Wednesday Briefs: August 3, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Moving Forward #46 (11.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Suddenly all the pressure around his neck was gone, and so was the weight of Cody’s body on his. As Marshall coughed and gasped for breath, he dimly heard Cody’s angry roar. Marshall rolled onto his knees. As he waited for his dizziness to pass, he took in the scene before him.

Cody was staggering toward Dustin, who’d backed up against the far wall. He held one of the laundry room chairs in his hand, raised in a threatening manner. He must have hit Cody with it. Blood flowed from Cody’s head, down his face. Dustin had hit him hard enough to hurt but not enough to knock him out, damn the luck.

“You fucking little prick!” Cody screamed.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 80 by Jon Keys
 Danny peered into Mitch’s suitcase. “What all do you have in there? I see some odd shit.”
Mitch stuck his head out of the bathroom where he’d been shaving. “Unless you want way too much information about your grandparents you should stay out of our stuff. And watch your mouth, remember we are all trying to clean up our language.”
“Well, that’s a f’ing bunch of crap. Crap is still okay isn’t it? Or do I say poop? Or would do-do be better? Just tell me.”
“Oh please, knock off the drama. Your grandpa’s right. If you don’t watch it, then those words slip out without you knowing.”

Mine: Chapter Twelve by Cia Nordwell 

I flexed my fingers, my claws extending to their maximum. “Why were you on the side of the house?” I stalked closer to take a deep whiff of his scent.

“That’s my fault,” Park said. “You were in the backyard with Kraig, and I thought it would be easier for Ritch to go around than to go inside your house.”

“Why?” I growled.

Ritch flinched, but so subtly that only the narrowing of his eyes gave it away. He looked calm; his breaths slow and even, his shoulders rounded and chin tucked slightly to one side to expose his neck.

Buy One, Get Two and Three, Chapter 26 by Carol Pedroso


Three of them? Why didn’t that bastard warn him there are three of them? How is he meant to know which one he’s supposed to be taking?

He slapped his hand down on the table causing his empty coffee cup to rattle. Was it too much to ask to find a boy that could take a whipping without begging for mercy after less than five minutes. The guy in the bar had promised that the boy called Silas at the local club could take anything he could dish out and not make a sound.

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Novo Komenco: Part 3 by Johayan

Obsidian turned to the person sitting on his right, “What’s thirty more minutes right?”

“What did you just say?” snarled the person.

“I just said that thirty more minutes shouldn’t be a problem since we’ve been in stasis for how long now?” Obsidian said a bit sheepishly.

“Whatever. Why don’t you go play hide and go fuck yourself?” the voice growled aggressively. Obsidian looked at the name patch on his uniform, “Werner, J” and made a note of it.

What a crab-ass. Obsidian thought to himself as he got up for more fruit.

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Demon: Chapter Twenty Nine by Nephy Hart

The beasts of burden are enormous and I avoid then as much as I can. They frighten me and I do not want to show anyone, least of all Tian, how afraid I am. The horse I am to ride is small compared to the great beasts my father and Tian will ride. Tian is fearless and clearly an excellent rider. I am neither. Ah well.

“Do you require assistance, My Prince?”

I lean back into Tian’s embrace. We are very close to the side of the horse, hidden from view among the caravan’s stamping beasts, but still I shouldn’t reveal my feelings in this way. I reluctantly pull away glancing over my shoulder with a smile to temper my action. I see in his eyes that Tian understands.

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