Wednesday Briefs: June 22, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Moving Forward #40 (9.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Then maybe you should get naked,” Lee suggested. Moving his hand between them, he palmed  Marshall’s swollen cock. “Looks like someone wants a little attention.”

“You know it,” Marshall moaned.

“Then be ready by the time I get out of the bathroom and you may just get your wish.” Lee winked and headed off. Marshall didn’t waste any time stripping out of his clothes. He set everything carefully aside for later. They’d have to do laundry, at some point. He remembered seeing facilities marked on the map of the ship, one on each level. Something to worry about at another time.

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Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 21 by Carol Pedroso


Carlos sat watching Daniel nibble at his food like a little bird.

He cast about for a safe topic and an idea came to him. “So, how long have you lived with your brothers?”

 Daniel smiled at him, causing a flutter in his chest. He hoped he wasn’t setting himself up for a fall.

“I’ve lived with Silas all my life. Toby only returned just over a year ago and we moved in here with him.”

“Returned from where?”

“Oh, wherever the government had sent him. He worked on secret missions that he still to this day can’t talk about.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 75 by Jon Keys
“What are you doing? Do you just like to be in trouble?”
Danny turned to his sister. He started to say something, but then shook his head and kept on moving a few of the large bull calves down the working chute. It wasn’t the same as real chute gates like they’d have at an arena. But he’d spent quite a bit of time perfecting his plan. He moved the biggest bull into the chute and closed the gate behind him.
“You’re going to get yourself killed. Then you’re really going to get hurt.”
Danny snorted and tilted back his gray wool hat. “If I get myself killed then I really won’t care much will I.”

Pretty Boy2 by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

“It’s happening again.”


Josh stopped short. The simple sound of his voice made goosebumps spread all over his arms. His heart began an excited pitter-patter as he heardhis approaching footsteps. Perhaps, he should continue moving, make his way back into the office, away from the empty hallway where he could be alone with Jay. He couldn’t be alone with Jay. It brought out to many things in him.

 “Josh, did you hear me?”

 Jay grabbed his arm. He was not gentle. His fingers dug into Josh’s arms, the anger the other man felt effortlesly flowing into him. Josh sighed. 


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