Wednesday Briefs: August 10, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Mine: Chapter Thirteen by Cia Nordwell

The front door opened behind me. I’d been so focused on Ritch, assessing the danger he posed to the streak and my mate, that I didn’t even hear Kraig moving around in the house. He was pale, his expression stricken. He had to have heard Ritch. I half-turned, refusing to turn my back on Ritch even with Deke at his back.

Kraig clutched the door like it was holding him up. “I know. I know what happened to Danny.”

Pain and fear spread through the air, the acrid odors coming from Kraig. I rushed up the stairs to him, needing

Moving Forward #47 (11.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Marshall ached all over. His head hurt from where Cody’d pounded it against the floor, but the pain had been reduced to a dull throb thanks to the ship’s doctor, who’d given him something to take the edge off. Other than that, he’d been declared fit and free to go, so Lee took him back to their cabin.

The security officer had handcuffed Cody and taken him away as he disbursed the curious onlookers. He said he’d get their statements later. Now Lee and Marshall were sitting on their deck, along with Denver and Dustin. Roger and Kenny had made sure everyone was good before returning to Roger’s cabin across the hall.

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Resolution by Ravon Silvius

A distant explosion lit the night sky, red light illuminating the shapes of the swirling snowflakes. The magi’s horse whinnied in fear.

             “Calm down, girl. Its just fireworks from the festival, a long way off.” Lysand clucked his tongue, and his horse pushed on through the snow as he called to the earth beneath her hooves. Work never ceased in winter, when the cold winds drove out the warming flames the mages put up, and he desperately wanted the next day off. On top of that, it was his first time casting the spells to keep the lanterns lit throughout the city, and he didn’t want to mess it up.

             “You’re doing well,” his supervisor called, his magic amplifying his voice. “At this rate, with your power, we’ll be able to take the day off tomorrow.”

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Pretty Boy:  Chapter 4 by Elyzabeth VaLey


Josh jumped at the sound of Jay’s voice. He turned around sharply, expecting the other man to be a certain distance away. Instead, he almost found his nose pressed against Jay’s shirt.

“Good morning, Jay,” Josh said, trying to be civil. His heart hammered hard against his chest.

 “Again,” Jay whispered, “again.” He grabbed his shoulder and shook him slightly.

Josh glanced up at him. He swallowed. Jay’s eyes were red rimmed and his jaw showed some stubble. His hair was unkempt, standing the strands flying in different directions, as if he’d run his fingers through them a thousand times.

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Buy One, Get Two and Three, Chapter 27, by Carol Pedroso


A few days had passed since what Silas had dubbed the ‘big reveal’. Tension was still high at home, but it was slowly getting better.

He was on his way to an appointment with Anna. He hated these appointments. How did talking about things help? He would still be a freak who got off on being hurt.

He just wanted to leave the past in the past and move forward with his life. But, Anna had to find out he had been hurting himself when the urges got too bad.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 81 by Jon Keys
Darrin was shaking, and any drop of lust had evaporated in the dry western Oklahoma winds. They were going to be stopped, and there was really only one reason for him to be in the condition he currently was. He wondered what would be the penalty for indecent exposure. Or even worse, would this land him on the sex offenders list. The possibility made his stomach knot and he wasn’t certain he wouldn’t puke on the officer.
Darrin glanced back in the rearview mirror and the muscular car was barreling toward them, light whirling. As the police car closed the distance, Darrin slowed, looking for a safe place for him to pull off the road. He glared at Mitch who was unusually silent.

Novo Komenco: Part 4 by Johayan

“Hello. I’m Commandant Kevlin. Welcome aboard the Kepler Federation Ship Mercy.”

Well, that’s why I think she said.” Obsidian thought to himself before his mind realized that she’d said Kepler Federation Ship.

A collective gasp went up from the room.

Yes, I know. You launched from the World Astronautical Consortium on the Endeavour. This is the same ship.”

Another gasp went up from the room.

Please let me get through the opening debriefing. There will be plenty of time for questions once I am done.”

The room got quiet and the Commandant continued.

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