Wednesday Briefs: June 15, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Demon: Chapter Twenty Six by Nephy Hart

My heart breaks that my prince should doubt me so. It breaks double that he should doubt himself. His loss of trust in me is hardly surprising as I kept from him an important secret, especially as I knew it would hurt his confidence when he discovered it. His lack of faith in himself is not only entirely unfounded but might very well be disastrous for us all. This is a crucial time for relations between our peoples and strong leadership is vital. I have no idea what went on within the Counsel chamber but I have no doubt my prince showed strong leadership. I saw it still in the way he dismissed his sister.

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Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 20 By Carol Pedroso


Carlos looked up as the office door opened and a red-eyed Daniel stumbled out. Following his instinct, he reached out to support his boy’s arm and led him to a nearby chair.

“I’ll see you same time next week, Daniel,” Anne was saying as she picked up the next set of notes and called a name that had a nervous man, who had been watching Carlos like a hawk since he arrived, jumping up and scurrying into the office.

“Thank you for waiting, Sir.” Daniel’s soft voice brought Carlos out of his thoughts.

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Moving Forward #39 (9.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Worried about us? Why?” Marshall asked in surprise.

“We’re both fine,” Lee assured him. “We just heard that one of the guests was badly injured by someone. Were you afraid the guy who got hurt might be either one of us?”

“I was worried about that, yeah,” Denver admitted. He patted Marshall’s leg, as if to reassure himself he was really fine. Marshall couldn’t help but notice the concern in his expression.

Lee frowned. “Do you have any idea who might have done this?” The unspoken name hung in the air between them.

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Mine: Chapter Five by Cia Nordwell 

Maybe no one else had ever noticed, but Kraig should’ve remembered. Whenever I ate at his parents, I dished up my plate first, and I’d take things I knew he liked—because Park knew his favorites too. Once we sat down to eat, usually out of sight of the adult werekin, I’d take food off his plate and claim it for my own… usually after switching for the coveted rolls or extra burger patty.

Just because he didn’t think I should blood him didn’t mean I was above staking a subtle claim back then, and I was proud to show

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Double Trouble: Chapter 74 by Jon Keys
Danny stormed into the house, slamming the screen door. Trent kept the smirk from his face as their son stormed through the house and to his room. The silence was tense and Trent knew this wasn’t over. Then the explosion of emotions he was waiting on happened.
“It’s not fucking fair!” Danny said.
That was the cry he expected, and wasn’t at all surprised to see a storm across Josh’s face a moment later when he walked through the door. Trent didn’t have the time to open his mouth before Josh began.

The Second Coming: Part 1 by John “JT” Lamb

Derek had been regular on the club scene long enough to know the regulars and who was fresh meat. He’d not seen Josiah around before he wanted to be the first to have him. He turned on his prime seduction skills and before long, he’d talked him into going back to his place.

As Derek unlocked the door, he turned to Josiah and asked if he had any condoms. He didn’t nor did Josiah. “No matter, I’m gonna fuck him silly anyway!” Derek thought to himself.

It wasn’t long until they were both naked and a writhing mass of arms and legs sprawled on the couch.

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Pretty Boy by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Pretty Boy

It was a perfect day. The sun shone brightly amid the blue sky, while a gentle breeze blew from the north. The birds chirped happily from the trees, occasionally diving toward the ground to grab a crumb or another. Josh chewed on his ham and cheese sandwich. He thought about his day so far. He was close to finishing the massive project he’d been working on for the last month. His neighbor had called to tell him that they had delivered a package for him. He smiled. He could hardly wait to get home and become immersed in those books. All in all, life was good. Except for one thing.

 Thirteen Black Cats: Chapter 5 by Louise Lyons

“Fuck that. You can share with one of the others.”

“We already talked about it,” Billy said. “Ash is gonna share with me, and you can share with Paul. Then the two of you can have your little orgies and we can have some peace and quiet.”

“Anyone’d think you’re gay too,” Paul teased. “Are you?”

“No.” Billy shook his head. “You know I don’t like an audience.”

“So you say.”

Still laughing and teasing, we left the dressing room and went to watch Phantom Haze on stage. For the first time since we’d been touring, I felt like I

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