Wednesday Briefs: March 23, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Innocence & Carnality: Part 37 by Mann Ramblings

“What is this?” I growled.

Rother rolled his eyes, openly annoyed at the interruption. “Damn it.” He swatted the kneeling man’s shoulder. “Get up.”

The young man was blond and fair, reminding me far too much of myself, wiping his mouth as he stood. My husband rose, tucking his penis away. There was no mistaking what I was witnessing. Outrage licked the corners of my vision as all sounds tunneled into an echo. I stalked over and snatched the boy by the collar, dragging him to the door.

“Get out,” I snarled as I shoved him through. Vivian stood in the doorway, a devilish smile on her pretty face.

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Moving Forward #27 (7.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

With so many dining choices, it was hard to select just one, but for their first night, they finally decided to try the steakhouse they’d spotted when they were wandering about the ship. They found a table for two and ordered rare strip steaks with loaded baked potatoes and fresh asparagus.

“Maybe tomorrow night we’ll meet some new people, but tonight is ours,” Lee said, and Marshall sure wasn’t about to argue with that. He couldn’t help but notice a lot of other men had the same idea, and love was most definitely in the air. Even the music was more romantic than he’d expected, soft and mellow jazz selections. Everything was perfect, down to the small touches, such as the candles on the tables, and the fresh flowers. They held hands across the table and nobody blinked an eye because they weren’t the only ones doing it.

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Daniel Chapter Ten By Carol Pedroso


Silas kneeled at the edge of the stage and waited. Master Oliver had told him to wait there but his knees were getting sore and his mouth was aching for the gag. He hadn’t said anything that bad…Not really…Okay, so maybe telling a Dom to go fuck himself with his own dick had been a bad idea. But, how was he to know Master Oliver was nearby and listening? That man had an uncanny talent for turning up just where you didn’t want him to be. Damn Doms!

“Don’t tell me you’re in trouble again?” a voice called out

Evans Woodworking: Chapter 28 by Jim Dunaway

“You slipped something into my drink. That’s the only explanation.” He had to have. There’s no way I would have let him fuck me without protection. No possible way. That happened once. I won’t let it happen again!

“Ethan,” Ryan began cautiously. “I couldn’t have slipped you anything. You haven’t had anything to drink since I arrived. I wouldn’t do that to you.” An idea popped into his head. He knew what he had to do. He just needed to figure out how to do it. “Everything’s going to be okay. Trust me.” Please believe me!

Double Trouble: Chapter 66 by Jon Keys
Josh gave Trent plenty of space. His expression meant his husband wasn’t far from losing his shit. The night hadn’t gone the way Trent expected. Actually, it hadn’t been much different than Josh figured it would go. But there was no way he was going to say anything to Trent. He knew when not to piss off the man he lived with. And right this minute, he was going to give Trent some time to calm down.
Trent stomped back and forth across the nondescript beige carpet. His boots were hitting the floor hard enough to cause the lamps to shimmy a little. He ripped open the curtains, crossed his arms, and glared into the inky darkness.

No Flash: Chapter Twenty-two by Cia Nordwell 

“Ben? Ben!”

 “I’m right here, Evin. I’m okay.” Ben grabbed the hand Evin was flailing in the air and squeezed it hard. He surreptitiously slid his fingers onto Evin’s wrist to check his pulse. It was fast. He was going to have to watch that Evin didn’t go into shock.

“What happened? My face burns.”

Ben ripped off his jacket and then pulled his shirt over his head. He shivered; the wind was cold on his bare skin. He yanked his coat on before he balled up his shirt and pushed it against Evin’s forehead. “Some asshole teenager threw a
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