Wednesday Briefs: April 12, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Waterlord Prequel: Part 17 by Ravon Silvius

Nathan scoffed when Tom didn’t answer immediately. “Fine. I can make it on my own.” He got to his feet, and Tom could not help but notice Nathan’s shakiness. He leaned on the wall for support, his head down as though he fought off dizziness. Tom immediately felt bad for delaying.

     “Okay, let me help. I’m…sorry.” He didn’t quite know what he was apologizing for, but he knew Nathan needed help. Tom wished Nathan would tell him what was going on. Maybe if Tom helped, he would tell.

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Mine! Part Two: Chapter Fourteen by Cia Nordwell

Branches left stinging cuts on my skin, but I couldn’t slow down. I’d followed the bastard’s scent trail until I got close enough that I could hear his footsteps ahead of me, but I couldn’t catch up. He wasn’t going to get away from me.

I finally got a little luck when a stream created a deep ravine too wide for him to jump. The opposite side was muddy and steep, too steep to climb up easily. The sight of him spurred me on, and I snarled as I leapt into the water. The rounded rocks were slippery, and I

Demon: Chapter 46 by Nephy Hart

The woods are as familiar to me as my garden. Indeed, the woods are my garden. When I was younger, I would play here, with my nurse, then my governess, then my guard. Friends too, of course, although I have always tended to count more animals among them than people. I have somehow built up a reputation as an indulged little prince, and that might be true. However, I believe the reason most children either did not wish to be my friend, or didn’t last very long in the position, was my curious impetuousness – or impetuous curiosity – that led as often to trouble as it did anything else.

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The Sheriff #7 (3.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Jordan took Dustin’s free hand in his own.  Dustin was surprised at how soft and warm it felt.  Inviting. “C’mon,” Jordan beckoned. Not waiting for a response, he pulled Dustin along behind him as they wound their way between the packed tables. Dustin held his beer carefully, so it wouldn’t slosh out of the glass and hit some unsuspecting soul. This place was wall-to-wall people.  He was beginning to think they wouldn’t find anywhere to sit when suddenly they stopped in front of an empty table and Jordan waved him into one of the chairs.

“Voila!” Jordan said, sliding into the opposite seat. He set his beer on the table, out of the way, and turned

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