and Partners was rockin’, filled to the brim with men, and more than a few ladies. Dustin wondered how he was going to find Jordan in all these people.

He hadn’t been sure what to wear. Partners tended to be a casual kind of place, for the most part. That’s one of the reasons he liked it. Still, he wanted to make a good impression. He’d finally settled on a nice pair of camel cords, and a long-sleeved  pale mauve dress shirt he knew looked good on him. He’d rounded out the ensemble with a pair of his best boots, which he hoped to get some use out of on the dance floor.

Not wanting to appear lost, Dustin headed toward the bar. Might as well get a beer, then take a look around.

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Mine! Part Two: Chapter Thirteen by Cia Nordwell

I couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to be the last time I got to see Ritch. Whatever they’d created… it was strong. Kraig was wasted, his body weak, but he’d been far stronger than he should’ve been when they sent him feral. And who knew how many they had?

Ritch was with our car. “Why aren’t Christian and Landon staying?”

“Remote start. They can get the rigs going if we have to come running. Christian might look mostly human, but he’s not. I need you safe.”

“But I should be doing something.” Ritch shook his head. “I

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The Secret Sanctuary: Part 8 by Johayan

I might have been calm and polite with Chris but my mind was spinning like slot machine reels. I saw him out to the front desk to pay for the session and schedule any follow up he wanted. I didn’t think he’d need more than 2-3 more sports injury type sessions but if he worked on a farm when he wasn’t at school then all bets are off.

I headed back to the office and put on a fresh pot of coffee. I need any coffee, in fact, I should have been avoiding it as agitated as I was.

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The Waterlord Prequel part 16 by Ravon Silvius

It hurt a little to leave Nathan, but he wouldn’t go too far. Or at least he didn’t plan to. Tom took twists and turns on deck, soon enough ending up where the captain’s quarters would be if he were on Ruthen’s ship. Here, though, there appeared to be numerous quarters, perhaps where the wealthy stayed. The areas between them resembled streets. Tom wondered why his ship didn’t have such an interesting feature. He would love to live above deck, rivaling the houses of the ship lords on land!

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